The gift of clairvoyance, myth or reality?

Recently, on the pages of newspapers and TV screens can often hear reports of the appearance of a clairvoyant ability to predict human destiny. The phenomenon of Providence, or prescience, known for a long time. Now scientists are eager to ensure that find a logical explanation for this phenomenon.

It is considered that Russia has long developed two schools of clairvoyance: Christian and pagan (shaman). Moreover, and both have many similarities, suggesting the existence of an ancient prashkoly.

Written Monuments confirmed by many ancient Russians, later included in the story of his predictions or great deeds, had the gift of direct knowledge: among them, Sergius of Radonezh, Seraphim of Sarov, St. Basil, and many others.

Ancient chronicles indicate that some of the great Russian princes could know the future because of the prophets living at the royal court. This event came to the knowledge of forecasters from somewhere from the side, as if by chance, regardless of their will and desire. ", To sustain their mind of the Spirit takes these images, for whom they soprisutstvovali the future as the present" - so at the beginning of the millennium was talking about clairvoyants Greek theologian and priest Gregory Nizianin.

Indeed (written records confirm this), Vasily III shortly before his marriage to Elena Glinsky received from the Patriarch of Jerusalem Make the following warning: "If derznesh start zakonoprestupnoe marriage, then you will have a son who will surprise the world with its ferocity." However, the Grand Duke did not listen to the words of the seer, and soon, in spite of the prohibitions of the Patriarchs, married to Elena Glinsky. Some time later they had a son, named Ivan. Later his name - Ivan the Terrible - has become a symbol of cruelty and arbitrariness.

At the time, Tsar Ivan the Terrible received twice the prophetic news. The first was the message of St. Basil that is not the eldest son was destined to take the throne after his father's death. Indeed, after the murder of Ivan the Terrible's eldest son sole heir to the throne remained the youngest son of the Emperor, Fedor.

The second prophecy, sent down to Ivan the Terrible, was the message of the day of his death. Then the events developed as follows. Shortly before his death, the king ordered to move from Arkhangelsk to Moscow several fortune-tellers. 12 witches were imprisoned in a high tower. Every day, they visited the approximate Ivan the Terrible, Belsky, who tells the king of all that told him the prophetess. Once Belsky reported that the witch predicted the day of the death of the sovereign Russian - March 18, 1584.

Enraged, the king ordered to immediately execute the fortune-tellers that they had no longer been able to lie. However, those of Ivan the Terrible asked to pardon them and wait for the onset of March 18 in order to see if they're right. The king was replaced by anger at the mercy and kindly agreed to wait for the appointed time.

It took several weeks. And then came the day of March 18, 1584. It seemed that there were no signs woes. In the morning, the king looked cheerful and happy with the boyars the banquet table. However, in the afternoon with him to make an impact. Great Ivan the Terrible fell and never regained consciousness after a few minutes died. It turns out they were right witch prophetess ...

We have already mentioned that scientists seriously interested in the problem of prescience. At present, we have been obtained scientific proof of the existence of the phenomenon of insight (direct knowledge, clairvoyance). A few years ago in the laboratory of Duke University (USA) scientists, psychologists conducted a scientific experiment that revealed to man the ability to direct knowledge. The subjects showed Zener cards (cards depicting a variety of geometric shapes) and offered to pick just one. In the course of these experiments, it was proved that the phenomenon of direct knowledge exists and, moreover, the likelihood of clairvoyants predicted events is extremely high.

Psychologists attribute a person's ability to guess future events with the phenomenon of animals that can predict natural disasters. It is therefore logical to assume that the basis for obtaining a man of information from space is quite understandable from a scientific point of view, the phenomenon - the ability of a person (as a representative of the animal world) be responsive to the changes occurring in the environment and associated with the stream of tiny particles (more about animals -predskazatelyah natural disasters, see. Chapter 3: "Predictions of natural disasters"). Since man is a reasonable being (and this distinguishes it from the Friars Minor), he goes on to predict the animals from natural disasters prophecies to predictions of global events that could happen in the distant future.

