Bromo volcano

In nature, even the most destructive forces can be strikingly beautiful - and is best suited to this statement volcanoes. Volcanoes are among the most powerful natural phenomena: they appear due to mountains, islands, ravniny.Vulkany capable of destroying entire cities and lead to the death of so many people. But anyway volcanoes can not amaze with their greatness, and the proof tomu- photos Bromo volcano in Indonesia. Bromo volcano is located in the National Park in the eastern part of Java, Indonesia. It is part of the Tengger massif, which also includes a more active volcano Sumeru. Indonesia is located in the so-called "Ring of Fire" in the Pacific Ocean, as a consequence have a volcanic and tectonic activity, the earthquake and tsunami.

Bromo volcano is an impressive sight. It rises majestically above the surrounding terrain, where rare plants and animals. Of course, in Java, there are more high volcanoes, but Bromo height of 2329 meters definitely the most effective, especially when the light colors of the jet of smoke in a reddish tint, as in the photographs.

About 25,000 years ago there was a huge stratovolcano located. If he still existed, it would have reached a height of 4,500 meters, and it would be the largest volcano on o.Yava.

Over the past few years there have been several volcanic eruptions. Because one of the earthquake in late 2010, the volcanic ash has destroyed the building and caused the death of the crop. In January 2011, the volcanic ash height of 5, 5 m reached the island of Bali. It was the most powerful eruption of Mount Bromo in history.

A large number of osadkovprivelo the so-called phreatic eruption. This happens when magma heats groundwater excessively, leading to strong evaporation. This rapid evaporation leads not only to the release of water vapor, but also stones, ashes, "volcanic bombs".

Local people believed the volcano sacred. These are called Luda Tenggerese and they are the only ones who are Hindus on the island.

Every year the local population satisfied ritual sacrifice of the volcano, which is called Yadnya Kasada. As "victims" they use flowers, fruits and vegetables, which they throw into the crater.

Not surprisingly, the national park attracts tourists from all over the world. Not only the volcano, but the scenery around it dazzle with their beauty, which fascinates and frightens simultaneously.

But not all of the area near the volcano is so deserted. In tropical forests there are animals such as the maned sambar, cynomolgus, marbled cat and leopard. Also in that area there are hundreds of species of birds, including eagles and hawks.

Hikers can climb the volcano Bromo or sosedniy- Penandzhakan, with a stunning view. Especially beautiful Bromo at sunrise time.

Though Mount Bromo is one of the most accessible volcanoes to visit in Indonesia, it is still fraught with danger. Volcano claimed the lives of two tourists in 2004.

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