After these photos you will have to revise their knowledge of the history of mankind!

In the near future will have to make public the documents that confirm the innumerable facts of concealment and intentional destruction of evidence of human-like creatures in the world of gigantic size. The decision to conceal this information was motivated by a desire not to disturb the minds too many questions unanswered. After all, if the data will be made public, all we have ever known about the development and evolution of mankind, will remain behind. This information simply does not fit with the existence in the world of giant apes.


staff of the Smithsonian Institution in the 1900s killed tens of thousands of remains that belonged to these creatures. For a long time they denied that did it, but recently still pleaded guilty, and that there are documents that confirm the facts of concealment.


A decision on the public disclosure of information was made by the US Court, where the evidence was presented to the femur length of 1 m 3, which was once illegally decided to keep one of the staff of the Smithsonian Institution. The man who did this, talked about bones and covert operations of the Institute in his will, which not so long ago was made public. These materials have become a strong argument during the court session, the decision on which institution is obliged to make public all the information about concealed findings for 2015.

Very soon we will witness the greatest discoveries, which completely overturn the picture of the world and man's place in it.

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