Sensation, rocked the whole world: a former CIA officer confessed to the murder of Marilyn Monroe.

Day by day, convinced of one simple truth: all the secret once becomes clear. And even those mysteries of which have long been covered by a veil of secrecy, in the end is otgadka. So more recently in the US state of Virginia was something incredible: a 78-year-old, was on his deathbed, he told the world the shocking news. Former CIA admitted ... in the murder of Marilyn Monroe.

Norman Hodges said that this is not the only murder to his credit. The dying man said that in the period from 1959 to 1975 has made more than thirty assassinations of prominent politicians, stars, journalists and public figures.

At that time he was the head of the five, all of which have committed the most complex jobs. Hodges says that they were brilliant professionals in their field and adjust everything so that the death of famous people look like an accident. The man does not hide that he remembers each of his case to the smallest detail. Nevertheless, he does not feel himself to a particular fault, because it is done in the name of America!

«We have acquired evidence that Marilyn Monroe slept not only with Kennedy and Fidel Castro. My boss, Jimmy Hayworth said she must die, and I have to arrange to make it look like suicide or overdose. I had not had to kill women, but I obeyed the order. I did it for America! After Monroe Communists could transmit strategic information, and we could not let this happen », i> - Norman Hodges told reporters.

Recall that Marilyn Monroe was murdered night August 5, 1962. According to the professional killer, he clearly remembers how celebrities went into the room and injected her with chloral hydrate Nembutal - two powerful drugs. Death was caused by an overdose.

Now Norman Hodges is in a special ward for the dying, where he was held in handcuffs. The scandal came to the world level. At present all the facts contained old, thoroughly tested under investigation. By the way, the dying ubytsa announced the name of the leader of the gang, who died of a heart attack in 2011.

Bonus for those who love the sensation and intrigue: in the documentary book "Murder Marilyn Monroe: the case is closed," the journalists wrote that Monroe eliminated when she tried to tell the public about the dirty secrets of the Kennedy clan. In many of them the star was involved personally.

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