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10th: The first mechanical watch with escapement were produced in China in 725 AD There are even the names of the engineers - and Xing Liang Lintszani. Unfortunately, these watches are lost, and the most ancient of extant clock dated 1386 They are at the cathedral in Salisbury, United Kingdom and is still working. It is estimated that until 1956, when they were restored, they protikali more than 500 million. Again.

9th place: The biggest clock in the world. This astronomical clock in the cathedral of St. Peter in France. The clock was built in the 19th century, their height - 12 m, width - 9 m, and they are composed of 90 thousand. Pieces. And in the International Square building in Washington, there is a clock, which occupy 5 floors of the building. Their weight - 2 m, and they covered them one hundred and twenty neon tubes, which are required for the installation of 460 meters of cable and wires. Besides the usual time the clock shows the time of the sun at its zenith in 12 cities around the world.

8th place: The world's largest clock face. This record - at the flower clock, installed in building "Rose bidding" in Hokkaido, Japan. The diameter of the dial - 21 m, and the length of the big arrow - 8, 5 m.

7th place: Above all located hours from 4 Dial installed on the bank building "Williamsburg seyvingz" in New York. They are located at an altitude of 131 m.

6th place: The most accurate mechanical watches in the world. They are installed on the City Hall of Copenhagen and called "Olsen". Their production took almost 15 thousand. Parts and 10 years. Details of work hours five hundred seventy different modes. For example, a full range of motion of the poles of the world will only be completed after 25 753 years. Accuracy of these - 0, 5 to 300 years.

5th place: The longest stop clock on the tower of the British House of Commons, the famous Big Ben. Since its launch May 31, 1859 Big Ben longest standing in '77: as much as 13 days! By the way, it was still the case in 45 g .: flock of starlings slowed the minute hand "Big Ben" for 5 minutes.

4th place: As for watches, they are the first batch was manufactured in 1790 in Switzerland. The biggest wristwatch mechanism "This", were installed at the Swiss Pavilion Expo 86 in Vancouver. Clock height 24 m 30 cm weighed 35 tons.

3rd place: The smallest watch. They are produced by the Swiss' Zheger le Adaption ". The watch has a length of just over one cm and a width of less than five millimeters. Weight hours - 7 of

2nd place: The most unusual in the world of watches. The watch dial is issued in a special series of "Planetarium-65", made of meteorite found in Greenland in 1897

1st place: The most expensive watches. The record price for a wristwatch was paid an unknown from South America 9 April 1989 g .: for hours "Calibre 89" (firm "Patek Philippe") he gave 16 million. 004 000 392 f. Art. And the most expensive pocket watch (except for hours with the body decorated with precious stones), watches are "Haven floor hand", known to connoisseurs as "Packard". They were made in 1922 by "Patek Philippe" specifically for the American automobile magnate James Packard. Hours - in a gold case, and on the enamel dial shows the ideal astronomical map showing positions of celestial bodies over the hometown Packard - Warren, Ohio, United States, - exactly the position in which he could watch them from the window of his bedroom.


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