Where to go on the November holidays

In 2016 the Russians got only three days of the November holidays, but they can be done so that the memories warmed until the New year.

We have studied the direction of where can be expensive to fly on weekends in November, even if to take tickets at the last moment. And from them selected three most interesting places in Russia, the CIS, Europe and Asia.


How do you relax at the November in 2016

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Where to go on the November holidays in Russia


A three-day weekend in early November — a good reason to make sure that for miracles it is not necessary to fly to distant lands. To be in the Eastern tale, to feel European or enjoy the mountain landscapes from which the spirit grasps, and in his native country.

A couple of weeks before national unity Day tickets inside Russia are becoming more expensive slightly. Even if you buy tickets to the November in Kazan, St. Petersburg or to the Altai the day before departure, overpay not more than 1200 rubles per person. And if you book air tickets to Russia in advance will generally save up to a third of their average value.



Forty million seven hundred sixty four thousand four hundred thirty eight

Short daylight hours in November of Kazan enough to have time to consider the Kazan Kremlin with the temple and the mosque, leaning Syuyumbike tower and the spectacular Palace of farmers. After sunset blast hanging out at the Kazan Arbat street Bauman in the evening lights are especially good. If freeze, it does not matter — satisfying tutira, manta rays and echpochmak in the House of Tatar cuisine will warm you quickly.

In November, the Kazan well to admire from the window of the warm bus. The local double-Decker with cozy blankets and an audio guide will take you along the decorated streets of the capital of Tatarstan. The ticket is valid two days: you can book a hotel somewhere along the route and to save on a taxi.

One of these days in Kazan should be devoted to the museums. The Museum of illusions spotlites zombies sail on the Titanic. In the Museum a happy childhood knock at pioneer drum and a musical master class in interactive Bibars-barn find out what kurai is different from the kubyz. Be sure to take a drive to the island town of Sviyazhsk and admire the wooden Church of XVI century, built without a single nail. Dairy fog, which in November are not uncommon, give the place more mystique.



Fifty eight million ninety six thousand seven hundred seventy two

In November, Peter is unlikely to enjoy the Sunny weather, but warm cultural welcome you provided. Awe-inspiring grandeur of the Kazan Cathedral, free to go to the Kandinsky exhibition in the Russian Museum and take a minimum of 4 hours a study of the Hermitage. Day climb to Isaac, to admire the Neva river and drawbridges, and in the evening go to the Mariinsky theatre to enjoy the ballet "the fountain of Bakhchisarai" or the skill of the great conductor Valery Gergiev in "Turandot". Look at the second coming of Tsiolkovsky on the island of "New Holland", stroke of the Sphinx in "the Republic of cats", take a walk to pawsey street art in the laminated plastics Factory, and finally dirty nose with powdered sugar from legendary donuts the Big stables.

In the centre of Petersburg the darkness the best hostels and budget apartment hotels — you can stay a block from the Chizhik-Pyzhik and pay for 2 nights less than 1000. Especially great to spend the night in the apartment with access from the front to the roof and enjoy the view of the Venice of the North, wrapped in a blanket.



Twenty three million five hundred twenty five thousand five hundred nine

In November in the Altai will be snowy and frosty, with an average temperature of -8,5 °C. Dress warmly, rent a car and go explore the Altai reserves, and to meet shamans.

157 km from Gorno-Altaisk are waiting for you tranquil landscapes of the Altai nature reserve and Teletskoye lake with stunning winter fishing in the Northern part. Try to lure grayling, burbot and pike. But Teletskoe lake whitefish, which is found only here, you get caught easily. On the walk around the Park you can easily meet sable, the Siberian mountain goat, or even reindeer. If you are willing to walk 10 kilometers in one direction, you will see the 160-meter cascading waterfall uchar unearthly beauty.

In Katunskiy biosphere reserve 450 km from Gorno-Altaysk interesting to see the figures in a pagan temple grotto Kulu and Red mountain volcanic lakes. A 60-foot waterfall tököl kilometer from Hiking trails and fabulous Akkem lake belong to the adjacent natural Park "Belukha". If there is no time and skill to climb to the highest point of the Altai mountains, just to see the majestic white whale — no wonder it was called Altai Kailasam. And so to the end to feel the magic of Altai, book a meeting with the shaman and learn their future.


In what neighboring country to fly in November


The near abroad of Russia is good because like holiday abroad and feel at home. In November in the neighbouring countries you can still catch the heat, and tickets are inexpensive up to the departure. For example, if you buy tickets to Minsk on November 4, a week before departure, overpay not more than 450 roubles. And booking tickets to Azerbaijan or Estonia on the eve of national unity Day, you can even save money from one to seven thousand rubles for the ticket.


Minsk, Belarus


Without a visa and without a passport

Twenty three million one hundred sixty seven thousand two hundred seventeen

Fly to Minsk from Moscow just an hour twenty, Yes, and the best time to choose is easy: one only Belavia per day between the two cities, 7 flights. Three days will easily have time to look at the world's most famous rhombicuboctahedron the National library of Belarus, admire Stalin Empire on Independence Avenue and gawk at the Brazilian murals on Oktyabrskaya street.

