15 series for those who have missed the "Game of Thrones"

"Game of Thrones" - a unique series: it captures the viewer so that its view is easy to forget about sleep and food. Recipe "Games" contains the best ingredients, so as not to cause us to miss: fantasy, drama, intrigue, love, lies, betrayal and only catchy, lively characters

. Since the next season comes only a year, Website has prepared a list of worthy and similar series in spirit, to brighten up the tedious wait.

Hundred The 100

More fiction than fantasy genre, but the variety of characters and heroes of their contradictory relationship is very similar to "Game of Thrones." In the story, the whole civilization destroyed nuclear war, and the few survivors live in a spaceship orbiting the Earth. It was with him send a shuttle to the Earth with hundreds of juvenile delinquents. Very entertaining and emotional story about a terrible future.

Black Sails Black Sails

The series of pirate passions that are not even dreamed of Old Jack Sparrow. The picture is very spectacular, fully immersed in the atmosphere of sea adventures, there are raging serious passions, and the characters surprise viewers for its unpredictability. Someone who is friend and who is foe - liking me like the wind vane. Watch all the action is very interesting.

White Queen The White Queen

Mini-series, which can be viewed in one gulp in just a few days. It tells of a bloody battle for the throne of England, claimed the lives of many people. For crown struggling just three dynasties and three great women. They are not important methods, the main thing - the result. Really exciting spectacle, good actors and intrigue, scheming, intrigue.

Last Kingdom The Last Kingdom

"The Last Kingdom" called the British answer to "Viking". Utred main protagonist - a descendant of a noble Saxon kind - was kidnapped in infancy and brought up as a Viking. Now, the young warrior to be a very difficult choice between the two warring parties. This series is also considered a successful adaptation of Bernard Cornwell book, which is the real ancestor Utred.

Demons The Da Vinci Da Vinci's Demons

Another historical imagination, the focus of which - the enigmatic genius of Leonardo. But if it seems to us it is usually decrepit sage with white beard, in the series, he is young and full of energy. Da Vinci - a rebel, a heretic and a fighter for the truth, there are a lot of passion and controversy. The picture does not claim to historical authenticity, but assures you of entertainment and a lot of bright emotions.

Tudors The Tudors

Visually beautiful and catchy interpretation of the history of the famous Tudor dynasty. The series shows the personal lives of the British royal nobility, their fears, passions, weaknesses and experiences. And it shows excellent, mainly due to the good actors who have managed to convey the ambiguity of the nature of his characters.

Stranger Outlander

The rare case when the film adaptation of the book is not inferior. In the picture perfectly combines adventure, drama, romance, and science fiction. Entangled plot will not leave indifferent even the sophisticated audience: military nurse 40-ies of XX century was mysteriously moved in 1743. In the future, she was the beloved husband, to whom she very much wants to return, but the situation is complicated when she has to marry a Scottish soldier.

Vikings Vikings

Perhaps the best (and one of the few) series based on the Scandinavian legends. The main plot revolves around a Viking Ragnar, his trips, forays and ascent to fame. Picture charms with its gloomy atmosphere, stunning shots of nature, clothing, buildings and household items completely transferred to a long-forgotten times. It is recommended to all fans of ancient Scandinavia.

Marco Polo Marco Polo

The series is based on the adventures of the famous traveler Marco Polo in China in the XIII century. The picture is enough speculation and fantasy, which is hardly credible, but easy - interesting and intriguing. Beautiful scenery, colorful characters and traditions of medieval Asia creates a unique atmosphere. Also in the "Marco Polo" a lot of explicit scenes

Spartacus:. Blood and Sand Spartacus: Blood and Sand

The brutal and dramatic history of the first in the history of the slave, who defied the Roman Empire. Spartacus was separated from his beloved, was forced to leave the arena, to endure the pain and humiliation, but he did not lose heart, he fought to the end. On this series. Still, of course, about the battles, violence, death and honor. As spirits, "Spartacus" series is recommended to drink in one gulp and undiluted (several episodes at a time).

Salem Salem

Salem - a dark and dirty city, the entire population is captured epidemic called "witch hunt." It's the story of one of the most violent periods in world history, when the fires of ignorance and anger burned thousands of innocent people. Filmmakers brought to our attention these witches who keep terrible secrets. The "Salem" historicity little, but a lot of mystery and intrigue, which do not allow the viewer to get bored.

Merlin Merlin

Merlin - a character hardly needs introduction. The series follows the adventures of the young wizard. The film has everything you need for a steep fantasy, magic, dragons, knights and exciting stories. It's like "Game of Thrones," only with a reduced degree of brutality and candor.

Borgias The Borgias

A wicked, depraved and cruel Pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia in the world) is the title in 1492, with which the period begins intricacies of intrigue, power struggle and bloodshed. His four children, drawn into this game, and do not have high moral principles. In the picture a lot of sex scenes, violence and murder. "Borgia" touches not only the twisted plot, but also the unique atmospheric.

Magicians The Magicians

The "Wizards" is about young people who live in today's New York and study magic. Something like "Harry Potter" and "The Chronicles of Narnia" for grown-up fans, where everything is not uniquely bright. It has a lot of cynicism, irony and dark sides of our reality. At times, gloomy, but the original and catchy story.

Kingdom Reign

Fantasia, based on the stories of real people. Mary Queen of Scots spent many years in prison, but the time has come to reclaim their rights to the throne, and thus embark on a slippery slope of intrigue and cunning moves. Gossip, rumors, passion and dark side of the courtyard are presented in all its glory. Especially worth mentioning entangled plot and well-drawn, colorful characters.

We hope that joined your list to view. We're missing something? Then supplement in the comments!

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