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107 years ago, in a warm May day in the family of the British policy of Valentine Fleming was born a boy, who was named Yang (or, more precisely, Ian - Ian). 45 years later, he published the first work of the cycle of the most elegant and charismatic spy of all time - James Bond, 007. And now more than 60 years, the world enthusiastically reading books and watching movies about the adventures of the brave British in the service of Her Majesty.

An important component of the success of the works of Fleming was that Bond uses all sorts of high-tech gadgets. This attracted the interest of the broad layers of the population, including tehnogikov. Over time, all of these high-tech toys, and not too dangerous, became the hallmark of 007. And on the day of birth of Ian Fleming, we have decided to recall the most interesting gadgets that James Bond used.

Dr. No (Dr. No), 1962
The dosimeter based on the Geiger counter

The first gadget, which appeared in the James Bond films. Although the box in general hardly corresponds to the concept of "gadget". But make a discount, it's the beginning of the 1960s, electronic components has been very, very different. But the design of the control of this unit is made just in the spirit of the fashion of the time, which gives a special charm.

From Russia with Love (From Russia with love), 1963
Wristwatches, slipknot

Interesting idea. On the one hand, it is possible without any suspicion to have on hand a noose, which can very quickly reach. But there are some doubts in usability. This anatomically unnatural for us - to use both hands and brush one another wrist. But everything is solved workouts.


For 1963 - the thing Otpad. But today's youth mass use of instant messaging is not found. However, Bond's unit had only the function of the audio signal, neither of which display and displaying text of speech did not go then.

Mobile phone car-based


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