Robert Thurman: Expanding your consciousness, or why the life is orgasm


Father uma Thurman – Columbia University Professor, a Buddhist, a close groggily Lama and one of the main thinkers of the world. His specialization is the expansion of consciousness. Svetlana there has interviewed Robert Thurman on happiness and the meaning of life.

"Orgasm is a rehearsal of death, smiling from ear to ear, speaks into the microphone of the person who called daughter of the Mind, which translates as "a sense of proportion, the "Great Middle Path" between eternity and nihilism. And she became a model and actress. "Orgasm is the moment when you release your "I" separates from the body and dissolve in absolute bliss. First can be scary because it's a light, pure energy. But in this moment you are the Buddha". In the audience at Columbia University, where close groggily Lama and one of the main thinkers of the planet Professor Robert Thurman teaches a course in Tibetan Buddhism, silence. Heard only dimensional tapping on the keyboards: students will outline the Golden words on their Macbook. Nine years ago, I also lived in new Yorkee studied at Columbia University and have lost a lot, not acquainted with etymologicon already. His lecture – the theatre of one actor. Professor, waving his arms, talking about quantum physics and relativity theory, was quoted by Castaneda and woody Allen, read out excerpts from Buddhist parables, drawing on the blackboard strange formulas and diagrams explaining what happens to the chakras at the moment of orgasm and death. His arguments – this is pure psychedelic: "We used to live in a world where we either have or we don't.But perhaps both". Bob (sometimes so called students) are the kindest blue eyes, huge hands and sort of clumsy, but terribly charming habits.Uma Thurman is very similar to it.

"If you are not interested just blindly believe, and I want to understand something, you orebodies"

Professor, why Buddhism is now in Vogue?

– Nothing surprising. Buddhism is psychology, ethics, and science, which otvechaete all the questions about life and death. Buddha, for example, at the time predicted the infinite divisibility of the atom. You heard about it? In General, the Buddha was the greatest scientist. In General, if you are not interested in just blindly believe, and want something to understand, so you orebodies. Some consider Buddhism a religion, but this is not a religion. This is yoga. Drauma yoga, yoga for emotions.

It is possible to be Orthodox and Buddhist at the same time?

– Of course! Although the Patriarch is likely to resent. The Dalai Lama, however, said that it is better not to change religion is your roots, your family, ancestors. But it is not stopping you to learn from Buddhism, for example, the art of meditation. In General, it's time to stop paying other people to their religion. Better take care of yourself – improve your mind, learn to control the emotions. No matter what denomination you belong to.

What does it mean to you to be a Buddhist?

– To be conscious. For example, you offended or do you not agree, your soul is already boiling anger: "that's not fair!" Pause, catch your reaction for a tail, ask yourself: "Why should I yell at this person? How else can you react?" In this paasewe already have a swig of freedom, be a little Buddha. Without free your mind radio is configured for only one station, and you are not aware that may sound completely different music. But they all have the remote control yourself, do not forget about it!

Why psychotherapists suggest not to suppress emotions, to Express themselves?

– All depends on the situation. Sometimes wiser to hold back. For example, you came home, and washmaschine once again did something that infuriates you. Your usual reaction – navratna him. What is the difference? Try to react differently- like you I did. Surprise yourself and him. Shanti Deva, a Buddhist guru, advised esedo to be angry, you got angry. For example, my wife when I come home and nachinaya to complain about someone (and even more to start), I usually say, "Honey, shut up.You want me too spoil the mood?"

It you are selfish. After all, the man need the woman listened to him!

On the contrary, she makes me welcome. Why drag into the house stress? I call it "creative intervention in anger." A habitual way of thinking is to speak, to share. But the Livonians is it necessary to get upset in the second, third time? You know what I mean?

Your wife is also Buddhist?

