The car James Bond

owner of one of the most famous cars of 007 is going to put it under the hammer. For the legendary amphibious vehicle from the movie "The Spy Who Loved Me", a man accidentally inherited just $ 100, it plans to bail out million.

The history of the car itself is reminiscent of a private detective. In 1989, a resident of Long Island for $ 100 bought a second-hand container with unknown contents, which he intended to use for the storage of goods. When he and his brother opened it, he saw a huge structure, covered with a blanket. Beneath it appeared rumpled sports car without koles.

As it turned out, it was the famous amphibious vehicle from the James Bond film. "They do not really know what to buy," - said Doug Redenyus (Doug Redenius), co-founder of the Ian Fleming Foundation, confirmed the authenticity of the vehicle reporters CNBC. "They had no idea how valuable it was their discovery. Moreover, they are even movies about James Bond did not look "- added on.

Now, 36 years after the car made its debut on the big screen, the underwater vehicle, boat, reworked model of «Lotus Esprit» topped the list of most sought after items in the auction. The owner, who bought it for $ 100, wants to sell the legendary car for a million. "This is one of the most famous cars of James Bonda.

Naturally, it has a huge interest of collectors, "- said Redenyus. This is not the first 007 cars, which will be started up with a hammer and bought by connoisseurs of unique technology. Car «Aston Martin DB5", which was used in "Goldfinger", filmed in 1964, was sold in 2010, the year in 4, 6 million dollarov.

The actual owner of the car James Bond prefers to remain anonymous. But Doug Redenyusa said he was a humble servant, who has a small business - he rents a building tool. At the same time, according to Redenyusa, supercar owner does not live in a big way. "But I told him, that his life changed dramatically. After all, the people who sell cars from auctions pricey, but still legendary, can not live in poverty, "- said a fan of detective Ian Fleming.



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