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Most recently in Arizona, an exhibition contest Extreme photo image Red Bull Illume 2013. It presented the best works of extreme photography. Of the thousands of excellent pictures jury selected about 50 shots in 10 nominations, you will be able to see and appreciate this post. Emerged from the depths

Photographer: Stuart Gibson
Athlete: Ryan Hargrave
Location: lapping, Fiji
"We went surfing between coral reefs in a place called Wilkes Pass, near the island of lapping. At some point, we have covered a great wave, and we were at a depth of four to six meters. But before the next wave pushed us to the surface, I could take a picture of Ryan "- says the author of the picture Stuart Gibson.

Above the crowd

Photographer: Elias Kunosson
Athlete: Fredrik Berggren
Location: Åre, Sweden
This photo Elias made quite by accident, during his first trip to Åre. In fact, he was looking for the market when he noticed the posters FMX show. Elias took a look at extreme athletes and make a couple of shots. Arriving at the place, he realized that in such a crowd of good photos do not succeed, so climbed the fire escape to a nearby hotel, and - voila! - Masterpiece is ready.

Jump into the abyss

Photographer: Romina Amato
Athlete: Todor Spasov
Place: Vila Franca do Campo, Portugal
Romina whole day filming the contestants jumping from a height of a boat that is constantly rocked on the waves, complicating the work of the photographer. This view he caught accidentally, in some point completely stopped and asked to see the athlete steering sail a little, so he went back into the frame. The result was a perfect shot just in the style of the photographer, when it is unclear whether an athlete is flying into the water, or on the rocks.

Trick Miller

Photographer: Claudio Casanova
Athlete: Philipp Schicker
Location: oberiberg, Switzerland
Glass ball, which reflects the athlete is 30 cm in diameter and weighs 10 kg. But for a photographer obsessed with the idea of ​​catching the man in this small circle, the size and weight does not matter. 7 hours filming was received a lot of photos, but this one was the best.


Photographer: Rainer Eder
Athlete: Anna Stöhr
Location: Torishaus, Switzerland
Anna Store - member team of climbers, called "Mammoth". They are known for their climbing to choose not the usual places like the junkyard. In order to make this picture, Anna and photographer Rainer Eder "test the strength of" more than one tower of the pressing machine until it finally found suitable.

Flying over the waves

Photographer: Benjamin Ginsberg
Athlete: Bobby Okvist
Location: Newport Beach, United States
Plan surfers Benjamin and Bobby was simple: they wanted to catch the big wave in Newport Beach. The sun was setting when Benjamin decided that for today he had had enough, and he looks at Bobby from the shore, and along pofografiruet. So get this stunning picture of Bobby flight when the wave suddenly found him not quite in the position in which he was supposed to be.


Photographer: Scott Serfas
Athlete: John Jackson
Location: Anyak, Alaska, USA
Member of The Art of FLIGHTvypolnyaet the longest jump ever seen a photographer.

Look at the bottom of

Photographer: Lorenz Holder
Athlete: Benny Urban
Location: Germany
This picture has become everything: a reflection of the seabed, and the athlete, and the sky. According to the photographer, this is a great success. Underwater, among other things, complicated by the fact that you can not just give up the sportsman, showing that he was ready, and he can not wave to you in response.

Last descent

Photographer: Scott Serfas
Athlete: Travis Rice
Location: Mountain Tordrillo, Alaska, USA
Last Photo from the shooting of the film The Art of FLIGHT, where Travis Rice slides down the snowy ridge. The helicopter in which Scott was sitting, depending on the 30-meter height above the Travis, the photographer could take his descent.

In the Himalayas

Photographer: Ray Demski
Athlete: Bernd Zangerl
Location: Himalayas, India
The picture was taken during a hike over boulders in the Indian part of the Himalayas. Bernd climbed on a boulder 15 meters high, and all the others looked at this skilful action with bated breath. Once he went down, the photographer took some pictures of the sky on a long exposure, and then combine the two pictures and got this shot.

Snowboarding is an urban

Photographer: Lorenz Holder
Athlete: Xaver Hoffmann
Location: Raisting, Germany
This perspective photographer Laurence Holder noticed in the summer and very much wanted to take a photo of a jump on a snowboard during heavy snowfall. To realize this vision into reality Lawrence put a plate of two large strobe and sent them up to create a "wall" of the falling snow at the time of Xavier made his jump.

Stay on his feet

Photographer: Rami Hanafi
Athlete: Miikka Hast
Location: Valley Tamokdalen, Norway
Mikka Hast, down the slope, with acceleration bumped into a huge rock, and although perfectly landed on his feet barely restrained by balancing the body and hands.

The jump from the third floor

Photographer: Jussi Grznar
Athlete: Anto Chamberland
Location: Montreal, Canada
Anto was looking for a place to stay in a final frame of your video for the contest "Masters of stairs." This abandoned building he saw from afar, and after examination decided that performs a jump from the third floor. He took only three takes to the video was completed.

