Life cast of the television series "Ellen and the boys" today

Ever wondered how the fates of actors from the series of our youth, entitled "Ellen and the boys?" Then be sure to read further;)

In the evening on Monday, 3 October 1994, on the First Channel (then "Ostankino") was shown first premier series of cult French TV series "Ellen and the boys." In Russia, the series showed 2 years, until 1996 - and all the while each series gathered at screens millions of fans across the country. Of course, first of all, a series about life and love of French students has been designed for young people. But he was loved and older people. For the joy of life, for optimism and for a purely French charm. Girls spying there currently fashionable clothes, hairstyles and makeup. The boys tried after the heroes learn to play the guitar or drums. Today, in honor of the anniversary of the release on Russian screens the first series "Ellen and the boys' offer to recall the main actors of the series and to learn what they live now.

In France, "Ellen and the boys' was stretched by 6 TV season from 11 May 1992 to November 4, 1994, and was closed due to the exhaustion of the plot. But I must say that the popularity of the show, not only in France but also in other European countries was so great that the creators have removed some of its sequels.

In February 1995 came "Dreams of Love", where Helen and friends began to live together in one big house. This version lasted only a year on the screens, and ended when the main actress - Helen Rolle decided to leave his company because of fatigue from continuous shooting.

Therefore, the next sequel "Holiday of Love" (August 4, 1996 - 23 March 2007), it was not the main actress.

But in the third resurrection familiar story Helen still decided to participate. "Secrets of Love" broadcast TV channel TMC (France) from 12 February 2011 and the present day.

Helen - Helen Rolle (20.12.1966)

Helen Rolle has always been passionate about music and career of the actress did not even think. But, ironically, was the mega all over the world precisely because of the movie, or rather the series "Ellen and the boys».

After the release of the latest series "Ellen and the boys", the main actress, notified the producers to continue, expressed the wish to use it only in some series and in small episodes.

The fact that Helen began to weigh on her popularity and the fact that it has become a hostage of one role. Therefore Rolle chose to focus on music and has released several albums in the '90s. Copies have been small, but Ellen does what he likes, and albums will still bought by the loyal fans of the singer. In 2012, Helen Rolle released a new album, which can be found on the network.

Helen Rolle name is listed in the credits for the series "Dreams of Love", but fans say that while the actress has not been seen there.

Personal life Helen Rolle not worked. The audience wanted to see her only in tandem with a partner on the series Patrick Pyudeba, but the official version of the novel they did not have.

As there were no reports of marriage Helen. In February this year, Rolle adopted two children from Ethiopia (brother and sister).

Nicolas - Patrick Pyudeba (12.07.1971)

Nicolas was a role for Patrick Pyudeba film debut. The debut was successful and recognizable actor.

By the way, unlike his colleagues, and on-screen girlfriend Ellen, Patrick is not burdened by the popularity and use it for the good of his career.

Firstly, he enjoyed filming the sequel at all.

Secondly, he successfully participated in other shows on French television. For example, «SOS 18" and "Saint-Tropez».

Patrick also writes scripts for television and theater plays. By the way, Pyudeba himself acted in various TV shows. For example, in the show "Fort Boyard" and "weak link».

Now French audiences happy to spend "Morning Patrick Pyudeba».

Patrick Pyudeba bachelor. He had a love story with the actress, which he did not name names, but alas, it was over. So now Patrick Actively searching.

Katie - Katie Andrieu (25.06.1970)

For Cathy Andrieu role in the series was the first movie, but not the last. After the "Ellen and the boys," Kathy starred in the series "San Tropez" and "Philosophy of Phil».

In addition, Katie Andrieu quite a successful career in modeling. She was still invited to shoot commercials for television and in glossy magazines.

By the way, Katie was married to his colleague on the series David Proulx, they have two children together (the daughter of Alice and son Mattis).

Currently, Katie lives happily in Paris, she is married to a French lawyer.

Etienne - David Proulx (23.07.1968)

For David Proulx role Etienne seems the only in the movies. In other roles, the actor has not been noticed yet.

But David became quite a successful model and a model.

However, from a career model, David refused. After her divorce from Katie Andrieu, he took up photography, he has traveled the world in search of good shots.

Now David has been known as a photographer, his exhibitions are held in many galleries in France and other European countries.

Joanna - Rochelle Redfield (20.07.1962)

Rochelle Redfield, played flighty American, actually born and raised in America. Originally built Rochelle mannequin career, but he became famous precisely because of the movie.

By the way, is quite large Rochelle filmography. In addition to "Ellen and the boys," it can be seen in the series "Highlander," "Relic Hunter", "Saint-Tropez».

Who Rochelle has several programs on French television that does not prevent it and deal with the family - the actress has four children (one girl and three boys).

Christian "Kri-Kri" - Sebastien Roche (03.12.1972)

Sébastien Roch, like others, became known for the series. If you remember, he was gone from the "Ellen and the boys" in the middle, it appears to take up music seriously. However, then he came back on the air in some episodes.

Roche's debut album was released in 1992 and has been quite popular in France.

Now Sebastian is successful not only as a musician but also as a TV presenter. He also starred in a little series on French television and plays in a Parisian theater «D 'Edgar».

Benedict (Bene) - Laure Guibert (20.02.1968)

Laure Guibert to show decorator-designer worked on the set. The role in the TV series "Ellen and the boys," gave her not only popular, but also independence in monetary terms.

This fascination with Laure - a painting. That is why it is now engaged in drawing. She draws herself and teaches it to others. Lohr is married, she has two daughters.

Jose - Philippe Vasseur (08.06.1966)

Philippe Vasseur in the series came by accident, but it was a long time, starring in all the continuation of the story.

In addition to "Ellen and the boys," Philip appeared in several other TV shows on French television, as well as participated in the filming of advertising.

Now Philip is engaged in interior design and repair houses.

Lali - Lali Mena (05.01.1969)

Prior to the role in the series Lali worked as a fashion model and dancer. "Ellen and the boys," opened the way to the world series.

Lali Mena starred in all the sequel, as well as in several other television series French TV.

Now with Patrick Pyudeba leads the program "Morning with Patrick Pyudeba».

Sebastien - Sebastien Kurivo (28.07.1968)

Sebastien Kurivo real serial actor. And to "Ellen and the boys," and after he starred in many French serials.

An actor since childhood playing the piano, and regrets not continued his musical education. "If my life had turned out differently, I would be a cool piano" - says Sebastien.

Another hobby is photography actor. Kurivo was married to Karen Virginie, who played in the TV series "Ellen and the boys' role Alina They have a common daughter of the Moon. After a divorce in 2004, Sebastien has not yet found his love.



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