Zombie. A narcotic consciousness.


Many people are like sausages: than them since then and have confidence. © [Kozma Prutkov] Changing your mind, You create your own Universe.
© [Winston Churchill]

It will be difficult for those who rely on the truth of authority, instead to rely on the authority of truth.
© [Gerald Massey]

A lie does not cease to be a lie, even if you believe it millions of people

Crowd — a collection of people living by tradition and reason, authority, or leader, or tradition, or Scripture.
© [Vissarion Belinsky]

Herd — group of animals, merged due to behavioral mechanisms. To herds characterized by a common rhythm of life, which is manifested in the fact that the animals in the herd feed, rest, move, and are protected from predators consistently.
© [Wikipedia]


The last quote is very thin describes the current society and its moral behavior. The company is also a group of people or their likes, for people also is characteristic of the existence of a common rhythm of life, which as well as herds manifests itself only in natural needs: food, leisure, travel and most importantly "Work" by which mankind exercises their needs/requirements.

A variety of methods of information-psychological war, the treatment of the subconscious of a person or group of people by means of suggestion, or special technical means and methods, thanks to which it (they) is programmed on unconditional obedience to someone's orders, to commit any action or perception of any suggestible they of a political, philosophical or religious doctrine. Use the media as a synonym for "brainwashing", but has more semantic power and, unlike the latter, is not due to conviction, with a suggestion.

A vivid example of what display products of the film industry: feature films, animated. Here is an example of a small part of what mesmerizes us and the TV, in this clip [see below] shows clear facts indoctrinate millions of people bypassing of consciousness by Intrusive excitation of the animal instincts. This process of mass unconscious starts from childhood — through cartoons, children's shows, comic books, through which children are introduced in the form of images of patterns of behavior in adulthood.

Dozens of research centers in the United States develop the theory and practice of zombifying people; the main goal is the creation of a docile, passive person, converting people in mass, easily managed, and this policy has spread around the world.
You tell me that I'm paranoid, and see only one conspiracy? Well, perhaps it is so, and I went crazy, and how can we not go mad when the world turns into a HERD, degrading with each passing year? The initial article "Where are we going?" says [superficially] about what happens... but... has become our society.

Media [media] have become a powerful political and ideological weapon. The people erase the historical memory, replacing her false values and offering "American gum". In turn, the TV, radio spawned the kind of information addiction, which has become dependent on the society and which just need "to prick" false information.


Every day, sitting down to the TV to relax, relax, you do not even suspect that at that time, when you watch the film, be it fiction, Thriller, Comedy, or another genre, laugh at someone's jokes, enjoying the appearance on the screen favorite actors, sorry GG [main characters] us is brainwashed with the help of modern technologies and innovations of technological progress [25th frame, for example] we are told is the right idea and an excellent behavior scenarios.

/Interview with Victor M. stern/ doctor of psychological Sciences, member of the public organization “Doctors for human rights”/

