Priceless Time: Watches for the price of the villa in the Mediterranean

Most manufacturers of hours can not answer one very simple question: "How much are the most expensive watch your brand?". Answers various watchmakers are too similar not to draw attention to themselves. Try to ask the seller simply boutique or the owner of the brand and will hear about the same thing: "Oh! Price cap does not exist! ". What lies behind this vague wording?

No, everyone understands that the purchase cost of millions of dollars to advertise is not accepted. But leaks same information that, say, of a certain painting impressionist bought at auction an anonymous collector of N million. Good news, but that's about the hours of news somehow suspiciously little. What is known about certain transactions with ultra-expensive watches, it makes us think about the fact that not all of them are public. So you can not with absolute certainty answer the question, what time the most expensive in the world. Everything rests on the lack of information. You can talk about watches that are "lit up" at auction. That among these are the most expensive logo Patek Philippe. Somehow, brand owners (father and son Sterns) is not particularly in a hurry on every corner to talk about it. Maybe such a glory it is not necessary. With the image of the brand have had no problems there.

In 1999, in a festive atmosphere of the auction Sothbey's anonymous buyer laid out for watches Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication 1932 release of $ 11 million. Ironically, these watches do not shine with dozens of diamonds. Simply, they are very complex. Their elegant body hides a mechanism that provides 24 hours of function. The price is also influenced by the fact that Henry Graves Supercomplication exist in a single copy.

The rest of the time the auction price records also belong to Patek Philippe. In 2004, Antiquorum auction sold the most complicated watch in the world of Patek Philippe Caliber 89. Trades settled on a price of $ 5 million. Caliber 89 - a pocket watch, which are equipped with 32 functions.

At the same auction found its owner and Patek Philippe Platinum World Time 1939 release. For them, the unknown buyer paid 4 million.

With the first three all clear, but the other models Patek Philippe has repeatedly shocked the organizers of the auction. Model 2523 Heures Universelles were sold for 2, 89 million, and sold at Christie's Model 249, although they lost to the price, but the amount of 2, 28 million was the absolute record for the auction house.

Now it becomes clear evasive answers watchmakers. The most expensive watch in the world is Patek Phillipe. One can only admire the modesty Stern: they too do not like the question of the most expensive watches. Or maybe they know something they do not know the organizers auction the largest auction houses. It is likely that most large purchases are made, bypassing the traditional procedure. Therefore, the sum of 11 million can not be final.


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