How to go to Bali?

To live in Bali is cheaper than living in Ukraine. Indonesia is an amazing country with a great climate and a good attitude towards tourists. But in this state it is hard to get citizenship, and departure on the territory of the state permanently under the control of local authorities.

To enter the country on a visa VOA, which can live more than a month. To apply for a visa need a return ticket. Relocating for a longer period a person is interested in a longer visa.


Social map will allow you to stay in the country for 50 days, after which the extension period can be 6 months. Then you can use a Visa Run.

Work and business visa is issued for 12 months, with possibility of extension. To get her you need to collect a lot of documents, because the local authorities strictly monitor compliance with the visa regime.


If you bought the property, it does not mean that you can live in Indonesia. House owners can be in the country during the year, the permit then need to re-extend.

Renting a house in Bali — cheap. Only 5-6 thousand dollars you can afford a year's rent. There is always a variety of predlojenia, you should not hurry with the choice, and to be occupied for the first time in a hotel and to decide, and then choose a good neighborhood.


Don't forget that Indonesia is one of the most seismically dangerous countries in the world. Each year, register, about 3-4 thousand aftershocks. It is worth remembering that Christian girls are often forced to marry Muslims, as it is the world's largest Muslim country and still kill Christians.

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