How useful is the pear?

Pear-useful properties which were used by ancient Chinese, is an excellent antidepressant and great remedy for cough. The official age pear for about 3000 years. However, this applies to the wild varieties, domestication occurred much later.

The main valuable qualities of pear schitayutsya: sweet taste, juicy pulp and a huge amount of vitamins. Even given the fact that the pear is much sweeter apples, less sugar in it, but fat more. In addition, the pears are organic acids, tannins and pectins, enzymes, and a treasure trove of vitamins (A, group b, C, d, E, PP).

Organic acids of pear fruits increase digestion, improve metabolism, stimulate liver and kidneys. These acids also have antimicrobial action, inhibiting the process of putrefaction in the colon.

In pear contains a lot of vitamin B9 (folic acid). It is required for growth of cells in the body and their health, for proper operation of the immune defense system and circulatory system.Pear is very useful: — pulmonary diseases; — to strengthen the cardiovascular system; — cardiovascular diseases; — a fever and high temperature; — to normalize digestion diarrhea.

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