Currently, there are a great many methods of obtaining direct knowledge. However, they can be reduced to three basic:

1) obtaining knowledge about the future by means of illumination;

2) receipt of information through artificial devices aimed at in order to reach a certain state;

3) indirect methods of obtaining knowledge about the future.

An example of the acquisition of information about the future through insight can be an incident that occurred with the Reverend Father Paul Obnorsky, who lived in the XIV century. When the disciples came to his father Paul in his cell and asked him about the reason for sadness, he told them: "In this day and hour of the wicked Tartars, took the city of Kostroma, betrayed him to fire and sword, many carried them away." After just a few hours Father Paul received a message about taking the Tartars Kostroma. That was in 1429.

How come people like knowledge, it is still a great mystery. However, some people over time have developed methods for determining and identifying the person in clairvoyance. For example, in some tribes inhabiting Guinea, there is no such custom. If a woman is born a boy, after he learns to walk and talk, it must lead to local sorcerer. He lays before the child nine ears of wheat (of which eight are poisoned) and offers your child pick and eat one. If the boy is living, it means that he is - the future prophet endowed with the ability to anticipate events.

The basis of the mode of acquisition of higher knowledge by any artificial devices (artificial altered state of consciousness) are ancient rituals during which to obtain information from the cosmos fortune tellers have used different drugs. Until now, such a method of predicting the future is practiced by sorcerers in Asia, Africa and Europe. Russian prophetess and healers kept a closely guarded secret secret cooking magic potion, after taking that one begins to see the events of the past, present and future.

Such a method of obtaining information also used the North American Indians and the indigenous people of South America. Because of the surviving monuments of writing, it became known that the US forecasters before sessions prophecy drank the infusion made from some types of fungi ilesnyh plants.

As a means capable of causing visions may be used not only plants and broths from them. Often, in order to reach the desired state, nymphs, sniffing incense. And the oracle in ancient Sumer it was necessary to listen to music, based on a certain rhythm.

During an artificial change in the state of consciousness one is completely renounces reality. Only in this way it can reach another reality that is beyond the earthly world and imbued with supreme knowledge. Often to describe the beyond the world use the expression "Akashic Record" or "Chronicle of the world." Man turns to higher knowledge is often to define its place and its purpose in the world of earthly things. One of the modern thinkers described the reality of a higher order: "Everything that exists, has existed or will exist, embodied in the computer universe. Moreover, each atom contains complete information about the whole cosmos ... Entering the Akashic records can be compared to how the researcher is part of the library lounge to clarify there is some question ... "Therefore, a person has a right to receive higher knowledge. Moreover, such information is necessary for a person to live, just as air is needed for vital process - respiration.

Thus, on the basis of the foregoing, the Akashic records, or Higher knowledge can be described as a kind of information field, which holds information about the human past, present and future. A person capable of entering into the world of transcendent knowledge, can easily find out about what was, what is and what will be.

A variety of ways to get information o future events by changing state of mind is a creative process. No wonder people often equate writers with oracles and soothsayers. As proof of possession of writers and poets the gift of Providence below are a few examples.

In 1838 in England, he published a book of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket." The author tells how the four survivors of the shipwreck sailors for several days floating in a boat on the high seas. Naturally, the water and food they had. Then the unfortunate travelers decided to eat one of his comrades. The choice fell on Richard Parker ...

After 50 years, the famous writer involuntary prediction fulfilled. In 1884 the high seas sank the passenger ship "Magnonett." Only four managed to escape. A few days mad from thirst and hunger of his fellow sailors ate. It appeared to be a certain Richard Parker.

Another case relates to predicting the future in 1898. That's when the novel was published by M. Robertson "futility", which tells of the death of the giant ship ... "Titanic." It was not long, and in 1912 the world was struck by the news of the crash of a miracle-liner "Titanic." Of particular interest is the fact that the actual ship and ship-to-prototype had the same number of screws, the same capacity and can develop the same speed. It remains a mystery how a writer can guess what will happen in a few years! ..

Free Providence had and Russian writers and poets. Recall the line from a poem by M. Yu Lermonotova:

There will come a year, Russia black year,

When the kings of the crown will fall;

Forget black them former love,

And the food will be many deaths and blood;

When the children when innocent women

Overthrown not protect the law ...

