10 new TV shows that will save from the autumn Blues


Autumn looms close, and that means it's time to restock tea and cocoa, get a blanket and choose a new interesting series.

This would be the case we in the Website have compiled for you a list of serial Premier this fall that are definitely worth seeing.

The Western world Westworld


One of the most anticipated TV series this autumn, which is set in the future — in amusement Park that recreates the world of the Wild West, where visitors are entertained by programmed robots in cowboy hats. But one day the program fails and sentient robots begin to plot a rebellion. Interest in the project adds a cast headed by Anthony Hopkins.

Premiere: 2 Oct

The Crown The Crown


British TV series about the early years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and her relationship with the legendary Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Palace intrigue, beautiful scenery and sumptuous costumes will appeal to all fans of the historical genre.

Premiere: 4 November

Luke Cage Luke Cage


A new series from the Marvel Universe on negroe inhabitants of Harlem, which was the result of a scientific experiment immense power and decided to become a superhero mercenary. The series promises plenty of action scenes and great special effects.

Premiere: 30 September

The last candidate Designated Survivor


Political drama about the behind the scenes of American power. After the tragic death of top officials in the presidential office is an ordinary member of the government, which bears the feature "the last candidate" character, who is obliged to stand at the helm of the country in case of force majeure situation.

Premiere: September 21,

The crisis in the six stages of the Crisis in Six Scenes


A new project from the famous Director woody Allen will consist of six episodes and talk about normal family life which invades a special guest and turns everything on its head. Remarkably, a major role in the future of the show was played by pop singer Miley Cyrus.

Premiere: 30 September

Divorce Divorce


A new Comedy series — a real gift to fans of "Sex and the city". The heroine Sarah Jessica Parker Francis is undergoing a long and tedious process of divorce, during which she learns a lot about himself and the new looks at the years of living together. And tries to start life with a clean slate.

Premiere: 9 Oct

Everything is under control Man with a Plan


The series in the best traditions of classic American sitcoms, in which the former "Friends" star Matt LeBlanc as fate becomes a housewife and takes care of the upbringing of children, which, of course, are the real chertyatami. Light humor and situations will make any evening.

Premiere: 2 Oct

We This Is Us


In a Comedy drama of the intricately interwoven lives of several people born in the same day. Someone decided to find his parents, someone just born, and someone is seriously complex because of excess weight. History lovers to unravel the intricacies of fate.

Premiere: September 20

Very strange things Stranger Things


In the quiet town of favorable course of life violate the mysterious disappearance of a teenage boy named will. For the investigation of this case come from the boy's family and the local Sheriff and best friend of will — Mike. Mike is sure that he is closer to the answer, but suddenly he finds himself in the center of a long battle supernatural forces.

Timeless Timeless


Series from the Director of "Game of thrones" Neil Marshall, which reveals a new story about time travel. In the near future, a group of time travelers have to go back in time to stop a mysterious criminal who intends to change the course of history.

Premiere: 3 Oct

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