Myths about Marilyn Monroe

In his book, Donald Spoto, biographer of many film celebrities, has taken a truly heroic effort to write his version of the story of her life. In his story, he does not rely on assumptions and "fried facts", and archival data, letters, documents, film studios and testimonies of people who, no doubt, knew Marilyn Monroe. His book, he tried to dispel the romantic flair of history and beautiful actress instead submit a detailed study.

Myth 1. Grandmother and mother Marilyn was crazy;

False! By the way, the author mentions also the grandfather of Marilyn, who has died is not completely out of his mind. However, his death, like the death of her grandmother (Della Monroe), was caused by the usual physical discomforts, side effect of which was a violation of the psyche. The classic "crazy" they were not. Marilyn's mother received a poor education and have not learned responsibility. Staying in the hospital decided her problem and get rid of the need to earn their daily bread, so she did not seek to prove the doctors, that is normal. The solution is to send it belonged to her friend Grace, who, having no children, was straining to raise Marilyn in his own image and likeness. In addition, the output of the "madness" mother Marilyn could be made on the basis of unfortunate coincidences (like call her ex-husband Mortensen, who was believed dead, while in the accident suffered by his namesake - the doctors decided that the woman gets calls "from of light »).

Myth 2. Before becoming an adult, Marilyn Monroe has changed a lot of foster families;

Also a lie! Marilyn Monroe was replaced by not so many families in the foster families (for example, Bolender) lived under strict rules (as well as all members of the family), but not starving and did not need. Compassionate stories she soon learned from the stories of their "half-sister" Bebe Goddard (Goddard Doc's daughter - her husband of Grace, which replaced her mother, Gladys Monroe after placing the hospital).

Myth 3. Marilyn Monroe was raped as a child;

Suffice controversial fact. In general, according to Donald Spoto, childhood Marilyn was not at all as bad as it may seem. But in the book it emerged not very well-known fact - that, being in Hollywood nobody knows the actress was engaged in prostitution. Perhaps it was only oral sex, and it looks like she did it not for money, but for lunch.

Myth 4. Marilyn Monroe - the unique movie star; like it has not been and will not be;

Donald Spoto, and refutes the myth. Objectively, the type of her personality, relationships with men, early death and film career reminiscent of Jean Harlow. Even outwardly they look like - both platinum blonde. Another thing is that in the memory of people of various nationalities remained was Marilyn Monroe. Apparently, it was something that was not there and there is no other actress - some "flavor" of womanhood. But in fairness, it is always ready for becoming the "new Jean Harlow." And even their death was like.

Myth 5. Marilyn Monroe was a fool;

Well, this myth has long been debunked. Donald Spoto leads texts of some business letters written by Marilyn Monroe, which give an idea about her intellect. About the area that she knew (the movie), Marilyn reasoned very sensibly. It was not a professor, but so were many other people who surround it, which are not for its fame as a folly. As for the role in the movie, it is worth remembering what it's been years and what was the idea of ​​women - dreams was riding "career" of his wife and mother. At least that's what the women portrayed in the films. Supporters myth lose sight of the fact that Marilyn was the head of his own company ("Marilyn Monroe Productions"), and that it marked the beginning of a more humane treatment studios with actors film - before they had entered into with the studios onerous contracts.

Myth 6. Marilyn Monroe was mentally abnormal;

So to what extent is each of us, because everyone has a complex and "skeletons in the closet," just not everyone honored to be the subject of so many studies, like Marilyn Monroe. Based on the book by Donald Spoto, she was not abnormal, but suffered from many deep psychological problems. Affected and inconsistent education received in childhood, when one family (Bolender) ideal was puritanical attitude to life, and his mother and her friend Grace encouraged in her ambition, exaggerated concern for the appearance of nurturing her new Jean Harlow. Marilyn has not received the proper lessons and communicate with men. All this made her the woman she had become. The real tragedy, according to Donald Spoto, was in compliance Marilyn to the opinions of others, that she resisted the entreaties not unselfish people "make her happy" (and in fact - "cut the grandmother" at its expense, as did her third husband Arthur Miller and her psychiatrist, Ralph Greenson). Because of his unfortunate upbringing she just could not understand how people should treat each other in a healthy family. At the same time in those areas, which for her was really important, she never lost to anyone (not ceased to act and communicate with the public, to study acting).

