The most rare and unique auction items from around the world

"Christie's" - the famous auction house, named after the founder James Christie. History of the House began Dec. 5, 1766. Since then its halls perfected more than one hundred historical transactions, and in the collection of houses visited by thousands of rare and unique items. At the auction houses are going to people who know how to appreciate antique and unique. In this photo galleries we suggest you take a look at the most interesting, rare and unique items from various auctions of the world.

1. A bottle of beer «Lowenbrau» and a jug of milk with debris dirizhablin «Hindenburg», which burned down in New Jersey in 1937. Andrew Eldridge from an English auction house «Henry Aldridge and Son» says that the bottle remains about 80% of the beverage. This bottle is the most expensive bottle of beer in the world. (Henry Aldridge and Son)

2. A rare miniature of Peter the Great in a diamond-encrusted frame was sold at auction in New York on Nov. 2 for 1, $ 3 million. George Roberts from Arizona had bought it from a London dealer in 1951 and was not aware of its importance, has not yet made an assessment this summer. In this photo you can see the front and back of the portrait. (Sotheby's / AP)

3. This square emerald-cut diamond at 32.01 carats was sold at auction on October 21 at 7, 7 million dollars. Billionaire philanthropist Leonore Annenberg, who died in March, bought it for my 90th birthday. Auction house «Christie's» did not want to reveal the name of the buyer. Ring expected to sell for as low as 3 to 5 million dollars. (Christie's / AP)


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