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Indonesia - a country in Southeast Asia consisting of a huge number of islands, of which only 600 are inhabited poverty that lives in such a rich natural resource areas adversely affect the environment and contributes to the extinction of rare species of animals living there. Indonesian steelmaker during the processing of non-ferrous metals at the refinery in Jakarta.

3-month-old Sumatran elephant is close with his parents at the Center for the conservation of elephants in the park Wai-Kambas.

Indonesian students stand in line for the glasses to look at a solar annular eclipse in Bandar Lampung (a town in the Indonesian province of Lampung in Sumatra).

Indonesian Muslims praying in Jakarta (the capital and largest city of Indonesia).

Singapore extremist, one of the leaders of "Jemaah Islamiya" (Islamic organization in Southeast Asia), Mohammad Hasan bin Saynudin (pictured in the center, with beard) and nine other terror suspects are awaiting trial.

The employee is the capacity of oil processing it into fuel, Indonesia.

Splashes of crude oil in the city Bodzhonegoro, Indonesia. Oil is reddish-brown and black colors, you can also meet oil colorless or slightly colored in yellow-green color. The deposits of "black gold" were found a hundred kilometers from Surabaya (the second largest city of Indonesia) in 2005.

A worker trying to extinguish the flames of an oil well in the city Bodzhonegoro.

An employee checks crude oil. Indonesia. It is a natural oily flammable liquid, which has a specific smell and disseminated in sedimentary rocks of the Earth. Oil - important minerals.

The maximum number of oil deposits located at depths of 1-3 kilometers. Until the early 18th century, it is only interested in people's ability to burn, used primarily in the natural (unprocessed) form. Commercial production of oil for its further processing began in the second half of the 19th century with the help of wells instead of wells. The first of these wells opened in 1848, near Baku.

Distilled diesel fuel was poured into a large drum, after which it goes on sale. Indonesian Banyu Urip region produces up to 170 thousand barrels of oil per day, accounting for 20% of total crude oil production in Indonesia.

A child sitting on the railroad tracks near the vegetable market in Jakarta.

Firefighters are trying to cope with a strong fire on one of the largest oil terminals in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The island of Borneo - the third largest island in the world. It is divided between the three countries located in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. The forest on Borneo was almost all cut down for plantations for the cultivation of rubber and oil palm production.

The orangutan shot with a tranquilizer dart to move it to a palm oil plantation in another place on the island of Borneo. On the island there is a struggle against deforestation, which is headed by the company Yayorin. She tries to convince the indigenous people not to sell their lands, which are vital for the orangutans.

Sleeping orangutan transported to another location on the island of Borneo, Indonesia. Experts of the World Wildlife Fund said that the population of monkeys on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra has decreased by 91%. Orangutans live up to 40 years, while the female reaches sexual maturity only at the age of 12.

The man smokes a cigarette next to a traditional schooner at Sunda islands in the port of Jakarta, Indonesia. Sunda Islands (an archipelago in Southeast Asia, including more than three thousand islands) are divided into large and small. The island of Sumatra is part of the Greater Sunda Islands.

Work puts bags of cement on the schooner in the port city of Jakarta, formerly known Dzhayakertoy ("City of Victory"). The name he was given 22 June 1527 Sultan Demak, who with his troops defeated the Portuguese fleet. Later, in 1619, he was besieged by the British Dzhayakerta, and after their departure - destroyed by the Dutch and renamed Kuhn Jan Peterson to Batavia (in honor of the ancestors). Since the beginning of the Japanese occupation in 1942, the name of the city was returned to Jakarta.

The miners in search of gold in Central Kalimantan (Indonesian province). In Kalimantan two rivers and both are called "Kapuas." One of them takes place in West Kalimantan (the longest river in Indonesia - 1143 km.) And the other - in the Central (600 km) and is a tributary of the Barito.

On the diamond mine in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. In addition to the rich deposits of oil production which forms the backbone of the economy of Brunei on the island are also mined diamonds.

Refugees sit in the camp at a military base off the coast of Banda Aceh, Indonesia. The government does not know what to do with the 193 would-be immigrants.

Fishermen wait for customers at the port in Banda Aceh - the capital and the largest city in the province of Aceh in Indonesia, on the northern coast of Sumatra. December 26, 2004 Banda Aceh was almost completely destroyed - in the Indian Ocean was a strong earthquake, a tsunami entailed (130 thousand people were killed and tens of thousands were injured).

With rubber boats residents help each other get out of flooded homes and salvage the essentials. Almost half of Jakarta is below sea level, and accumulated in the city only has to pump out the water. After severe flooding, to the new flood and small enough rain.

Indonesian children in a residential building near the lake. Slums in northern Jakarta.

Muslim woman attends a yoga class in Bandung (the administrative center of the province of West Java, Indonesia).

Men Mony tribe in Papua - Indonesia's second province (first - Aceh).

Farmer collects latex rubber plantation in the village of Kemiri on the outskirts of Jember, East Java Province. Indonesia is the second largest producer of natural rubber after Thailand. The total area of ​​rubber plantations - 3, 2 million hectares.

Women gather the metal parts of the ships on the coast of Jakarta. To disassemble the old boat on the valuable scrap metal, dozens of workers have to work hard for two months. Women earn about two dollars per 100 kilo of iron.

The minister of the National Park Wai-Kambas on Sumatra island in Indonesia, the Sumatran elephant feeding. At the elephant has four molars, which are replaced as wear. New teeth grow by changing the aging, thereby forcing them forward (this happens before the age of 40). When the last teeth worn down, the elephant dies of starvation exhaustion (70 years).

Total known four subspecies of Asian elephant: Indian, Sri Lankan, Sumatran and Bornean elephant. Amazing country, right? Based on materials from the Internet, do not switch!



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