— Viktor, do you think that our streets easily go real zombies?
I am absolutely convinced that every third, or even second – a zombie. Brainwashing is the impact on the subconscious, the subordination of man to his will. In this science there are both psychological methods, and technology.
How long is applied in Russia zombie man?
— For a long time. Almost every journalist is intuitive sambist, if I may say so. You have such a profession: to impress upon the reader the truth. The more abnormal the journalist, the more talented, sharper sense of how best to influence the interlocutor. Somewhere in the 30 years since the invention of sound cinema and television has gone mass brainwashing. At this time in America as an experiment in movie theaters showed films, between artistic frames were mounted frames with the help of advertising. Acted such advertising is very effective. The inventors of the method a patent was issued, but these experiments immediately banned, as he felt the impact on the psyche of people is criminal.
I mean, is this so-called effect of 25th frame?
Yes. In the second, as you know 24 of the frame during installation, podklyuchaetsya 25-th frame with some information, this information eyes to see not just manages, but her brain locks on a subconscious level, and issues like the human thought.
— So the TV uses this method?
— 25-th frame may only be used in cinema, on film, in television very the other methods. Recently passed the program of Sergei Dorenko, we recorded it, processed in the computer and what I saw... there Is a video of Luzhkov – the audience can see Yuri Mikhailovich, talking animatedly. If the plot is split into frames, it turns out that near the head of the mayor's show through some spots: in one shot – one in the next – more... If these spots overlay each other so it looks like the face of a crying child. While viewing the plot, the brain registers these spots and he puts in the way. The Association is not very pleasant, especially for sentimental people. Other policies Primakov, in the same program found himself in a pile of feces. Here's the race turns out. We doctors use the same methods, but for treatment, they give a good result
I heard in Japan for more than 800 children were hospitalized with severe mental disorders after watching a cartoon. It is also a zombie?
— The same methodology that the doctors wanted to treat children with epilepsy, but probably not true built images. An error has occurred. Actually, I'm not against the use of these methods, but it is necessary to inform the audience, or patients.
— Where else, except of Dorenko's broadcast using this method?
— Everywhere: in commercials, shows, music videos...
— What are the pictures of the slip in clips?
— We had a press conference in the research Institute of the Ministry of interior. There it was officially stated that when viewing music videos five years ago was in the clip “Jumps” group “the time Machine” was discovered advertising of condoms or artificial phalluses, don't remember exactly. It's the only thing said officially. And if not to name specific artists, I can say that quite often is advertising themselves singers. The text is a direct impact, unambiguous and specific. The image could work wrongly.
— So, our performers, ordering the clip, please music video Director to insert such advertisement?
— No. I think by the singers themselves don't know this, just clip maker has to offer: want your clip will bring you instant fame? Pay satisfied. That's the secret that absolutely voiceless singer with a horse face not having to appear on the screen, once it becomes popular. And end ethers, the singer immediately forget.
— How much is that pleasure worth?
— Very expensive. Clip 150 thousand dollars.
— Technology of production of such a roller is difficult?
Very. A computer that can do it costs 1.5-2 million dollars. These computers in our special services are only two, maybe. Therefore, it is very difficult to control, it is necessary to record programs to send abroad. Now the new Duma we will raise the question about the equipment of such a laboratory.
— As it turns out, we only have two computers in Russia, and all the music video, advertisers do such things.
— All the products are manufactured abroad and numerous commercials, and most of the clips...
— What should be in the is that it definitely worked?
— It's hard to say with certainty. First we need to know how contingent the calculated roller, mainly put pressure on women, because children imitate their mothers. If mom loves bounty, and his daughter will love. Not necessarily, that video was beautiful, enough to put hidden text: I want the bounty, I can't live without bounty...
Is the only way of indoctrination via television?
— There is still sound. We have a machine that, recording some treatment processes it and issues with purity below 16 Hz. Is purity, which the ear does not hear, but very well-perceived by the brain. You can listen to the radio, where in parallel with the song will sound the call: “Go to meeting”. The brain this information to understand and you will go to the barricades.
It's technical methods of indoctrination, but here I walk down the street, comes up to me Gypsy, or lohotronschikov... I lose control and give all their money. It is also a zombie?
Is street hypnosis, as it is called, a scientific neuro-linguistic programming. Moscow is full of courses that teach this “art”. But most likely, Gypsies and lohotronschiki act intuitively. As well as Lovelace, cheaters... first, with this method it is important to first establish contact with the client: to catch his eye, start a conversation. Then we need to understand what words evoke in the interlocutor interest and develop a conversation around this topic. And along the way you can focus on what the words in the course of the conversation in the client's mind for the rest of the team. For example, I now talk about zombies, and along the way can put you in a subconscious phrase: I like this man, I want him to spend the evening. And you will not notice as you come to this idea. By the way this method is used not only Gypsies, but also more “large” people, leaving us with screens and stands.
— Do you have any methods to protect against this scourge?
— Of course. If you know that at the moment you are brainwashed, you will not fall for it.
— But each individual case is impossible to know.
You should be wary of the TV, constantly be on the lookout.
In this case, while watching a talk show, you have to sit and say to myself: this is all nonsense, not true, this editor invented and actors in the chair of the heroes imprisoned, I will not yield, you will not get pity from me and I will transfer the money into your charity account in favor of hungry children of the Volga. Why, it just seems that they are not.... You can also become a complete cynic to believe nothing no news, no stories, no performances...
— No, a complete cynic to become don't, then we will stop being human and turn into unfeeling machines, it's just not worth constantly “hanging ears” and to believe in everything.
— Tell me, where did you get such a desire, to enclose all safe from harm? You're not brainwashed, because you are about these technologies know.
— But if I relax, lose kontrolnad? Besides me there are a lot of people dear to me. I don't want them, like the little “Ivan-international” rushed out the window...
Are you talking about Sorin? Why did he do it?
Because he enjoyed it and was seriously engaged in. He had them in the group was responsible for advertising and promoting is the method of indoctrination. Even there, the whole group was bent on making this topic, and Igor was all with twists in the brain and the most advanced in this area. When he left the band, decided to create their project based on these technologies, but I don't know what happened, but his experience against him and applied it. We are absolutely sure that his mission in reality was under the influence of hypnosis.
— Where did you get this information?
— We are “Doctors for human rights”. When the case seems suspicious to us, we begin to investigate.
— A lot of you know these stories?
— Indefinitely.
And among the famous people, we have a lot of unknown deaths?
— On account of death I do not know, but these unequal marriages are clearly no accident.
— You mean who? Our Super-star couple? Maybe they have a mutually beneficial Alliance?
They are quite rich, there is no commercial intent, but sympathy there, though, she and incomprehensible to me. You know, for the money, even for big no unpleasant him man can not live, but with the help of zombies will be.
And who, do you think?
— I do not know, of course. Well, I do not Kirkorov Pugacheva. She certainly has the ability to hypnosis. What to say, see how she gets the hall. And with Philip she's probably doing all the time, as I think he's been brainwashed completely. This is evident in his behavior. It is, as it comes off, do not particularly want to go back, and when he gets back – looks at her enthusiastically.
— Various methods of privoroty also operate on the basis of zombies?
— Yes, of course.
— And how clairvoyants work?
— From the point of view of science nothing can be foreseen. When a psychic says that's when it will happen, he just convinces everyone it was at this time the sequence of events is to distinguish between those that are similar to the “predicted” and believe that they come true. It is impossible to foresee, because “tomorrow” has not yet arrived.
— And how the predictions in horoscopes? Is “the Stars do not speak”?
— Nonsense. Take the horoscope and throughout the year check will come true or not. Chances are 50% of the predictions should get to the point.
— What is the state of man is better amenable to psychological programming?
— In a state of half asleep, meditation, drugs...by the Way, in this relaxed state it is easy to introduce a man not only with the help of calm music or monotonous voices, is enough to stroke the back of his head, closer to the neck. You know, so calm crying children. And the best protection from indoctrination – a state of apathy. In fact, that a person is hypnotized, it is necessary that he was ready, he wanted it and did not resist. But usually, we are able to “receive information” and easy to pick up “the zombie virus”.
— All this is very dangerous.
It's why we're sounding the alarm, is our task: to fight for the rights of patients. In this case we are talking about the medical techniques that are carefully hidden and used without the consent of the patient. It brings a lot of money. Possessing advanced techniques, you possess unlimited power, can become President, and to enforce any of your orders.

