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21-year-old resident of the White Church titushky Vadim, who was identified in the video as the main attacker, who had beaten the journalist, "Channel 5" and photographer Olga Snitsarchuk "Kommersant" Vlad Sodelya just taken from the White Church to Kiev for questioning.

The fight took place on Saturday in the streets Big Zhitomir, already after the main opposition rallies and power ("Arise Ukraine" and Antifashitsky march) ended.

Shortly before the start of the events before the convoy of the opposition APC came on board which was depicted carrots, and armor were people vyryazhenny in rabbit costume. The car moved down the street, but she tried to prevent the movement of the activists of "Freedom", which blocked the street. After some time in front of GU MVD in Kiev, there was a group of young people sporty who attacked Svoboda.

During the scuffle the attackers beat the correspondent for "Channel 5" Olga Snitsarchuk and attacked the photojournalist of "Kommersant" Vladislav Sodelya due to the fact that they were filming a fight. Snitsarchuk then hospitalized.

Bloggers found in social networking page one of the attackers. As it turned out, his name is Vadim titushky, it also has the nickname of "Romania", he is a member of Belotserkovsky sports club "Budo". Combative sports. He lives with his parents.

Shevchenko Kiev rayupravleniya police opened criminal proceedings on the fact of beating of journalists on the street Malaya Zhytomyr on two articles: 125 of Part 1 "Deliberate slight bodily injury" and Article 171 "Obstruction of lawful professional activities of journalists."

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Rigionalny "anti-fascist" can beat only women, but against the "Bandera" from Ternopil not last a minute. Outright quarterfinal match is the Cup of Ukraine in free fight in 2013 between Ternopil and Kyiv region in the weight category -74 kg. 02.23.2013 year, Ternopol won Bogachuk Edward (KO, jumping knee strike):

but the information for the people who stood directly behind this "active" participants in the anti-fascist rally. And standing just

During yesterday's beating of journalists, bloggers were able to establish the identity of one of the attackers, who was an activist of the PR.

This blogger wrote columbus2

"Look at the man in black, on the right, which I highlighted in red oval", - wrote the blogger.

And now here he is in the thick of things

Do you know who this is? :))) You just do not be surprised, but it is ... * drum roll *


Chapter Belotserkovskoy City Civil organіzatsii "Young regions»

Narodivsya February 14 1979 rock in the city Tetiev, Kiїvskoyobl ... A citizen of Ukraine higher education. At this time, the director of Uzinskogo brickworks. Is the head of the civil youth council at executive committee of the city council Married Belotserkovsky has doch.http: //

"Well, now anyone has any doubts, who are brewed? :)))." - Concluded the blogger.

In addition, other photo Sodelya near titushky the attack on the journalists, you can see the other guy in a gray T-shirt and cap

It is present in the photo from the page titushky Vkontakte, which was subsequently removed

Igor Nezgodny posted on his Facebook page screenshot, which shows how this guy is on Saturday at a rally organized by the Party of Regions, with ksivu administration activities. According to the dissenters, a guy named Arsene Kapan.

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As reported, the Party of Regions have denied that the journalist was beaten participants of the Anti-Fascist rally.

"We categorically reject the accusations in a fight at an opposition rally, when the street of Zhitomir were seen Antifascist rally participants. At a time when there was a fight, the participants of the rally were at our European area ", - said the People's Deputy from PR Vitaly Zhuravsky.

The Party of Regions also blamed the incident on the opposition, which failed to ensure the safety of its participants of the rally.

However, the correspondent of "Ukrainian Truth" has witnessed young people who later staged a fight with supporters of "Freedom" and beat journalists, first stood at the rally organized by the Party of Regions, at the barrier.

Subsequently, from the patio on Khreshchatyk up to the opposition rally went fighters "Berkut", followed by the young people mentioned athletic.

The participants of the anti-fascist rally, which was held on Saturday in Kiev, more than 5 hours waiting for the promised "regionals" money, and then blocked the highway Kyiv-Zhytomyr.

According witnessed the incident on the highway Kyiv-Chop has become an MP of the "Fatherland" Jury Voznyuk,

"Returning to action" Arise, Ukraine! ", We are for 50km from Kiev saw about 40 buses, people were outraged that they had not paid off. There were teachers, doctors, social workers. People just went on the road and blocked traffic, "- said Voznyuk.

"People have blocked the road for 30 minutes, then they were told that the money is already in the taxi ride, then received an order to disperse to areas and most of the buses have left, but some stayed to wait for the money. We learned that they were promised 100 hryvnia plus a per diem for their participation in the anti-fascist rally in Kiev, which organized the Party of Regions ", - said Assistant Voznyuk. witnessed how the car "Zhiguli" (number 0056 AM II) were given money by senior coaches. Judging by the amounts that were heard near the "cash on Wheels" (5000 800 hryvnia, 400 hryvnia 3000), each participant of the rally paid 100 hryvnia.

Coordinated getting money Gennadiy Bondarenko, a representative of the Party of Regions.

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Issuance of payment for the rally ended after 22.00, and then the buses departed.

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