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One of the films that I and a lot of my friends like to revise the mood - Bar Coyote Ugly. It seems to be simple plot, not the most outstanding cast, the expected denouement, but something it touches, and does not let go. From actresses, starring in the bar - the most popular Tyra Banks and, perhaps, Piper Perabo. But what was good this koyotskaya four young girls and reckless!

I invite you to remember the most memorable and popular collective female characters in the movie.

Sex and the City

The cult TV series, which became an outlet for the huge number of girls and women from around the world. 4 colorful women's collective image.

After the show, many girlfriends began to talk to each other: "You're acting like Samantha," or "Well, it spilled Carrie Bradshaw." And perhaps this is the main reward and merit (rather than 6 "Emmy" and 8 "Golden Globe"). If desired, each spectator could find the features of one of the heroines: fashionista Carrie ...

... Liberated Samantha (oh me that look!)

... Clever and demure Charlotte

... Or the principle and this earth Miranda.

And each probably want to be in the 20, and 30 and 40 years were around here are friends, which at least in exploration, even shopping.

Coyote Ugly Bar

The story of a simple, in general, girls who just love life, love crispy banknotes, and to get the crowd dancing. One of them, however, have a dream and goal in life.

In the end, the heroine becomes the most happy. A dream come true.

Love raided.

And a great soundtrack to a film by LeAnn Rimes.

Ellen and the boys

Another cult TV series, but this time in the 1990s. The same garage.

And most cafes.

This series was to appear at the right time and right place. While Russian schoolgirls and female students were not as spoiled serials TV menu now. Because a simple series Ellen and the boys - went very to court. Each character has its own army of fans (many of whom did not regret spending money and almost gross bought those stupid chewing gum with photo stickers inside).

Helene Girard (actress Helen Rolle)

Katie (Katie Actress Andrieu)

Benedict (actress Laure Guibert)

Joanna (actress Rochelle Retfild)

Lali (Lali actress Mena)

Adeline (Manuela Lopez). It was my darling.

Despite the lightness and often a mismatch of real college life, they empathized with and loved.

Desperate Housewives

Ladies a little older, but the problem is almost the same as usual: friendship, relationships, work, relationships, relationships again and again relationship.

The original script, its own story, "chips", a good cast - and one of the most popular women's series is ready. Voila!

For Eva Longoria, which, incidentally, played the role of good sexy Gabrielle Solis, the series has become a high point.

Eight women

In one French house (which is "built" Francois Ozon) gathered 8 women.

The owner of the house died suddenly in his own bedroom, but not his death. Which of these eight beautiful women ruthless killer?

The film is gorgeous. Very musical, fun and done at the highest level. The actress questions asked. Most memorable Fanny Ardant, especially in its unexpected tandem with Catherine Deneuve and Emmanuelle Beart.

These 8 women!

Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler «Crazy»

Small, of course, it turned out kollektivchik. But this crazy-duo is ten.

After this video Aerosmith wants to do crazy things.


By the way, this video has got to collection is not accidental. It's not even clip and a mini-movie.


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