The new novel of the James Bond goes out on the day of the 100th anniversary of Ian Fleming

During the years of his life, Fleming wrote a total of
14 books about the adventures of a fearless and glamorous
British superspy. After his death his work
We continued several writers from the UK and the US.

The new novel about the adventures of the famous James Bond will be on Wednesday at bookshops all over the world - its output is dated for May 28 celebrated the centennial of the literary "father" of 007, British writer Ian Fleming.

The book "The devil does not care» (Devil May Care) for the anniversary of Fleming's family of the deceased asked the author to write the popular British novelist Sebastian Faulks (Sebastian Faulks). He coped with the task in just six weeks. "It is assumed that my novel should be a complement to the books of Fleming, but the more I will not write - one initiation, one anniversary, one book" - said Foulkes.

"In his house in Jamaica, Fleming used to write a thousand words in the morning, then went to dive, drink a cocktail, dine on the terrace, then a dive, he wrote a thousand words, then again turned to martinis and glamorous women. At his home in London, I followed this exact pattern, except for cocktails, dinners and diving "- joked Faulks.

The content of the novel remains a mystery to the general public, but it is known that its action takes place in 1967, at the height of the "cold war", in London, Paris and the Middle East.

Red and black - the colors of the "devil»

Presentation of the new book was held yesterday on board the moored on the Thames military Korablin HMS Exeter, where, according to the plot of "James Bond" during World War II served as James Bond.

The first copies of the book in black and red jacket on the deck Korablin delivered in a transparent suitcase wearing a red silk dress model Tuuli Shipster. She arrived on a ship on the river in an inflatable boat guarded by two helicopters.

On deck it was met Sebastian Faulks and two nieces Ian Fleming - Lucy Fleming and Kate Grimond.

Satin red color in combination with the traditional black for the campaign in support of the book have been chosen on purpose. Beloved Bond in the new book will be called Poppy (in translation from English - "Mac"), and poppy petals and a black silhouette of a stranger on the cover of the new book.

Meanwhile, in a London bookstore Waterstone «s on Piccadilly has completed preparations for the onslaught of fans," James Bond ". In the lobby of black and red set the scene with copies of the new book in a transparent case.

The store will open its doors at exactly 8 am (11.00 MSK) on Wednesday, and the first 200 lucky people will be able to purchase a special deluxe edition of the book autographed by the author. However, vendors are assured that printed books will be enough for everyone, but for the first week, they will be sold at half price.

On Wednesday evening, the store is scheduled to speak Lucy Fleming, who read excerpts from the book, and the bar on the sixth floor, everyone can enjoy a cocktail of James Bond's martini recipe - "shaken, not stirred & quot ;.

Fleming and his hero

UK wide marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Fleming.

UK Royal Mail has issued a series of commemorative stamps for the anniversary. The Museum collection Fleming in London, running a special exhibition dedicated to the design of the covers of books about the agent 007.

In April, in the walls of the Imperial War Museum in London opened named in honor of one of the novels Fleming exhibition "For Your Eyes Only» (For Your Eyes Only), which tells of the intertwining fates of the writer and his famous hero.

Fleming, who began his career as a journalist, in 1930 twice visited the USSR. At first, he covered a demonstration trial of six British engineers, accused of espionage, and then wrote about the visit of a trade delegation from the United Kingdom to Moscow.

"It was a trip of little interest, but Fleming was able to seduce a Russian woman in the hotel" National ", which he thought was the charge of watching him," - the organizers of the exhibition.

During the Second World War, Fleming served as an assistant director of Naval Intelligence Admiral John Godfrey, UK. To the displeasure of Admiral writer later would make him the prototype of the head of British intelligence "M" in his novels about James Bond.

By this time, Fleming had in mind the image of the future looms Bond - "Hard bachelor with a good physical preparation."

The turning point in the fate of the writer began in 1952. This year, 46-year-old Fleming, who, like Bond, was a lover and a favorite of women, finally married, and published his first book in a series of adventures of 007 - "Casino Royale» (Casino Royale).

Fleming himself was an avid lover then banned gambling in the UK, as well as the aristocratic golf. "One of the most unforgivable gentlemanly ethics violations he considered cheating in games, so this feature is often endowed his heroes-villains" - the authors of the exhibition.

All the novels about James Bond, Fleming wrote on his Jamaican villa. It was built according to his own design, and he called it "Golden Eye» (Goldeneye) after the code name of the military operation in World War II. Later the same title and get one of the books of the writer.

The final part of the exhibition is devoted almost entirely not Fleming, and eclipsed his "literary father" Secret Service agent of Her Majesty.

His portrait is looking from the covers of books in dozens of languages, many of which are presented on a huge double-sided showcase museum. Next to the poster - "blood-stained" white shirt and black bow tie, used during the filming of the last to date Bond film - "Casino Royale", and a room is reserved for the well-known technical devices designed for older master Kew and help Agent 007 the most incredible situations.

The life style Bond

Meanwhile, the famous London hotel Brown «s this year, offers its guests to live in the style of James Bond.

"There is hardly a better place than Brown« s, where he could settle this great literary hero, "- said in a press release from the hotel.

Indeed, this is where the events of the novel "Icebreaker" writer John Gardner, who wrote books about the continuation of the glamorous spy. In the hotel bar for a drink a few "James Bond" cocktails, and at the opening of the hotel renovated the guest of honor was one of the performers of the role of Bond in the movies - a British actor Roger Moore.

Now the hotel offers everyone "flemingovsky" package for 315 pounds sterling per day. It will be available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, up to 28 December this year.

The package includes accommodation in a room or apartment-class "luxury"; A full English breakfast (which, according to the plot of the book is James Bond's favorite food); two tickets to the exhibition "For Your Eyes Only" about Fleming and Bond; two "James Bond" cocktail in the hotel bar; an exclusive edition of the novel "Casino Royale", as well as the services of a male barber shop and beauty salon.


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