Who are the billionaires and politicians wearing cheap watches

Watches - one of the few accessories that can afford to wear business men. Therefore, public figures usually do not skimp on expensive brands. However, among the rich and influential people have fans modest accessories, the cost of which varies in the range of $ 10-200. In our gallery - Watch Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the richest businessman Li Ka-Asian rail, general director of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein, President François Hollande and Barack Obama, Pope Francis and other well-known businessmen and politicians.

Roman Abramovich, a private investor

Polar M61, $ 100

In August 2012, Roman Abramovich has appeared in a London court in hours Polar M61 for £ 93. Many wondered choice billionaire. Mark is known for its Polar Heart Rate Monitors and heart rate monitors, such watches athletes prefer to control heart rhythm. Later Abramovich saw Polar M61 in the stadium and on vacation. Like his Western colleagues, businessman sometimes combines sports watch with a business style. Sympathy on the brand shares Oleg Deripaska, who also photographed several times in hours Polar.

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft

Casio, $ 10

During an interview with Politico in 2014, the founder of Microsoft was asked what kind of an accessory on his arm. He said, "Just a ten-clock." Bill Gates has repeatedly photographed in elementary Casio. Watch a man with a fortune of $ 79, 2 billion are without $ 10, maximum $ 20. Only once on the wrist watch billionaire appeared expensive. During the event, dedicated to the "smart" watches Swatch Paparazzi, who Swatch launched in 2004 in collaboration with Microsoft, Gates has appeared with the prototype of a new model on his arm (the resounding success of the project did not have).

The watch Casio (line G-Shock) in his youth walked and Prince Harry of Wales, but, as adults, they changed to reputable Rolex.

Li Ka-tire owner Cheung Kong Group and The Hutchison Whampoa

Seiko, $ 50

The richest man in Asia, has a fortune of $ 33, 3 billion, he owned Sunseeker yacht and airplane Gulfstream 550. But clothing businessman prefers simplicity and reporters he proudly told me that many years wore Seiko watch for $ 50. Favorite old Seiko Ka-bus a few years ago replaced Citizen.

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO Goldman Sachs

Swatch, $ 100

Lloyd Blankfein Finance included in the Forbes 2014 list of the most influential people in the world, he is a fan of Swatch. He has several models of the brand, including the clock silver and black colors, each worth no more than $ 100. Reasonable hours Blankfein easily combines with a formal style. The American press has even called Blankfein banker hipster.

Hans Rausing Snr, the heir to Tetra Laval

Timex, $ 40

The second richest man in Sweden has a fortune of $ 12, 5 billion. Among other things, Hans Rausing owns an estate in Sussex in the UK 900 acres and a solid collection of vintage cars. But in some areas the billionaire demonstrates hefty frugality. He is shorn from the village barber, requires pension discount when purchasing tickets for the event and is a cheap timepiece Timex.

Stephen Schwarzman, CEO Blackstone


Finance Stephen Schwarzman was able to spend a party in honor of the sixtieth anniversary of the $ 3 million, but in the choice of hours it saves. At business meetings Schwartzman arrives in a business suit and black-and-white plastic Swatch. It is not only in the collection of Swatch businessman, he also has a color model.

Chuck Feeney, founder of The Atlantic Philanthropies Casio


Irish-American businessman known for huge donations to charity (his foundation has distributed $ 6, 2 billion). The same Chuck Feeney spend very sparingly. There is no billionaire own house and car, and he wears a plastic Casio $ 15. It is said Fini: "If I can read the time with a watch with a five-year battery for $ 15, why should I mess around with Rolex?» At the expense of billionaire joke that it's an amazing position for the founder of Duty Free, who made his fortune in the sale of luxury goods, including including expensive watches.

Francois Hollande, the French president

Swatch Quaterman, € 85

Favourite hours previous French President Nicolas Sarkozy were Patek Philippe. But Socialist Francois Hollande walks Swatch Quaterman hours for € 85 (stainless steel model with a leather strap). Among other leading politicians, which were Swatch, it is worth remembering the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Nick Hayek Jr., CEO Swatch


Swatch founder Nicolas Hayek Sr. wore watches its own brand. It is logical that the current CEO Swatch Nick Hayek has an extensive collection of the brand - from laconic and color to the latest "smart» Touch Zero One. Hayek was especially proud of that and other watch tycoons wear watches Swatch. In an interview, Nick Hayek said that "the boss Patek Philippe (Thierry Stern - Forbes) skiing in Swatch Chrono».

Barack Obama, the US president

Highgear Enduro Compass, Jorg Gray JG6500, $ 210

For a long time favorite hours of Barack Obama remained Tag Heuer Aquaracer. However, in 2007, the Secret Service gave a birthday Senator Obama Chronograph Jorg Gray JG6500 for $ 210. Since then, he does not leave this watch - wore to the inauguration in 2009, posed for the covers of The Economist and Time. The company Jorg Gray even released a special series in honor of Obama. The president of the United States there are quite economical hours for recreation - sports Highgear Enduro Compass for $ 70.

George W. Bush. Bill Clinton, former US President


American watch classic Timex (the company was established in 1854) enjoyed a special arrangement of the presidents of the United States. Bill Clinton chose plastic electronic Timex Ironman (about $ 40), the model that began to wear while still governor of Arkansas. While leaving the presidency, Clinton changed the Timex on much more expensive watch brands.

George W. Bush also liked to Timex, namely Indiglo model for $ 50 with a dial and leather strap. Now, in Texas George W. Bush Presidential Center sold gift watches Timex Indiglo with the American flag on the dial and the signature on the back of Bush's watch, a copy of those years he wore ($ 59).

Pope Francis


The current head of the Catholic Church promotes modesty. Restraint is not just policy of the Vatican, but also lifestyle pontiff. Pope Francis has a simple white dress and metallic cross from his Argentine period, "the bishop of slums." Because journalists are not surprised when the Pope identified on the wrist simple black plastic Swatch.

John Bogle, founder of Vanguard Group

Gift with a company logo, $ 14

The legendary investor John Bogle got his cheap watch as a gift from a shareholder in 1995. Bogle then opened the package and saw the watch, where the dial was engraved logo Vanguard Group, its name and the phrase "still on guard» (Still on Watch). Businessman knew that he could not accept a gift worth more than $ 50, so he checked the value of hours, it turned out that they cost $ 14. The clock is still at it.

Mitt Romney, presidential candidate in the 2012 elections

Nixon, $ 200

During the presidential race in 2012 on a hand Mitt Romney noticed black watch is not quite normal for a politician - Nixon Private SS stainless steel ($ 200). Brand popular mainly among surfers as watch is water resistant to a depth of 100 m. At Romney has a home in La Jolla California, located near the ocean, this area is a very popular place for skiing on the board. The politician has bought a new clock in one of the surfer shops close to home.


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