14 best mini-series, named as such not in vain

Interestingly, the award for mini-series given only in the last few years. And in vain, because at times the series for a few episodes is much more interesting long serial epic. Here it is about these findings, which after all, was acclaimed by film critics, and will be discussed in our fresh collection.

Large letter "R", 2010 — 2013

4 seasons

After watching this series none of the audience will want to lay down your life "for later". The heroine Laura Linney — Cathy, moderately strict but fair school teacher, a loving mother and wife at home. Her life goes its own leisurely pace, while the terrible disease had not invaded in the so-called utopia — the fourth stage of cancer. The series was nominated for a Golden globe and actress became the owner of "Globe" and "Emmy".

The Pacific, 2010

Season 1

Ten episodes tell of how they fought us Marines in the Pacific on the Islands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. These ten series is a number of military operations, stories of love and tragedy, the story of growing up and disappointment, history of parental experiences and postwar life. "Golden globe" series has not received, but Emmy grabbed in 2010, which certainly rejoiced producers: Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg.

Luther, 2010 — ...

4 seasons

British series about a melancholic damn smart detective investigating the most egregious of murders associated with terrorists and maniacs. The advantages of the series can be attributed not only loose the plot, still Britanica able to pick off TV shows when you want, but play by galvnoe the role of Idris Elba. For it he was awarded the "Golden globe" in 2012, and Award actors Guild in 2016.

Downton Abbey, 2010 — 2015

6 seasons

What "Downton Abbey"? This is a lovely atmospheric six seasons about the history of the Crawley family from the family estate of Downton, and yet it is favorite show of the British Royal family, with dozens of nominations and awards, an Emmy award, several "Golden globe awards" and three Премиям3и actors Guild for best cast.

Hour, 2011 — 2012

Season 2

"An hour," another British series in this collection, tells about the period of 50 years on television. In fact, this series of the channel tells his story. The cold war, the Suez crisis, the spy — against this background, several ambitious journalists develop a television program of a new format — all the news for the week set out for one hour. And how do they want to tell the truth about the events, but it does not lose its place. "The hours" was nominated for a Golden globe in the category "Best screenplay in a mini-series, movie or dramatic program" won an Emmy.

Carlos, 2011

Season 1

The Franco-German three-part film tells the story of the famous international terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, known as Carlos. The advantages telecarte can be attributed to brilliant casting, excellent camera work that didn't go unnoticed in the Bank at the "Carlos" and the césar award and a Golden globe.

Politicians, 2011

Season 1

Here's what you can watch on the eve of elections in the United States. Almost the story of Hillary Clinton: Sigourney weaver plays the former wife of U.S. President Elaine Barrish that decides itself to engage in political Affairs that will bring a lot of hassle. But this, perhaps, the resemblance ends. The "Politicians" there are a few nominations for "globe" and "Emmy", but, unfortunately, after six episodes, the series was closed.

The hatfields and the McCoys, 2012

Season 1

The hatfields and the McCoys — it's like the Montagues and the Capulets, only it's two really lived the family clan who lived on the borders of the U.S. States of West Virginia and Kentucky. In fact, their feud almost started a war, during which it killed about half a dozen members of both families. In 2012, the series was nominated for the "Emmy" in 16 different categories and something has grabbed, including starring Kevin costner.

Dekalog, 1988

The Decalogue — 10 stories that could happen to any of us. Exciting stories about ordinary people living ordinary lives, but in an unexpected combination of circumstances which show that they forgot about the really important purposes and just stuck in a rut. Each of the series — motionally explosion. These are stories about us.


The white Queen, 2013

Season 1

Historical series of the Anglo-French production tells the story of the events of the war of the roses. If you miss "Game of thrones" and waiting for the new season, "the White Queen" is quite a good option, and then you can to the "Tudors" go. The series a dozen nominations for "Emmy" and "globe" for the costume design, the music, and actually the series itself.

He knows Olivia, 2014

Season 1

Having worked all his life as a teacher, Olivia, how could a son and pestered my husband, the pharmacist, simultaneously poking fun at its weaknesses. This show benefit the McDormand, it is sharp, sarcastic and, you can even say, beastly. When Olivia was a man with his sufferings, secrets and dreams. The literary basis of the show — the stories of Elizabeth Straut, which won the Pulitzer prize for this collection. Himself a four-part film of the HBO — winner at the Venice film festival and winner of four Emmy awards including for best mini-series.

Fargo, 2015 — ...

Season 2

"Fargo" is an American TV series in the genre of black tragicomedy, inspired by the 1996 film of brothers Cohen. They are well made and the Executive producers of the first season of the series. The main character — Lester Nygaard from a hick town in Minnesota, an insurance agent and a total loser who despises his wife and who lacks confidence and a jolt. And such a push he got in the face of a killer and manipulator Lorne Malvo. In General, fans of "breaking bad" and "true detective" definitely recommended to watch, and, besides, "Fargo," a whole heap of nominations and awards, including an Emmy and a Golden globe.

Wolf hall, 2015

Season 1

"Wolf hall," based on the novels of writer Hilary Mante about the reign of the Tudors. But, unlike other films and TV series about the Tudors, here the focus not Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and Thomas Cromwell, unusual, charismatic, ambitious idealist and Advisor to the king, laid the Foundation for the Anglican communion. "Wolf hall" has received critical acclaim and eight nominations for Emmy awards, and eventually became the best mini series "Golden globe".


Bookstore black, 2000


This series, with a true British character, full of sparkling humor. A small bookstore in London, which owns Irish Bernard black. It is difficult to find less suitable to this work of man. The series is a great cure for the Blues and bad mood. published



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