Why wrist watches are worn mostly on the left hand?

Patek Philippe in 1867 made his first watch with the bracelet, they were considered to be female, as they used to be a simple decoration, not in order to know the time.

Men were considered unworthy to wear such a beauty. Then, in 1903, Alberto Santos-Dumont, a great Aviator of that time, asked his friend Cartier to create a watch for flying.


At that time men's watch already existed and was called by Santos. They were so comfortable that everyone wanted to buy such a watch. When the First world war wrist watches were pocket instead, they wore the officers of the Watch is on his left hand, so as not to interfere with the work, as the vast majority are right — handed.

Another reason for wearing the watch on his left hand — the watch should have had, and the crown is on the right. Of course, the left hand is just awkward to wind the watch. It is believed that the watch manufacturers don't want to break tradition, so did not stop production of the product to be worn on the left hand. Today we cannot say that the watch is worn only on the left hand. In modern models is not provided the plant, ie they can be worn on the wrist, which is convenient.

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