Sign up for "Vandrose ¡mole" ("Journey to the past") — a walking tour where you will tell stories about the old Minsk intuitive Belarusian language. Take a stroll through the Upper town in November here are not as crowded as in the summer, and the scenery for pictures is still wonderful. If frozen, warm up in one of the cafes: there they are at every step, and everyone is trying to amaze guests with its chips.

Not far from Minsk interested to see Mir castle, "Stalin Line" with these pillboxes and interactive Museum, and the Museum of culture and life in the Lake, where the crowd of village houses of the last century.


Tallinn, Estonia


You need to obtain a Schengen visa

Fifty five million one hundred twenty one thousand six hundred eighty four

Tallinn, with its stone walls and tiled roofs as if descended from the pages of a book about knights and princesses. It is cozy in any season: in the rain looks especially mystical, and under the snow, which in the Estonian capital can fall at the beginning of November, gingerbread fancy. On the waterfront of pyrite in any case it will be chilly but if you dress warmly, in the Old town to walk well.

In Tallinn it is interesting to consider the medieval buildings, looking for a Cup of coffee with Vana Tallinn liqueur in a small cafe. If you get hungry, the restaurant Olde Hansa will feed you with meat-eaters, and in the marzipan Gallery — candy of almond dough. Look at the 5 spires of Tallinn from the town hall square, meet a fat Margarita and explore the beautiful Park at the Palace of Peter the great's old town. Then look in the art-Kalamaja — see what posh has done in a horrible building, Patarei prison and the hangar for seaplanes. And in parting, be sure to climb to the observation platform Patchuli to make selfi on the background of a fantastic city.


Baku, Azerbaijan


Without a visa. Need a passport that is valid until the end of the trip

Eighty five million four hundred sixty thousand twelve

To celebrate the national unity Day in Baku is a great idea: in early November in Azerbaijan is usually warm and dry. Some brave souls even swim in the Caspian sea, although the water temperature does not exceed +17 °C. But even if we leave a beach vacation out of the equation, in three days you will have time not only to learn the capital and fall in love with this city for life.

For starters look for in Baku quarter of Icheri Sheher is the place where the swearing Semyon Gorbunkov and a Gesha from "Brilliant hands". Then look at the Maiden tower and see what lived in Azerbaijan in the middle ages. Buy Souvenirs from local artisans, throwing off half the cost, and make selfi on the background of the carpet Museum, built in the shape of His Forsakest. And then take a picture of the futuristic wave of the Heydar Aliyev center, designed by the brilliant Zaha Hadid. Savour local wines, khingal with meat and fried onions and soup dushbara dumplings in Xingal House.

The most interesting places within an hours drive from Baku — burning rock Yanardag and Gobustan with its ancient petroglyphs and mud volcanoes.


Where to go in November in Europe


Tickets to Europe are traditionally more expensive to the departure date, and November is no exception. Less likely you will overpay, if you fly in the Day of national unity to the Greek Islands. When booking a last minute ticket to Greece will cost 1250 rubles more expensive than if you bought it in advance. But the velvet season in Crete and Corfu in November is already completely disappearing, so if you want not only to see the sights and enjoy the sea, better to go to Montenegro, to Kotor Bay.

Also by the time of departure at the beginning of November is not very expensive plane tickets to Hungary: overpay not more than 2000 rubles per person. And the most popular destination on the Day of national unity in this year was Prague, which managed to overtake even hit Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and Crimea.


Prague, Czech Republic


Need to get a Czech visa

Seventeen million ninety thousand three hundred twenty

In early November, Prague becomes uncrowded and unhurried. It is cool and windy, so bring windproof jacket, winter shoes and a cap then to explore the city comfortably but without any. Start with the old town square. The astronomical clock on the town Hall, but time, show the locations of constellations, the moon and the Sun, and the view with the chiming clock and the dance carvings. After an hour of the show to climb the tower — it offers a great view of the city.

On the street, drink hot wine, nibble on the traditional Czech twisted bun — trdelnik. Feed the swans at the Charles bridge on the Vltava river, go to a free exhibition of the festival "Photographer" and listen to jazz at legendary club AghaRTA. And of course, you cannot go to Prague and not to go on a beer tour: the amber drink in the Czech Republic worship.


Tivat and Kotor, Montenegro


Without a visa for 90 days. Need a passport, valid for 90 days after the end of the trip

Forty one million two hundred sixty three thousand five hundred thirty three

Resorts Kotor Bay in Montenegro at the beginning of November is still possible to swim. The water here has time to cool down only to +19-20 °C in the other Russian bodies of water this temperature and in summer for happiness. Walk a day in Tivat, Herceg Novi and Perasto very warm and pleasant, and the evenings bring a jacket with light scarves.

Beach vacation in early November, not the only thing that pleases welcoming Montenegro. From Kotor to lovćen national Park, which were rooted the ancient capital of Cetinje. It is interesting to look at the Cetinje monastery, which holds the right hand of John the Baptist and part of the Holy cross, and the Palace of Billiards, which even looks like a Desk with Luz.

