Even some 25 years ago for these phrases could get into a madhouse!

Time flies very quickly, and here we can not imagine my life without the latest gadgets and amenities that we presented to the age of technology. With each passing day the number of new products and various types of machinery growing before our eyes. That now seems to be a modern, a few months out of date, and a couple - permanently leave the store shelves. I do not have time to blink - like a new smartphone, yawn - as it is already ten times improved.

The authors of these jokes inspired by the concepts and possibilities that exist now, but who did not have 25 years ago. Just read these sentences and think how they would have sounded for a person of that time.

1. «Put me money on the tube».

2. "I imagine tomorrow brains dokuplyu».

3. "I accidentally erased the" War and Peace, & quot; ».

4. "I shake my elf».

5. "I'll be in the woods, but you call me».

6. "I have already frozen hand to talk to you».

7. "Damn, I can not enter into the post».

8. "I have a letter for you ten minutes ago he sent, you got?»

9. "I can not talk to you, you always disappear».

10. "I am the Second World for the Germans passed».

11. "You're on the phone Count».

12. "Come to give him a home theater».

13. "I Claudia does not plow».

14. "Do not tell the time, but then I forgot your phone at home?»

15. "I flew screw».

16. "Rename the folder».

17. "While the car was traveling, had time to listen to the book».

18. "Plug charging me».

19. "I was hacked».

20. "Give me 50 rubles metro».

It is incredible how quickly time flies: the difference in 25 years seems incredibly high, but for the current generation of the time and all associated with the Stone Age. Like humor? Be sure to share with your friends!

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