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107 years ago, in a warm May day in the family of the British policy of Valentine Fleming was born a boy, who was named Yang (or, more precisely, Ian - Ian). 45 years later, he published the first work of the cycle of the most elegant and charismatic spy of all time - James Bond, 007. And now more than 60 years, the world enthusiastically reading books and watching movies about the adventures of the brave British in the service of Her Majesty.

An important component of the success of the works of Fleming was that Bond uses all sorts of high-tech gadgets. This attracted the interest of the broad layers of the population, including tehnogikov. Over time, all of these high-tech toys, and not too dangerous, became the hallmark of 007. And on the day of birth of Ian Fleming, we have decided to recall the most interesting gadgets that James Bond used.

Dr. No (Dr. No), 1962
The dosimeter based on the Geiger counter

The first gadget, which appeared in the James Bond films. Although the box in general hardly corresponds to the concept of "gadget". But make a discount, it's the beginning of the 1960s, electronic components has been very, very different. But the design of the control of this unit is made just in the spirit of the fashion of the time, which gives a special charm.

From Russia with Love (From Russia with love), 1963
Wristwatches, slipknot

Interesting idea. On the one hand, it is possible without any suspicion to have on hand a noose, which can very quickly reach. But there are some doubts in usability. This anatomically unnatural for us - to use both hands and brush one another wrist. But everything is solved workouts.


For 1963 - the thing Otpad. But today's youth mass use of instant messaging is not found. However, Bond's unit had only the function of the audio signal, neither of which display and displaying text of speech did not go then.

Mobile phone car-based

Pager immediately pales against the backdrop of this device. Your phone in the car! Incredibly cool! It will take many more years before it will be available to wealthy customers mobile phones to be installed in the car.

Phone Detector "bugs»

A simple device designed to detect wiretaps installed in the phone. Design all in the same style of the sixties.

The camera with built-in voice recorder

Recorder "a la the 60th" represented, by modern standards, it is not pocket sized recorder. Although at the time it was a miracle of minimalism, given embeddedness tape in full camera body.

poisoned thorn in the shoe

This can hardly be called a gadget may be correct to say "the tool". Clicking his heels, then right shoe toe jumps steel spike is coated with poison. After contact with the skin or poison in the victim's blood, she is still only 12 seconds of life.

The decoder LEKTOR

The decryption unit, which hunts for Bond. It looks like a typewriter, and is equipped with 24 character and 16 key codes. In the story, LEKTOR is able to decrypt the Soviet top-secret transmission.

Goldfinger (Goldfinger), 1964
«Beacons" to track the location

The device was two. The fact that larger, allowing the car to chase the villain Bond, focusing on display, hidden in its own Aston Martin DB5. Despite the fact that the development of GPS will be initiated only after 9 years, the Great Lighthouse has a range of 240 km. Little Lighthouse has a more modest "combat radius».

Thunderball (Thunderball), 1965
Infrared camera

In those days, freeze the image of the world could only film on the photosensitive layer. There were a great many films, color negative and black-and-white, circulating (slide) and special. The latter applies to films with enhanced sensitivity in the red part of the spectrum. By using special filters are allowed to photograph in the infrared range, which gave a specific image. By the way, Soviet children was common urban myth that if take pictures of X-ray film, then the picture he received naked, without clothes. Oh, if only that were true ... So, Bond had a camera, which allows you to shoot in complete darkness on infrared film, series 8 shots.


Cool stuff, even in these times. In the film, this device is capable of transferring the person to 600 meters or hang in the air for 4 minutes.

hand-held devices for underwater breathing

It is enough to hold the mouthpiece teeth, and can briefly introduce ourselves Ichthyander. Or Little Mermaid, as you like. With two gas cartridges respiratory mixture is formed which lasts for 4 minutes.

Radioactive "beacon" for location tracking

Unlike the gadgets from the previous film, the weakly radioactive capsule could swallow, and then you can track using some scanner. Leave aside the question about the necessary radiation power, mileage distances in the atmosphere and human tissues alpha, beta and gamma particles, as well as the mysterious design of the scanner.

The underwater propulsion

Although it is not the gadget in the classic sense, but past him, as well as by the knapsack, you can not pass. Structurally, the mover was a scuba with an additional massive can of compressed air. When you open the valve and release the air from the jet nozzle arose effect, which allowed 007 to move fairly quickly under water. The speed and duration of the work is unknown.

