Do you recognize this series of thousands! 10 favorite actors "Ellen and the boys' 23 Years After.

If you grew up in the 90s, it has to remember the cult French TV series "Ellen and the boys", which went crazy, millions of girls. Oh, I remember the frenzied euphoria! My sister every day that there are forces raced home from school to catch the beginning of a new series. Dresses, hairstyles, make-up of the main characters on the following day became all the rage among young people. Still, Ellen and her friends knew a lot about style!

First love, strong friendship, a painful breakup - all the joys and sorrows we experienced with them. French charm, good-natured humor, optimism and positive sea inherent in this masterpiece, left an indelible mark in our hearts.

Let us together look at how to change our favorite actors and remember the past!

Do not tell me you do not remember this picture! Once released, even chewing gum "Ellen and the boys' with the wrapper. B>

Helen - Helen Rolle, 48 years old

Nicolas - Patrick Pyudeba, 44 years

Jose - Philippe Vasseur, 49 years old

Katie - Katie Andrieu, 45 years old

Joanna - Rochelle Redfield, 53 years

Etienne - David Proulx, 47 years old

Benedict (Bene) - Laura Guibert, 47 years old

Christian (Kri-Kri) - Sebastien Rock, 42 ​​years

Lely - Lely Mena, 47 years old

Sebastien - Kurivo Sebastien, 47 years old

22 minute nostalgia ... We present to your attention the first series!

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We are seeing!

x Post on VKontakte The interesting thing happens: the names of some characters coincide with the names of the actors who perform this role.

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