I have no idea. I don't even know if I'm a Buddhist myself. But I know that my wife tries to be more happy, controlling your mind and emotions, approaching life creatively. Maybe it means to "be a Buddhist". But if you call yourself a Buddhist and worried about odnoyi the same problem, you might be Buddhist, but very stupid. You, girls, mothers are taught to be tolerant, accepting, taught that you should listen to your muchinda infinity... And you dutifully spent my life doing. And try to ask yourself"does this benefit me and him?" It is sometimes useful to say to the man, as does my wife: "Honey, shut up, will you?" If all respond, you'll never be happy because people never will you satisfy, you can always get something will not be like. You choose how much energy to spend worrying.

Robert Thurman

Columbia University Professor Robert Thurman.

Photograph of Ferruccio de Iulis

What is happiness for you?

– Happiness? Ha ha ha! If I had known! Perhaps, happiness is... to Be real. Real that is.I've studied Buddhism for almost fifty years, but Nirvana is still not found. But I know how to comfort themselves. Do you know this English word – consolation (the consolation. – Approx. M. S.)? Really know? Girl, your vocabulary continues to impress me! In short, I know what happiness is. And it is right here. Because happiness is our nature, the essence of life.I don't feel happy now, but that doesn't matter. I still know happy. Okay?

Not really, honestly.

– Well, well. (Laughs.) The reality is happiness. Life is Nirvana. It is already in us.And I know that sooner or later, to feel this happiness I will. Reality is stronger than fiction, truth more powerful illusions. The illusion must still create, and the reality is already there. You toganivalu. Your every cell consists of Nirvana, although you can ine to guess. Hence all these questions about happiness: you're not sure, you do not know when topolect happy. Although perhaps intuitively you this feeling familiar? Vesnoju in Russia, for example, you are happy, right? Finally, when the heat comes, after your winter? But unhappy have you been, huh? Guys have you heart broken someday?

"Happiness in and around us. Universe driven by the energy of Infinite Love. She useglobal, is and will be"

Well, it happened.

Yeah, so, you know about the misfortune. And what will happen, you know? You probably think that when you die, you become nothing? And closer to old age are diseases, suffering and proteinopathy, and you prefer not to think about it at all. Yes? But the Buddha taught that reality is Nirvana. You just have to, as it were, to enter. Have you ever been so that tobacco ever tell you himself clapped on the head and said, "Sure! I always knew it!"? When you're in my heart you realize that the true nature of the Universe, the infinite happiness, you realize that actually you've always known. Happiness in and around us. Universe driven by the energy of Infinite Love. It has always been, esti will. And when in the future you and I will gain Nirvana and will look at the past (and omanikuga't going anywhere, the past is always with us), we understand that was always happy, even in the most difficult periods of life. By the way, you can easily learn to remember their past lives. Did you know that early Christians believed in past life reincarnation? Then they called heretics. Sorry, I probably difficult for you to Express himself? (Laughs.)

Well, as you say...

– A little bit of faith, Svetlana, have faith... Trust the Universe. It will help you. The problem is that today people believe more in science than in the soul. While onegive-healthy and death is far away, they perceive themselves as a body with a brain.And death is perceived as nothingness. Do you think that when you die, you simply cease to exist. And terribly afraid of it.

And that is really the case?

– Are you sure you want to know? Well, death is nothing scary on the contrary.After all, the only thing we afraid of is pain. No need to be afraid that there wouldn't be any.What happens to you when you are deeply asleep? You begin to see the dream. But you know, it was a dream, because at this point he seems to you a reality. When we die, the only difference is that you're after that dream you Wake up not in my body, and enosolease. At first this condition may seem uncomfortable, because it pojejena weightlessness: you're incorporeal, like a Ghost. Going to see my old body, my old neighborhood, but you no you can't see. You want to talk but can't hear you.It's strange, isn't it? So you almost immediately go in search of a new body.Have you seen the movie "Ghost" with demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg and Patrick Swayze?

Yes, of course, many times.

– Oh, I'm happy! Did you know that the person who wrote the script for this film, studied the Tibetan book of the dead"? Therefore, the fact that this movie happens close to the truth.So, if you're lucky in your next life you are destined to be human again, your spirit almost immediately go in search of new parents.