The above poem was written by the great Russian poet almost 100 years before the fulfillment of the October 1917 revolution. Despite this, with astonishing accuracy Lermontov transmits all that it was possible to witness and experience his descendants.

About the same revolution in turning the world upside down, we find the line and Fyodor Dostoyevsky in "Diary of a Writer", published in 1877 (ie 40 years before the events): "It is anticipated terrible, colossal spontaneous revolution that shake all the kingdoms of the world, it changes the face of the whole world. But it will take a hundred million heads. The world is flooded with rivers of blood ... The revolt begins with atheism and plunder all the wealth. Begin to depose religion, destroying temples and turn them into a stall, flooded the world with blood, and then themselves be frightened ... "Comments, as they say, is superfluous. Those who became a member of the events of a few decades later, after the publication of the above text, really shocked the world with their cruelty, cynicism and greed. / P & gt;

Published in 1904 by Alexander Bogdanov dystopia "Red Star" also became a kind of prophecy. Then the writer suggested looming in Russia under the sign of the red star terrible terror. Event occurred after only 13 years after the book.

The existence of the socialist state was predicted and Saltykov-Shchedrin in the "History of a Town", published in 1870. As is known, the author described the city Silly, where once there were some strange events. One of them was the following. Who came to power a tyrant canceled all city holidays, leaving only two: spring and autumn. The analogy with came to power in 1917, the Bolsheviks spend quite easily: they also abolished all religious holidays and introduced her - autumn (November 7) and spring (May 1).

Moreover, Saltykov-Shchedrin, the spring festival in the city was a symbol Foolov upcoming disasters. And as you know, May 1 was a day of solidarity of all workers who fought for the complete destruction "of the hated capitalism┬╗.

In other words, the solidarity of the working people is none other than the union of people for war. In turn, the war - a disaster for the whole of humanity (about it and warned the Russian writer in his work).

Autumn Holiday at the Saltykov-Shchedrin - a day when Foolovites recalled already tested their disaster. The same is true in Soviet Russia: November 7 - Revolution Day, the day of remembrance of those who committed it. A special kind of predictions are so-called prophetic dreams. For information on obtaining the information from the Cosmos during sleep enough. Scientists say that everyone sees such dreams, but not all he can remember. Memory, like a filter, as it discards all the unnecessary, thus protecting the brain from too much information.

Statisticians have calculated that a person is able commandments Mina from 30 to 40% of all dreams. Of these, the proportion of prophetic dreams are relatively small. Nevertheless, the chances of seeing a future event in a dream grow, provided that person craves to have higher knowledge. Examples of such foresight can be a case, the decision in a dream real problem torments man in everyday life. That dream Mendeleev saw the future periodic table of chemical elements, physicist Carl Gauss - law of induction, and Niels Bohr - the structure of the atom.

However, in an open form of knowledge of the future comes rarely. In most cases the information is hidden behind the various symbols that require special interpretation. The art of interpretation of dreams to this day is one of the most enigmatic and mysterious areas of human knowledge.

Even in ancient times, people tried to lift the veil on the secret meaning of prophetic dreams. Thus, in the ancient Egyptian papyrus was found by archaeologists dated II millennium BC. e. The text contains a transcript of some prophetic dreams.

People have the ability to interpret dreams were the most respected and in the Assyrian state. Sam King Ashurbanipal amassed a large collection of clay tablets, the text of which WWTP. Puppy interpretation of dreams and images that occur during sleep. Much later downers gained extraordinary popularity and European nations.

Another way to acquire higher knowledge - is receipt of information by interpreting the meaning of any symbols and characters. Even in ancient times people believed that the upcoming event can express themselves well in advance through certain violations commonplace reality. Such a phenomenon is known as "foreshadowing┬╗.

Omen is a sign - a harbinger of the future, which will appear in real life. However, the direct relationship between the size of the sign and magnitude of the event does not exist. In this case, the prediction accuracy is most dependent on the talent of the interpreter.


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