You Only Live Twice (You only live twice), 1967
The device for determining the combination of safe locks

Dream bear hunter. When the rotary dial on the device light up the bulb. If you click on them, the device produces a corresponding numerical combination. Of course, it would be better just gave out the right number, without the intermediate stage with lights, but it would be too simple and not as cool.

Diamonds Are Forever (Diamonds are forever), 1971
Device for voice changes

This recorder with additional functions allows you to modify your voice, so that he became like the voice of another person. Note that the font on the block moving lights.

Floating inflatable balloon

At the heart of this device is an interesting idea. Bond dumped inside the ball from the plane near the oil rig, where the mean enemy sat down, and then went inside ... this ball in the water, like a dry land. When he reached the place, unzipped, and got all won.

Live and Let Die (Live and let die), 1973
Electronic Wrist Watch

Now the conventional electronic watches look primitive device, and more than 40 years ago, it was an accessory for those who are at the forefront of technological progress.

Electromagnetic wristwatch

Rolex has once again appeared on the hand Bond. At this time the watch is a mega-gadget: When you click on the Generate button so strong electromagnetic field, they could reflect the flying bullets. Or to attract steel items. But this was not enough for the authors: the watch also can be turned into a small circular saw!

The lighter-radio

The Bond car in the guise of harmless normal cigarette lighter hid a radio transmitter. Details history is silent.

Detector "bugs»

The new model of the detector "bugs", this time to find them all over the room. The design has undergone significant changes over the previous detector.


Another bizarre idea to brush hair was built a small transmitter. It looks pretty ridiculous, especially when combined with cigarette lighter.

The gun shoots bullets with compressed air

Initially, this device was intended to deal with sharks while Bond gets to the destination. But then 007 brand savagely kills the villain during underwater fight, he makes him swallow a shot of compressed air, which caused the inflated (!) And burst (!!). What then Bond says: "He has always had an inflated ego." Solid black humor.

The Man With The Golden Gun (The man with the golden gun), 1974
The converter of sunlight (Solex agitator)

This device was needed for the process of conversion of sunlight into electricity. Do not ask how. The technology was developed by British scientists ©.

The Spy Who Loved Me (Yeru spy who loved me), 1977
Watches with built-Telegraph

Surprise the viewer electronic clock was no longer possible. It needed something new and unusual. As a result, a new watch Bond equipped device, print text messages received over the air.

The apparatus for viewing microfilms

In the last century were very popular microfilm espionage environment. They were a fine grain of film, shooting for which special cameras with a very small frame size. This allowed per unit area of ​​the film to fit a large amount of visual information. Of course, to see the tiny staff had to use a magnifying glass. Bond just was like to adapt, going from cigarette packs and lighters.

Moonraker (Moonraker), 1979
Device for firing minidrotikami

It was worn as a wristwatch. A shot is fired because of registration of nerve impulses when Bond bent arm at the wrist. Darts were of two kinds: conventional and cyanide. Very cute gadget.

Exploding watches

Simple and unpretentious: the lower part contains a compressed disk explosives. If you really need to, you can blow up something small.


A tiny camera, filmed on a narrow tape.

Another device for determining the combination of safe locks

A more advanced and compact model fits in a pack of cigarettes. The device uses X-rays to scan the castle safe.

For Your Eyes Only (For your eyes only), 1981
Three-dimensional identigraf (3D Identigraph)

In the story of this experimental device, in which you can make the signs of the right person, and it is looking for a match on the database intelligence services of several countries in the world. When found, it prints the "portrait" of the wanted. The richness of the graphics and the potential effectiveness of the device can be estimated from the screenshot.

Hybrid clock radios

This clock displays the time as the arrows, and the luminous LCD. But the point was different: in the gadget was built in radio for voice communications. Now that's quite a modern approach to compactness.

Octopussy (Octopussy), 1983
Watch tracker

This time, the electronic clock appeared unusual design embedded tracker to track the movement of the "beacons". Great progress, and even before this had the instrument panel in the vehicle build. By the way, do a "beacon" is also greatly reduced in size, and now they have to be installed with tweezers.