Myth 7. Marilyn Monroe tore his last film;

Donald Spoto describes the situation as extremely ambiguous. Due to the costly filming "Cleopatra" studio was in a big minus, and to eliminate it, it was decided to cover up one of the projects, but still receive money from the actress, he was allegedly violated. On the role of Marilyn Monroe we have prepared, but in the medium kinobossov reshuffle took place and the decision have changed. However, it took a while, and then remove the already certain.

Myth 8. Marilyn Monroe had an affair with both Kennedy brothers;

Donald Spoto resulting documents and evidence to refute this hypothesis. He believes that there was a one-time contact with the president - and the relationship with his brother wore a completely different character. One time the contact did not give Marilyn rights to any marital claims. And the more she could not collect any dirt on the US government - for the sole reason that she spent with these people very little time.

Myth 9. Marilyn Monroe made many abortions;

Donald Spoto suggests otherwise. When the actress was removed appendicitis, she was afraid that the operation would affect her fertility. The whole world saw this letter, which she taped to his stomach. The doctor touched and invited into the operating room to observe the gynecologist. In fact, Marilyn had big problems, "feminine" - perhaps, she could not conceive normally bear a child. At the end of her life the child would be killed (and possibly what happened) dose of barbiturates, which she took to calm the nerves.

Myth 10. Marilyn Monroe close contact with gangsters;

She had a close relationship with Frank Sinatra, suspected of links with gangsters. However, he was very jealous and certainly would not share his woman with the mafia. Their relationship ended, and they had planned to star in a movie in the future. But with gangsters, according to friends of Marilyn, she did not overlap.

Myth 11. The last days of his life, Marilyn was in a terrible depression;

This is only half true. She was offended by his psychiatrist that he dumped her studio in the middle attacks. But, according to Donald Spoto, she did not want to die and be forgotten. Instead, she wanted to get rid of Ralph Greenson, who took up too much space in her life, and the oversight of them to her housekeeper Eunice Murray. An alternative to this remarriage she saw Joe DiMaggio (!), Who treated her for more mature and did not expect that she would give up for the sake of his film and will be a housewife. Death was caused by the combination of two drugs, which are two of her doctor did not warn each other. Donald Spoto version seems plausible, the more the body actually found Greenson with Murray, and their behavior that day was more than suspicious.

In addition to refutations of many myths, Donald Spoto says detail than Marilyn lived and breathed as she became the one who has become. In his book he gives a lot of interesting facts and interpretations. Here are some of them:

- Marilyn Monroe were very painful periods, so in its recent contracts stipulated that during them she has the right to rest.

- In her time, women still massively dyed their hair, but her mother had already painted in bright red color.

- When Marilyn (then Norma Jean) divorce from her first husband, she asked him for a divorce (supposedly it is necessary for modeling career), he said that they could all stay still, and they can occur. Naturally, her husband refused.

- Marilyn Monroe was a pleasant person in dialogue, always ready to serve. Women of the studio told us that it was impossible to show something with your finger - the next day appeared a thing in their homes - as Marilyn loved to make gifts.

- Relations with Marilyn husbands were not easy, but with their children and parents she talked warmly and after divorce (eg the son of DiMaggio, Arthur Miller with his father).

- Marilyn Monroe was not self-serving; it belongs to the phrase is that important to shine, rather than making a fortune. Her talent many hangers-feeding (especially during the existence of "Marilyn Monroe Productions»).

- During the filming of "The Seven Year Itch" where Marilyn lifts her skirt hot air out of the subway, Marilyn was closed cowards. Although in many other cases it is preferred to a complete lack of underwear.

- Joe DiMaggio became a good friend of the actress after the divorce, but during their brief marriage, raised his hand to his wife.

- Dresses Marilyn Monroe owned the studio, then you could see in the movies on other actresses, however, did not become so well-known.

- And finally, the already well-known fact - Marilyn Monroe wrote poetry. Basically, in the genre of free verse (blank verse). Here is one example. This verse rhyme, but it is found in few places. Basically, the more popular poem by Marilyn Monroe.

Sometimes I just sit at the table

And his life in rhyme'll put a little bit.

In none amassed capital,

But I was not the first time, is this my destiny here.

Yes, do you understand, damn you to hell,

What people do not like poetry.

I did just want to be able to shout

What occurred to me is knocking;

Tastes of those dishes that can not be forgotten,

And the most secret desires of the keys.

Vertov thought and the brain I drilled

A gentle and relentless stream.

While I did not go - let stir up

Leaf black white line.


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