Unpublished photos of Marilyn Monroe up for auction

Allan "Whitey" Snyder was a personal make-up artist and stylist Marilyn Monroe. They first met in 1946, and then Alan was its chief makeup artist how to shoot the film and in life. From March 31 to April 1 on eBay "Julien" will auction for photos Monroe made her make-up artist. Previously, these images were not published anywhere.

1. Marilyn Monroe smiles in the photo, which it signed on to his son makeup artist Alan Snyder. The signature on the photo reads: "For Ronnie. I love the whole. And for your dad! Marilyn Monroe. " (Julien's Auctions)

2. Photo from the collection of Marilyn Monroe makeup artist Alan Snyder unsigned and undated. (Julien's Auctions)

3. Marilyn Monroe in Alberta, Canada, in the film "River of No Return" in 1954. (Julien's Auctions)

4. Photo from the collection Snyder unsigned and undated. (Julien's Auctions)

5. Marilyn Monroe in Alberta, while filming "River of No Return." (Julien's Auctions)

6. Two color transparent slide made in the film "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" in 1953. (Julien's Auctions)

7. Monroe on the set of his latest film "Something's Got to Give" in 1962. The film was never finished. (Julien's Auctions)

8. Robert Monroe Mitchemomna film "River of No Return." (Julien's Auctions)

9. Marilyn on the background of Canadian bears. (Julien's Auctions)


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