Smile more! The functional value of a smile

According to the statistics of infant smiling about 500 times a day, just for no reason. The smile of the baby is symbolized by the sign of his health, but the older the person becomes, the less he laughs. That is why in our age of high technology, when our fellow citizens are loaded with the problems of life, laughing in the street Russian girl to meet is much simpler than a smiling middle-aged woman.

For the study scientists adults smile day is not more than 17 times. What is the reason for such a sharp decline in people who know how to enjoy life and smile? Smile for the Russian people has the same value as for an American, an Englishman, a Japanese, a German or a Finn. Russian is not used, as the majority of the peoples of the West and the East, to smile as a sign of courtesy.

Even Maxim Gorky wrote that the Americans, especially in the face of the teeth. American smile seems strange Russian man who is not used to smile when greeting or during a polite conversation. Americans can walk around in unfashionable clothes, but not spare money for the dentist to transform your smile in Hollywood. All Americans just have to have perfect straight white teeth to Express his affection for the companion a smile. Smile is the business card of any person. Crooked teeth really spoil the impression of the man, so today, the services of an orthodontist and in our country is incredibly popular.

If you make the fangs stick out forward front teeth like a rabbit, there are gaps between the teeth, improper bite or teeth have grown in "two rows", then look to align the teeth and create a gorgeous smile with braces dental.

In Japan, women managers of large Department stores stand at the entrance to the escalator smiling and bowing to every buyer that puts his foot on the step of the escalator. Smile in the field of service and maintenance in the countries of the East and West functions as a demonstration of politeness. Smiling so the girl in our country do not understand, the smile in Russian communication must be appropriate and it is addressed mainly familiar.

Smile we mostly only when we are funny, and smile out of politeness guards us and may even cause serious concern. For example, if we get lucky colleague whom we dislike, then immediately in the mind a thought: "What is he so happy?". The reason for the smile of a Russian person needs to be clear to others. No reason to laugh at us is not accepted, all of us have been taught that "laughter for no reason — sign fool".

If the smile of a baby, the parents are happy, constantly smiling child causes them some concern. Smile for no reason is perceived by us as a clear sign of dementia. Therefore, with age, the Russians lose the ability to smile open sincere smile without a reason. Learn them from this habit, teachers, parents and everyone that seeing a smile on a child's face asked: "I do Not understand why you're smiling what's so funny?".

Smiling Russian and then, when you wish to Express a personal location to someone. For example, when talking to children, communicating with loved ones or to create the appearance of a good relationship to the boss. Demonstrates a sincere smile or artificial sympathy for someone. Smile while you work or run a serious business we have not decided. That they have, in America, in some hotels the sign: "If our operator you smiled, then report it to the doorman, he will give you a dollar."

And we have never smile to strangers in order to make them feel good and lift your spirits. Unfortunately, such functional values at the Russian smile is not. The call to "Smile more!", usually many people ask: "what A smile, a small salary, home and work some problems, and here, and health is weak". The Russians perceive the smile as a reflection of your state of health, well-being and mood, not as a way to maintain communication and a cheer companion.

Lack of mood is accompanied by sure we have a gloomy and careworn look. Especially not well to smile near people who talk about their problems or require sympathy from the interlocutor.

As already proven by research scientists, laughter is an antidepressant and improve the health of people directly depends on the ability to smile. The more often you smile, the better for your health. With every smile in our body increases the amount of hormones of happiness — endorphins. The number of these hormones depends on the mood, Outlook on life, success and health. A person who is often smiling, optimistic look at life and attracts a fun and cheerful people. Because it's nice to see a smiling and energetic man, and not always whining and complaining about life.

Smile more often and giving people the joy of your presence near them! published


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