The acid pen

Fountain pen with gold nib, dressed not with ink, but with a mixture of concentrated nitric and hydrochloric acids. This infernal gadget designed to dissolve metallic objects. For example, to escape from captivity.

Clock with LCD color screen

Now that's a conversation, this is a real breakthrough! It is a modern approach to miniaturization (and choice of content). On these watches Bond broadcast image with miniature cameras.

View to a Kill (A view to a kill), 1985
microchip detector

The gadget is used to search for a microchip, was buried under the snow. The operating principle of the device was based on the fact that the microchips have increased electrical resistance.

bug detector in the form of electric shavers

From the viewpoint of miniaturization - a step back. Could even in a lighter place the detector after color TV hours.

polarizing sunglasses

Due to the rotation of the filter built into the glasses, Bond was able to see what happens behind the tinted glass in the window of the house. Highly questionable from the standpoint of optical solution.

The camera is in the ring

Here's a superminiatyurny spy gadget. It would be interesting to see the process of charging the film.

Robot Observer

Radio-controlled car, equipped with a video camera and turning the "head". By design of humanoid robots is very similar to what they have seen during the sixties.

The Living Daylights (The living daylights), 1987

Firstly, if the whistle keyring code combination of sounds he could produce a portion of the gas, which for half a minute pulled inhaled. Also on the key fob hung a super-master, which opens 90% of castles in the world. As a result, Bond Keychain pinned to the statue on the magnet, a wolf howled and blew keychain.

Licence to Kill (License to kill), 1989
The laser camera

This gadget is used not Bond, but it is impossible not to talk. This is a modified Polaroid camera with built-in laser combat. Then there was more of laser pointers that are available to everyone, so the idea was fresh and closely linked to the fantastic blasters.

GoldenEye (Golden eye), 1995
Gun rappelling laser module

For so long, flowery definition hides a device that allows a force to shoot the little anchor hook with rope, thus hammering it in stone and concrete. Then you can safely descend the steep wall. And if anything, to cut a hole in the right place with a laser beam. And it seemed to have in 1995 in the yard ...

Device for breaking security locks

Use it was very simple: just place the code on top of the castle, in a few seconds, it gives the right opening code. Ideally, not as an example to the gadget to open the safe.

A miniature camera with a wireless communication module

This small digital camera has been equipped with a zoom lens and allows you to send captured images by wireless module. By the way, radio car can print these pictures with explanatory information. And at a frequency of 87, 5 FM broadcast Bond analysts comments regarding the contents of the photos.

Belt rappelling

In normal times it was built thinnest rope, fishing line and hook, which can be shot into the ceiling and down the belt down. We hardly ever learn about the wonderful way to shoot and drive tiny hooks in concrete and stone, as well as on the technology of the finest ropes that can withstand dёrgayuschegosya healthy guy.

Tomorrow never dies (Tomorrow never dies), 1997
The miniature wireless camera

This little camera can transmit the video stream directly to the headquarters of MI6. In 1997, when the general public in full use pagers, it was a cool technology.

Superprodvinuty cell phone

Well, not directly MOBILE and Swiss Army knife in the world of electronics. Yes, and with such a design. In it was a built-in fingerprint scanner that allows you to cheat the system security. More Bond could not control his car right from your phone. In addition, the phone can be used to break the locks. Finally, it was built in stun issuing 2000 volts. And all this beauty in 1997.


It is now a smartphone with GPS lies in every pocket. And then it was a top-secret device that can send and receive signals from GPS satellites to control the ship.

Bracelet for rappelling

Pretty simple device that acts in the same way as others mentioned gadgets for rappelling: Hook is fired into a suitable object is driven in it - and you're done, you can descend on a rope, uiiiiii!

World Is Not Enough (The world is not enough), 1999
X-ray glasses

But Soviet children are not alone dreaming of the impossible! The kids have grown up and realize their dreams in a new technological level. In this movie, Bond acquired x-ray glasses, which allows you to see what is in people under the clothes.

Air Jacket sphere

Plain-looking jacket can be inflated and turn immediately to the sphere of protecting Bond from misery of the world.

Passepartout in credit card

It is also rather a tool, not a gadget. Now one can easily buy a set of master keys, laser-cut steel plate in the size of a credit card. But here the point is that the master key is hidden inside the credit card.


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