Are we really choose them?

True, my girl. But if you're just a person that is reactive, not your conscious mind, your choices you are guided only by passion.If you have been born again woman, where you're from, from another dimension, vlubitsya who will become a father. And if you're in the next life you are born a man, you want her future mother. It's not really a free choice because you will be moving pure passion, unbridled desire, lust. Here is a Tibetan Lama, for example, parents choose consciously... You Freud, by the way, read? Remember his theory of the Oedipus complex and Electra complex? So, the Buddhists about all of this was written five thousand years ago. Remember, the conception always involves three: your parents and you. You three slivaetsja ecstasy, and pure passion is leading you. Ha ha ha! Don't believe me? Know where know all this? Thousands of years ago, in the days of the Buddha, the great yogis with the help of deep meditation could remember in detail the moment of conception. This is protagonisty, and testimony.

How much time passes from the moment of death before our new conception?

– 49 days. Sometimes slightly more, sometimes slightly less but on average. However, some souls can take a vacation and live for some time in other heavenly plans. In those dimensions it will seem like ten minutes, but in earth terms, will be somewhere a couple of years. Time in various aspects of flows and is experienced differently.

Professor, are you really sure about what you say?

– (Smiling.) And what is there to doubt? All this experience is described in detail on lysaceksan.

Well, then it's really not so bad. If we do so quickly back...

– Yes, but if we return to human incarnation. And what about tiger? If you, for example, in this life a lot of angry, next you can attract, voploscheniya any predator. With fangs, sharp these teeth, and even horns can be, big paws and tail. Will be in the next life to hunt and kill innocent goats. Ha ha ha! A rhinoceros or some will be born. Or hornet, you'll be poison to bite. Man – this is one of the most gentle, harmless incarnations. You iskrennego like to be human, that your spirit chose this incarnation. I'll lotsmore at you and think suddenly you in the next life will attract voploshenie as a beautiful goose with such long graceful neck?..

And you who want to go back?

Man, man. To me people like.

Professor, what is karma?

– Karma is evolution. That opened Darwin, the Buddhists knew thousands of years.

That is, Darwin was right all along?

– Of course! We all visited and monkeys, and Brontosaurus, and snakes. Raznica that Darwin was not speaking of the soul, he believed that only genes reincarcerate, impersonal molecules. Buddhists agree with that, but they say also about the spiritual genes, the molecules, so to speak, of the soul. How will Russian soul? OK, du-sha. And dusha gene, the gene of the soul.That is, you, Svetlana, was and will always be. And I will. Genes are transmitted from one form of life to another, and so it was to be. That's why I insist that we need more to understand this process and to improve, to be happier samohi to help others be happier. Learn to remain in this powerful, incredibly attractive, ophanage bliss of life. We're here forever, we this life can not escape, so why not try to do it better?

"True love is when you wish that the other was happy, because he is more important"

But doesn't Buddhism say that one should strive to escape samsara, the chain of rebirth, to achieve true liberation?

The Buddha did speak about a dimension where you can hide those who are frightened by the idea of living forever. Something like a Spa in heaven. But it's all an illusion. You still come back. Because happiness, bliss – it's all here. Nirvana and samsara are one. Western interpretation of Buddhism is not completely correct. It is believed that Buddha said that life is suffering and that the only way to get rid of suffering is to abandon desires.But it's not. In fact, the Buddha said that life is happiness. That is why Buddhism is so quick and easy became popular in Asia and beyond, unlike Christianity or Islam, he did not need the Crusades. The Buddha believed that every molecule of our body exudes happiness, and binds these molecules among themselves is also the energy of happiness.

Why then, is there suffering?

– From ignorance. Suffering is an illusion. The Buddha said that only the unenlightened life is full of suffering.

The deadly disease is also an illusion?