The descent from the waterfall

Photographer: Lucas Gilman
Athlete: Rafa Ortiz
Location: Veracruz, Mexico
Rafa Ortiz down with a 40-meter waterfall "Big Banana" in the state of Veracruz, Mexico.

Between land and water

Photographer: Olaf Pignataro
Athlete: Stefan Lantschner
Location: Verona, Italy
Stephen went down the rope into a round hole in the bridge Ponte Pietra, and then on the same rope he lowered his BMX, which he vydelval all sorts of tricks to the delight of tourists passing by.


Photographer: Lorenz Holder
Athlete: Jordan Mendenhall
Location: Sweden
Dzhorzhan - the only asymmetrical object in the picture. Photographer special "multiplied" part of the building to create the impression that it is infinite.

20 meters above the ground

Photographer: Christian Pondella
Athlete: Tim Emmett
Location: Helmcken Falls, Canada
Tim Emmett climbing route passes through the horizontal part of the rock is absolutely at an altitude of 20 meters above the ground. In this picture, Tim is in the middle of a dangerous plot.

At sea, cranberry

Photographer: Ryan Taylor
Athlete: Ben Horan
Location: Lake Manitauish, Wisconsin, USA
Every year in late autumn, in northern Wisconsin kept pace with cranberries. While it is growing, the fields are dry, but during harvest them completely flooded. Berries float to the surface, forming a huge red sea, where you can ride on water skis and boards.

Under the bridge

Photographer: Vincent Perraud
Athlete: Luc Legrand
Location: Bilbao, Spain
Luc Legrand loves to perform tricks on a BMX in the most unusual and dangerous places. For this picture, he chose road junctions around the museum in Bilbao Guggenhaynm.

Meeting with dolphin

Photographer: George Karbus
Athlete: Katerina Hamsikova
Location: Lahinch, Ireland
Meet Catherine and wild dolphin while free diving in Ireland.

Continuous flight

Photographer: Dan Carr
Athlete: Sammy Carlson
Location: Whistler, Canada
The winner of the competition for the X-Games tricks in skiing and snowboarding Sammy Carlson performs a few jumps during a descent from the mountain.

In the wake of Forrest Gump

Photographer: David Lehl
Athletes: Casey Capper, Andy Orley
Location: Monument Valley, USA
This picture was taken in the south-western United States, on the famous road, which ran the hero of the film Forrest Gump. At one point, Andy too abruptly shifted his weight on the back foot, and the photographer managed to catch him, "mission».

Figure shadow

Photographer: Jaanus Ree
Athlete: Gard Hvaara
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
When Janus Rey did a report from the festival Simple Session, one of the largest European competition skateboarding and BMX, he noticed a completely clean the wall without a single poster or logo. His first thought was to draw her anything, but he did not want to spoil it, he decided to paint ... a shadow.

Next surfer

Photographer: George Karbus
Athlete: Tom Lowe
Location: Lahinch, Ireland
This picture was taken on the western coast of Ireland in one of the most dangerous places to surf under the name "Riley". George ducked and waited for the moment when a surfer Tom Lowe is close enough to photograph it from the water.

Walk under heaven

Photographer: Paul Bride
Athletes: Jen Olson, Kyle Vassilopoulos
Location: Ghost River, Canada
To climb to the summit, athletes first overcame a 30-meter section of a bare cliff, and then continued on their way across the icy surface.

Surfing the Cook Inlet

Photographer: Scott Dickerson
Athletes: Mike McCune, Eric Newbury, Dave Calkins
Location: Cook Inlet, Alaska, USA
Feature Cook Inlet - standing waves on which you can ride for a long time. Scott photographed three surfers for 40 minutes while they scoured the waters of the Gulf.

As fresh snow

Photographer: Clark Fyans
Athletes: John Jackson, Brad Cosgrove, Mark Landvik
Location: Tordrilo, USA
This picture was taken during the filming of The Art of FLIGHT. Three athletes are preparing to move out on the fresh snow, without even knowing what is under it.

The descent on the wall

Photographer: Blotto Gray
Athlete: Jeremy Jones
Location: Anchorage, United States
When Jeremy saw this place, he decided he wanted to do a trick. He built the jumps on the balcony and under the wall, but not just jumped from the second floor and part of the road "traveled" on the wall.

Before the storm

Photographer: Nicolas Jutzi
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
The only boat to which the storm had not yet arrived. The photo was taken before the swimming competition sailing.

Failed swim

Photographer: Chris Burkard
Athletes: Keith Malloy, Dane Gudauskas
Location: Lofoten Islands, Norway
Surfers come back home because of the sudden onset of a storm.

Ice and stone

Photographer: Juan Cruz Rabaglia
Athlete: Leonardo Cuny Proverbio
Location: Patagonia, Argentina
Natural stone and ice in the glacier Perito Moreno.



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