16 unbelievable facts that may seem a lie. In fact, it's true!

My friend, you have no idea how meager your knowledge about our world. Yes, diploma biologist, ecologist, or a medical geographer does not give you the right to relax. I will say more: even the authoritative academic title - not an indicator. As they say, live and learn, and you'll die a fool. Socrates here was very human: «I know that I know nothing». I> In fact, the knowledge - it's not something that can be obtained once and for all, it is a kind of living entity that requires constant updating.

Today investigative team information and entertainment magazine a little loaf and prepared for you a selection of 16 of the facts, which at first glance seem impossible ... But in fact this is pure truth. Do not tell me what you know about it!

1. Frankenstein - it is not a monster, and the scientist who created it.

2. A microcosm.

3. Our body is 10 times more bacteria than cells.

4. Planet majeure.

5. blue whale heart is so great that a person could easily swim in his arteries.

6. But a sip from the blue whale is no more a small saucer.

7. Honey has no expiration date.

8. So far, no one has yet been able to tame the African elephant. Only the Indian elephant to train.

9. Medusa Turritopsis Nutricula - now known only immortal creature on the planet.

10. Ramp has 27,000 taste buds. It is 4 times greater than in humans.

11. In Cyprus, Santa Claus is named after St. Basil.

12. Reading in poor light or computer monitor does not cause loss of vision.

13. He did not threaten callousness ...

14. The possibility that in a glass of drinking water contains a molecule that visited the body of a dinosaur - almost 100%.

15. hippos pink milk. The fact that animals under the influence of the sun together with then allocated gipposudorovaya acid serving antimicrobial agent for protection against sunlight. Getting into the milk, she paints it in pink color.

16. For every person in the world, accounting for about 1, 5 million ants. The total mass of all these ants is approximately equal to the mass of all people on earth.

In this hard to believe ... It is virtually impossible to the human mind. But our world is inherently unpredictable and unique. Wherever you turned, you awaits discovery. Live, learn and share these interesting facts with your friends.

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