5 new facts about the 007

1. James Bond - alias.
When the advanced shooting the film "Die Another Day" (2002), the main character played by Pierce Brosnan, the authors felt an urge to insert a small cameo featuring authentic James Bond (played by Sean Connor). And under what pretext is to insert it into the movie? It was then that the authors interesting idea was born: James Bond - a codename. That is, according to the creators, would have solved one of the many mysteries of the series. Namely - why in all the films of James Bond of the same age. But despite all the brainchild of, at the last moment this idea was abandoned. As it happened to explain many other inconsistencies that have not appeared in the right time.

2. Nephew Bond ...
In 90 years in the United States have become so popular comic strips in magazines. Do not managed to avoid his fate and James Bond. That's how the story appeared teenage nephew 007, James Jr. and his best friend Gordo Leiter. In the story of these kids come in a fierce battle with the criminal group, among which were the villains. These comics are often played up episodes, quotes, etc. of the "James Bond". Although the case has not progressed further - these works have appeared different levels.

3. The origin of the name "James Bond»
There are many theories about the origin of the name in the books of Ian Fleming. For a while it was thought that the family name is taken from Thomas Bond - aynliyskogo Lord of the XV century. Despite this, shortly before his departure from this world, the writer admitted that the name appeared during his holiday in Jamaica. He was looking for a name for the main character. Accidentally discovered some zoological catalog he found what he was looking for.

4. Alcohol ...
If you take and count the number of drunk 007, you get 317 servings of a variety of alcoholic beverages. That is James wasted glass every 24 minutes in the film.

5. The real agent 007.
With whom he wrote his main character Ian Fleming? The question for many years tormented by many. Some individuals believe that the prototype Bond was Bill Dunderdale (Officer of the British intelligence MI6), a close friend of the writer. Others argue that this image has given itself the fate of British spy William Stephenson (nickname "Fearless"). It is possible for the image of James Bond Ian Fleming wrote it with myself. The writer never denied this version, but did not confirm it.


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