Next, here is an example of priority No. 1 - the CULT of STUPIDITY from the idiot box.

Brainwashing people through the media — (1988) Excerpt from the movie aliens among us, which is banned in many countries.
The main character found unusual glasses, looking through them you can see the whole truth about what's really going on. In the end, our hero discovers that the media is brazenly deceiving the population half of which are aliens.

In the past this is brainwashing false values:

Self brainwashing begins in kindergarten and continues throughout your life.

Practical methods of indoctrinate: we hammered in the head with a lot of information.

All get there knowledge are divided into:


Meaningless knowledge is something that does not carry any meaning, but puts the person's memory is rubbish — garbage information. A good example of such information — Patriotic and political propaganda, and literature — compulsory reading of the so-called "classics" boring and meaningless fiction. Pointless to include sport — he is no different from the behavior of animals.

Useless knowledge is something that has no practical application and will never need in real life. It is almost all physics, chemistry, mathematics, geometry, grammar, geography, etc 99.99% of the people just don't want it, but in their study spent an enormous amount of time and effort.

Harmful knowledge is that which brings harm to us and to others. It is knowledge that causes us to suffer and to cause suffering to others. For example, this study of false religions such as materialism, communism, Christianity, Islam, etc.

Incorrect knowledge is an unscientific lie, for example, the theory of Darwinism, a distorted story (composed by public bodies and containing a huge amount of social-Patriotic myths), a large part of physics and biology.

Outdated knowledge - what has long been irrelevant, that no longer applies in the real world, or what has long been refuted by scientific methods. Almost all computer science, physics, anatomy, biology and much more.

From this it follows that BRAINWASHING is the deliberate introduction of such behavioral programs in the psyche of people, control of which is inaccessible to them.

Under the "control not available" means that the individuals can consciously, at will run these behavioral programs can't stop them while their algorithms are exhausted, and needless to say, they are not guessing the code through which these programs are installed can not independently them to "remove" from his psyche.

It is from these 5 types of knowledge is the modern education which was mentioned above. In real life 99% of the knowledge acquired through state education is absolutely necessary. In other words, 20-30 years spent in educational institutions is time wasted. So we are stealing irreplaceable resource — time.

The launch of the implemented behavioral programs carried out in turn via the activation in the environment of informational phenomena, namely the activators of these reactions. These information phenomena, for embedded programs that are information code, a signal to implement a corresponding automatic response.

From the above figure "Programmers" brainwash and create the management tool, create a MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

"Social scientists" - conduct feedback, giving the "users" information on the extent and the area of localization, of a software "tool" in society.