And in Montenegro beautifully cooked. First in the kitchen of the mountain country on the coast of Adriatic fish and seafood. Fish fried, baked, make it a spider crab or dried in the sun and then smoked over a fire. Meat try nagurski steak so big that it is better to take one for two, and prosciutto — cured pork. But for a quick bite on the go, take cevapcici — juicy meat kebabs with onions.


Budapest, Hungary


You need to make a visa to Hungary

Ninety two million thirteen thousand one hundred thirty seven

The underground "thermal sea" the Hungarians built a whole industry and now welcome in their baths of Spa connoisseurs from around the world. Choose what you like: a luxurious Gellert, like a Palace with marble columns and Golden railings, the popular széchenyi bath and saunas, outdoor pools or kompaktnye with tepidarium — a room where the heat radiating floor, ceiling, walls and even beds. The water will wash away from you the November gloom and give strength to explore the city where there is so much to see.

In Budapest you cannot miss the quarter of the Fortress, the Vajdahunyad castle and Parliament building. Try talking stone lions on the chain bridge, go to one of the oldest zoos in Europe and go down into dungeons of nuclear bunker "Hospital in the rock." Instead of a city tour take a ride on the trams No. 2, 4, 6 on the overview or on routes No. 60 cog railway ride through the hills to the mountain garage.


In some Asian countries to go for November 4


To buy tickets to Asia, since on the eve of departure, significantly increasing the price. We have selected destinations where tickets are cheaper in November than in summer or winter, and the weather is pleasant and has something to do. In Israel and Turkey from the European part of Russia to fly very long, and in Thailand easily accessible to inhabitants of Siberia and the Far East.




Without a visa for 90 days. Need a passport, valid for another six months after the trip

Sixty six million sixty eight thousand four hundred ninety nine

To Israel in November, going swimming and objetoras. On the southern and Eastern resorts weather quite summer in Eilat on the Red sea +28 °C, at Ein Bokek on the Dead sea up to +32 °C. In the Dead sea water is warmer, but the healing it will only if you dip once a day for half an hour maximum. The rest of the time it is useful to "breathe deeply" and to smear mud. For an active beach holiday with diving and Windsurfing need to go to the Red sea.

In tel Aviv, the capital of hangout life, also beautiful beaches, but in November in the Mediterranean sea for do not bathe.

To see all the sights of Israel, three days is not enough. But Jerusalem with mount Zion, Gethsemane, the Holy Sepulcher, and the Holocaust memorial a must visit. Pass by Christ on the Road of sorrow, and are sure to leave a note longing on the Western Wall. If you have time, an excursion to the craters of the Negev desert, the grottoes of Rosh Hanikra or the hanging gardens in Haifa. November is the perfect time to admire them without exhausting heat and crowds of tourists.




Without a visa for 30 days. Need a passport that is valid until the end of the trip

Twenty seven million three hundred thirty nine thousand six hundred

In November in Thailand slowly comes the dry season in Bangkok and Pattaya, on average only 6 rainy days, but on Phuket and Samui especially at risk to get soaked even decent. The air temperature in the South and the North is very comfortable: up to +32 °C, and average water temperature in the Thai resorts — about +27 °C. Tourists are very few, even the most popular beauty can be admired not using someone else's shoulder.

In Bangkok be sure to visit the Royal Palace, the aquarium Siam Ocean World and snake farm. In Pattaya it is interesting to get the crocodile farm Park with ancient stones, and even a ride on a gray giant in the Village of the elephants. Phuket look like cultivated pearls, and stroll through the butterfly Garden and pofotkalis in the arms of giant striped cats at the tiger Kingdom.

In the first half of November 2016 in Thailand, the sea festivals. If you take a week of leave before November, will have time to watch the Phuket carnival from 1 to 3 November. If you take a week, will get on boat race festival of masks in the Park Phimai from 10 to 13 November and rousing the holiday spirit of water and light a Krathong from 10 to 14 November.




Without a visa for 60 days. Need a passport, valid for 4 months from the date of entry

Eighty eight million six hundred twenty two thousand four hundred thirty seven

I love Turkey and package tourists and independent travellers. All his reasons — and all convincing. In early November, Antalya coast is still possible to swim even for children — water temperature +22 °C. If lying on the beach bored, go to see the sights. November is great because you can do it without queues. Coast conveniently be rolled up to the travertine terraces of Pamukkale with its turquoise waters, all the way from Antalya to the beautiful Goynuk canyon or to the amphitheater in Aspendos and from Izmir on the Aegean sea in the ancient city of Ephesus or in the wine village of Sirince.


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To explore Istanbul not enough for weeks, but in three days you will see the Blue mosque with walls painted inside in sky blue, majestic St. Sophia Cathedral, had time to visit Orthodox, and Moslem temple, and the Baroque Dolmabahce Palace and Topkapi Palace. Haggle at Oriental bazaars of Istanbul and fall in love with Turkish food for the November weekend you, too have time.published 


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