– Of course! And death is an illusion. What, for example, cancer? This healthy tissue, which restet the wrong place. This excess life. And the blame often the wrong food: our food is full of preservatives female hormones, composed of trophoblastic cells, parasites.These cells with great speed multiply in the Bud, they help to develop the fetus. So, most cancers consist of those cells growing where they should not. But our main illusion is another. It is our excessively overgrown ego. For example, you, Svetlana, probably, believe that we are each drolatiques and that you're more important than I am and than anyone else. And I, in turn, believe that I am important – just because it's me. This does not mean that we are selfish, we postprivate to feel. Everyone feels a little more significant than others. Why we get so frustrated when something does not happen the way we want.Do you have children?

Not yet.

– When you have a child, some time you will consider that this creature is more important than you. And maybe if you're in love, you your object of love is also at first seemed more important. If he loved you he probably put himself above until the first wave of passion had not slept, and you do not have mutual claims. That and govorilka: if you believe that you are equal to the world, and a little higher, more important, you obrechenno suffering. The world wins and you lose. You will age, get sick, lose loved ones. Buddha said that you will be miserable if you limit your reality the illusion of your ego. If we put ourselves with the world level, it opens the door to bliss. The world is pure energy of happiness, and should we cease to feel separate from it, we connect to this energy. But we must learn to feel the connection with the world, not of tolkona level of mind, but all five senses, every cell.

What is love?

– In our conventional sense – the desire to possess others. But it's the same inflated ego, that is, when we perceive the other as a continuation of us. People stay together as long as they are able to meet the needs of the ego to each other, and then diverge, because at the end, I think their needs are more important. True love is when you wish that the other was happy, because he is more important. Even if this love is not mutual.

You know how to love?

My wife and I married 44 years, for both of us this is second marriage. To long to be together, it is important to accept the fact that your beloved has their own spiritual way, and you dalinapominaete him on his personal path to Nirvana, and not to interfere. And he galgendammerung you. This, of course, ideal, but it is necessary to do it. If you argue, remember that inside each of you – happiness, Nirvana. And the conflict may be resolve itself.

And in a formal marriage do you believe?

– I don't see it as necessary. You can live a long good life together, not registering relationship. The main thing – to really be friends. But if you make each other's lives hell, we need to split up without hesitation.

Robert Thurman

Robert Thurman is convinced that the world is pure energy of happiness.

Photograph of Ferruccio de Iulis

"A woman should be a challenge for men"

Can a Buddhist to live with a non-Buddhist?

– Maybe, but better to share the spiritual values of each other. Although all the religions in celebrityhot the same: to think less about yourself, not dwell in gloom. If you acompliabit, you will be easy to live with.

You are your children taught to be Buddhists?

– I was never banned. We wanted our children to be free in order to find their own path in life. If you know how to be happy, your children will be happy, too. I think they all believe in past and future lives, the existence of the soul, love, compassion. So in fact they are Buddhists.

You punished them?

Never. Why? Our children are always better than us. Federation of angels, Bodhisattvas atomexpression cares about.

You once said that to have a daughter like Crazy – a sign of very good karma.

– Of course! But Mind us luck. She has such great brothers. Youngest yoga teacher. Another talented actor. The third a philosopher. Fourth – just a good man.But she's a special girl, we love it. Although the Mind is a very modest girl, too much even.

Why in the world are few female Buddhist monasteries?

Monks are generally very few left, unfortunately. Women and the Buddha believed more enlightened beings, their connection with the Universe stronger. Men are more in plenilune, they need to find themselves, assert themselves through aggression and wars. Therefore, it is useful to be monks.

Why is God always male?

Because of the last Millennium we live in a militarized world, which is ruled by men. It is unprofitable to have a guru-woman. But now things are changing. The latest rage in Buddhism more and more women guru. Women can do anything. Most proprietary companies are those where women have no rights. By the way, I advise you to study Aikido – this will help you become uverennuyu yourself. This is a very feminine kind of struggle will become stronger and more flexible at the same time. I am the way, weak women do not like. A woman should be a challenge for men. published


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