Users control the relevant segments of society, according to the inherent capabilities of the software and perform the control action through a DIRECT CONNECTION.


As described above, since birth we are brainwashed state authorities. Naturally, our parents just as actively brainwashed from birth (a system of mass indoctrination existed in Soviet times). What does it mean? When parents have a child is born, the parents at this time are already zombies. Because their 20-30 years prior to that zombie state. authorities.

How can parents zombie to raise their children free? Of course, they will educate as they are taught by indoctrination of state agencies. That is, the parents will also be actively brainwash their own children, inculcating them in the minds of false and harmful ideas they received in state educational institutions, from media and advertising.

However, nowadays parents are hardly involved in the upbringing of children. They get up early, Wake your children, talk dirty to them, and then half awake and crying haul in kindergarten, where they are already looking forward to the evil professional educators-zombification.

When a person is half-asleep, his subconscious easily enter any information. Especially defenseless in front of her children. Thus, zombification get the ability to brainwash children primitive animal passions — after all, these caregivers from childhood underwent a process of indoctrination and are state zombies.

And after work, parents are tired, so to raise children they don't want — this deals with TV, video games and the street. The street children learn to communicate with each other in the style of criminals (as they are taught on TV daily "gangster-COP" series, adored by her parents), quietly turning into a potential thugs, rapists, robbers and murderers.

About 10-15 years, they begin to apply their skills practically and then the parents in horror, can hardly believe what it did to their own child. Throwing a tantrum: "I didn't bring you up!". Of course, their raised state. zombification, not the parents.

Here in this society we live in. Degradation of society continues with great acceleration — each generation is degraded faster and more efficient than the previous one. Children who were born after 2000, will become the absolute Champions in the rate of degradation and transformation in wild animals. Many of them will be deprived of not only their parents, but you, dear readers, if you do not have time to prepare for Armageddon.

If you have small children, make sure that they had not received information state of the media, advertising and education (school — it is a cruel zombie prison) that they have not played computer games and did not use the Internet (Internet is a solid pornography, violence and other dirty animal passions). Otherwise it is likely that soon they will kill you, their parents.

However, it is difficult to escape the fate (one's own karma accumulated in the past) — if you are already a slave to the state media, you can't get rid of them and their children. All you have to do is kill each other, and then the whole family to reincarnate in hell.


Programming of the population is carried out on several levels:

1.EDUCATION - creating an environment in which the personality is formed, formed its basic behavioral responses and the parameters under which the person unconsciously forced to adapt. Personality at quite a young age, still unable to form a concept about his or her own personal device, because it formed the environment where it resides. Sustained pressure environment on the person, for some parameters (stable carrot and stick), and form stable response of the psyche, the sustainable qualities of character.

2.ADVERTISING - creation of the people of desires, addictions to various social phenomena. This includes the creation of temporary FASHION TRENDS in society, the establishment of a standing CONSUMER HABITS, "introduction" to the various pleasures, the formation of a negative or positive IMAGE, etc. the Impact is, in those areas of life to the phenomena of which individa not formed its own conscious taste.

3.EDUCATION - the creation of a factual environment, and such information modules that can form in the individual, elemental basis, for his practical reasoning and action. Nested in the memory of the individual, a superficial understanding of the elements, objects and phenomena of the world, at some stage, replace the missing vital experience and ensure appropriate inherent concepts, reaction.

4.ART - creation, people, sensual and value orientations, ideals, States, moods in which they "hang." Program emotional "hang", are formed in areas and levels of the psyche of the individuals who at the education was suppressed.

5.IDEOLOGICAL PROPAGANDA - forms in the psyche of the people of the rationale, logical calculations, the conclusions about the expediency and justice of a particular form of social life, forms of commitment to certain ideas and ideological currents. The programs are superimposed on the zones of the psyche where there is "nerazdelenny" conflict "individual — society", the area of ideological tension (conflict of public and personal behaviours).

6.RELIGIOUS PROPAGANDA - forms in the psyche of the people of the installation on individual moral, taboo, norms and guidelines. The programs are superimposed on the chaotic, not settled areas of the psyche that the individual is not able to curb their own volitional effort.

7.PHILOSOPHY - forms the psyche of the people, setting about models of the world. Most successfully penetrate the psyche of the people the position of being able to resolve the internal mental stress of individuals based on factual and algorithmic behavioral contradictions.

