Sex in the movies: in fact removed sex scenes

How do they do EtoStseny intimate relationship movie heroes always aroused keen interest among the audience. In this article, we will answer a series of questions that are sure to come to mind while watching pornographic scenes.

Truly whether the actors in the frame do it? First of all, once a reservation - there is no need to actors walked on the court naked and engage in the more intimate relations during the filming. And if the director claims that the sex scene was real, it is not a real director.

Whether actors are touching the genitals? Even if the script requires the actors maximum exposure of their genitals, there are many ways to "trick" the viewer. These tricks are special stickers on their private parts or concealer lingerie which blends with the skin of the actor or actress. In the movie for such "bogus" even invented a name - «cock sock» (sock for a member in a special bag) and «pasties» (silicone breast pad with imitation nipple).

Do the actors to act in sex scenes? You can hardly find an actor or actress who would come to the delight of participation in such scenes. This applies even to the most licentious of Hollywood stars. Setting candid moments - it's not fun, but challenging and hard work.

As an actor cope with excitement? Many people think that the actor has to restrain his erection, but on the set generally quite difficult to be excited. Just imagine: you're shooting for seven hours and they tell you how best to lie down or stand up, the room is unbearable heat, you've been not eating anything, and besides you and your partner's on the court there are still ten men, and they are all waiting for you to exact performing in front of the camera clearly deliberate action to move to shooting another scene. And every time you turn the wrong way, will have to start all over again. And here is, believe me, not to sexual arousal.

How many people present on site during the filming of sex scenes in cinema there such a thing as a "closed area". This means that during the filming racy scenes on the set may be only a minimum number of members of the crew, and sometimes the director is limited to a single operator.

By the way, during the making of the film "Eyes Wide Shut," Stanley Kubrick filmed the scene on their own closeness between Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

Much Does sex scenes depends on the improvisation of the actors? In fact, the actors and their agents should advance look at the list of scenes of a sexual nature, that director is planning to use in his film, and discuss every detail. The shooting of the film - this is a business.

What takes out to the shooting sex scenes? In many cases, sex scenes removed piece by piece, and the actors did not immediately appear before the camera naked. In addition to the actor can be put on pants at the time of "penetration" in the actress, if a director wants to show his chest and / or expression.

By the way, do filming sex scenes begin after only a few rehearsals in which actors perform all the clothes.

What about the series channel HBO? In fact, the sex scenes on such series as "Game of Thrones" look very plausible. However, production of the HBO series has its own specific features. Firstly, they have gained popularity, largely due to the most realistic image of things on the screen, and secondly, in the filming usually involved a team consisting of the most highly qualified professionals, such as those involved in making the film about the nature of the BBC or animation Pixar.

In truth, the success of many of the most passionate and the hottest scenes in the film is largely dependent on the correct camera angle, position of the bodies of actors, their professional game, no doubt, a small amount of magic called special effects (for example, in-house team masters of visual special effects series "Game Thrones "can easily obscure the color cast).



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