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Why does a cat sometimes tries to lick your face or hair?

The first impression that the kitten receives from the mother - this care in the form of licking and washing. For it is an act of care and attention, so if the cat (or cat) is trying to lick you, think of it as an attempt motherly care of you :)

Why does a cat lying in your arms, legs touches, "whipping" something?

The reason, again as a child :) Kitten, nursing mother's milk, massaging the belly of the cat paws, stimulates "supply" of milk. Adult animal uses this technique to show the extreme degree of comfort and satisfaction.

Why cats usually go on your hands or fall on their feet who does not like?

When a cat is trying to scare the other, he arches his back arch, vzdyblivaet wool and publishes a threatening hiss. If a person does not like cats, he tries to sit still, so as not to attract the attention of the animal. A cat sichitaet a sign of favor. No hissing, not moving - so one :)

Why the cat tries to hit his head on a man?

At home I often cat suits and flip his head on the feet of the family. It turns out that it is a way of expressing affection, and this behavior may be expressed in relation to other members of his tribe, not just people.

Why do cats rub against the furniture, table legs, feet?

Cats have special glands on the tail, on the sides of the head, on the lips, on the tongue, near the genitals and between his front paws. They use them to mark their territory. When a cat rubs against your leg, it marks you indicate that you - "his" :) For the same reason the cats rub against the furniture and the corners of rooms.

Why immediately after you stroked the cat, he begins to lick?

There are two theories, according to one, the cat is trying to get rid of your smell, for second- contrary, his tongue trying to "continue to enjoy»

Why do cats sometimes lick and bite woolen clothes, balls, scarves?

Again, there are several theories, but most scientists believe that the reason is the same as that in the first question.
Why does a cat passing another cat, reduces speed and moves slowly?

All cat - territorial animals. They divide the territory between them, depending on the stage of internal hierarchy. Any encroachment leads to open conflict. Therefore, the cat, if you just want to pass on, trying to slow down and do not look at the owner of the adjacent territory.

Why the cat when burying the "results" of their livelihoods, digging outside the box and not inside?

This innate tendency of cats to clean. Cat tries not to dirty paws. To do this, remove most feline latrine :)

Why do cats purr?

Cats purring sounds issue for many reasons. Mother cat purrs her kittens to show that she was there. Kittens meet the same, indicating that everything is in order (sort of a cat Ping). Young cats purr to each other, inviting to play. Adult cat purrs, showing that he was in a good mood and did not encroach on the territory of another cat. By the way, have not yet been studied in a way to purr like cats ie emit such sounds.

Why does a cat sometimes scratch the floor or "buries" a bowl of food?

This can happen for two reasons - or trying to bury the cat food "in reserve", or shows such action, that the food he did not like.

Why cats bite and throw themselves at his feet?

Games always include kittens sitting in ambush, surprise attacks and throws. Therefore, cats of all ages love these children's games. Bring their attention to bow with laces, beads and more.

Why some people are allergic to cat fur?

Strictly, allergy is not wool, and protein FEL D1, contained in the cat's saliva. When the cat washes and licks, it carries the saliva on their fur, and then it can get on the furniture and carpets. Different individuals allocated different amounts of protein, but in general cats less allergens than males. There are two ways of preventing such an allergy - bathe your cat with a wool washing agent (which is not recommended to do often), or wipe the cat hair a special soft cloth.

Why the cat turned back to you, if you long to ignore it or leave it?

Cats, like other animals recognize visual cues in your body, and when you do not they which justify overt signs of aggression or quietly go out of his field of vision, the cat loses interest in you and turns.

Why do cats bring you dead mice?

There are at least four theories:

1. Cat gives you a gift, as a token of friendship or what you feed him.
2. Cat thinks you are incompetent hunter, trying to teach you.
3. Cat carries the victim to a safe warm place, where he can eat it.
4. Cat in his attempts to save you from starvation (see p. 2)

Why does a cat plays with a mouse poludohly?

Kotov attracts traffic and if the victim continues to show signs of life, and moves the cat attack, playing over and over again until it is no longer interest him.

Why cats often "hide" their toys in a bowl with food or water?

Cats are considered the territory on which they feed, their. Therefore, all their toys, they are trying to move to safety with their point of view the place on their territory. Often it is their bowl :)

Why cats are not much bite you for your skin and keep a few seconds?

Some cats when they feel great, pinch a fold of skin between human teeth and long hold. It is a kind of cat kiss.

Why cats lick pictures and plastic bags?

Cats are so "try" smell that people do not notice, but it is distinguished animals.

Why do some cats love valerian and others do not?

Honestly, did not meet the cats, who do not like valerian ... Scientists say that the case in a particular gene. Some cats love to ride on the leaves of valerian, licking themselves, some eat it quickly, some are totally indifferent. Another possible reason - the smell of valerian is like the smell of cats in certain periods.


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