Therefore, the levels of the zombies: through education, through publicity, through education, through religious and ideological propaganda should be understood as the MAIN TYPE of EXPOSURE in the appropriate level of organization of the human psyche, influencing the formation of attitudes in education of the individual, in the field pristate, the desire of the individual to the different objects in the field of education of the individual, in the sphere of religion, in the sphere of ideological orientation, and not used as the only method of manipulation.)


The only way to get rid of the authorities to brainwash us state agencies — the refusal of viewing and reading the state of the media, the rejection of state education, the rejection of movies, music, games and other entertainment that contains primitive animal passions. And most importantly -the practice of Truth. It will make you free from any information and animal passions.

And most importantly - you need to learn to think and have own opinion!


Noam Chomsky made a list of "10 ways to manipulate" through the media

1 - Distraction

The main element of social control is to distract people's attention from important issues and decisions of the political and economic ruling circles, through the constant of saturation of the information space minor messages. A welcome distraction rather essential in order not to give the citizens the opportunity to get important knowledge in science, Economics, psychology, neurobiology and Cybernetics.
"Constantly distract people's attention from the real social problems, switching it to topics that have no real value. To ensure that the citizens were always busy with something, and they didn't really have time to think; the field – in the paddock like all the other animals (quote from "silent weapons for quiet wars").

2 - to Create problems and then offer solutions to them

This method is also called "problem-reaction-solution". It creates a problem, a "situation" intended to cause a reaction among the population so that it is itself required the adoption of measures necessary to the establishment. For example, to prevent the spiral of violence in the cities or to organize bloody terrorist attacks to citizens demanded the adoption of laws on strengthening of security measures and policies that infringe upon civil liberties.
Or bring the economic crisis to get accepted as a necessary evil violation of social rights and the curtailment of city services.

3 - Way gradual application

To achieve the adoption of any unpopular measures, it is enough to introduce it gradually, day after day, year after year. Thus were imposed fundamentally new socio-economic conditions (neoliberalism) in the 80-ies and 90-ies of the last century.
Minimizing functions of the state, privatization, insecurity, instability, mass unemployment, wages that already do not provide a decent life. If all this happened at the same time, it probably would have led to revolution.

4 - Postponement of execution

Another way to push through unpopular decision is to present it as "painful and necessary" and to achieve at the moment the consent of citizens for its implementation in the future. It is much easier to agree to any victims in the future than in the present.

First, because it does not happen immediately. Second, because the people in the mass, always inclined to cherish the naive hope that "tomorrow everything will change for the better" and that the sacrifices which we require, can be avoided. It provides citizens with more time to get used to the idea of change and humbly accept them when the time comes.

5 refer to people as little children

In most propaganda speeches designed for a wide public, using such arguments, characters, words and intonation, as if we are talking about children of school age with a delay in development or mentally disabled individuals.
The gain someone is trying to mislead the listener, the more he tries to use infantile speech turns. Why? "If someone speaks to man as if he is 12 or fewer years, due to suggestibility, in response or reaction from the man, with a certain degree of probability, there will not be a critical assessment that is typical for children aged 12 years or less.

6 - to focus on emotions much more than thoughts

Impact on emotions is a classic technique that aims to block the ability of people to rational analysis, but in the end, and in General to the ability of critical thinking occurring. On the other hand, the use of emotional factor allows you to open the door to the subconscious in order to implement there thoughts, desires, fears, concerns, coercion or sustainable behaviors...

7 - to Keep people in ignorance, cultivating mediocrity

To ensure that people become unable to understand the tools and techniques used to manage them and bend to their will. "The quality of education provided by the lower social classes must be poor and mediocre, so that the ignorance that separates the lower from the higher social classes, remained at a level that can overcome the lower classes.

8 - to Encourage citizens to admire mediocrity

To introduce into the population the idea that it is fashionable to be stupid, vulgar and rude...

9 Strengthen a sense of self - blame

To force a person to believe in the fact that only he is responsible for his own misfortunes that occur due to lack of his mental capabilities, abilities or efforts. As a result, instead of rebelling against the economic system, the person begins to engage in self-abasement, blaming himself, which causes depression, resulting in, among other things, to inaction. And without action about any revolution and speech can not be!

10 Know about people more than they know about themselves

Over the past 50 years, advances in science have led to the formation of the widening gap between the knowledge of ordinary people and the information that you have and use the ruling classes.
Thanks to biology, neurobiology and applied psychology, the "system" has at its disposal advanced knowledge in the field of physiology and psychology. The system was able to learn about the common man more than he knows about himself. This means that in most cases the system has more power and more control people than themselves.

Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, social activist, author and political analyst. Emeritus Professor of linguistics at mit and one of the outstanding scientists of XX century. His fundamental works in the field of theory of linguistics and science knowledge gained deserved recognition in the scientific and academic community.


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