15 cats who will show you how to smile

It is believed, though cats, with the exception of the Cheshire Cat, most look seriously, thoughtfully, or even angry. In fact, these furry creatures are just brilliant smile, than the Website and offers you to be sure.

I smile, because I know that I'm the most beautiful in this house

Even nicer to know that I'm in no hurry and you can sleep all day

Because I'm a cat and can afford anything

So the hostess doesn't mind when I lay on her bed

She even bought me a blanket

But I still prefer to lie on her lap

Yes, I'm comfortable

In short, I lie wherever I want

I like to think of my younger days

Or that I will have for lunch

I appreciate the pleasant company of their own kind

Well, human society is, of course, also

Especially when people give me a massage

Confidently say — I am happy to be a cat

But I'm more happy because they know that I truly love!

Photos on the preview bird gehrl / tumblr.com,
sorrymomtattoo666 / instagram.com

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