November at the last minute — where to travel without a visa in 4 days

Up to November remained at work all hands on deck, and you still have no idea where to go? All right, still plenty of time to organize an interesting holiday. Especially if you do not need to be discussed with visas. To buy tickets, choose and book a hotel, it takes a couple hours, and it does not need to go anywhere. And don't delay, as prices are increasing every day.

Go kite or surf in Egypt November is a great time to visit Egypt. Christmas and new year tourists yet, the hellish heat is gone, and from the point of view of weather and resorts in Cairo and even Luxor, it is possible to feel comfortable enough.

Entertainment options for a few days in Egypt a lot. From surfing or kite surfing in Dahab and study the underwater beauty of the red sea in the vicinity of Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh or Dahab to the examination of museums and antiquities. From the point of view of minutes for November holidays can be explore Cairo and Alexandria. If you ask for, it is possible to have time in Luxor, but in this case it is better to go there from Cairo, so as to drive there and back can easily take all day.


Swim in three seas in Israel

As in Egypt, the weather in Israel in November, comfortable, and yet it is quite possible to swim even in the Mediterranean sea. In principle, the entire long weekend you can spend in Jerusalem, but never have time to see all the main attractions. But in a superficial "quick mode" tiny Israel can travel even up and down for a few days, especially if you travel by car.

Not to rush through the country, it is better to focus on one region. In the South, in 4 days you can have time to visit tel Aviv, to climb the mountain to the fortress of Masada, pobarahtatsya in the Dead sea or drive to Eilat and the red sea. In the North it is necessary to go to Nazareth and Haifa, to admire the sea of Galilee and to walk the narrow streets of Safed.


Paragliding in Turkey

Rain, dampness, wind — Istanbul in November can be unpleasant. But here on the South coast, for example, in Antalya or Fethiye, at this time, it is usually still Sunny, not raining heavily, and the water temperature in the sea is about +20°C. And what is especially nice — almost no tourists. Lazy vacation on the beach can vary by trips to places of interest: from the ruins of the mausoleum of Halicarnassus in Bodrum and the amazing thermal springs in Pamukkale to Goreme fantastic rock formations and cave cities of Cappadocia. If you prefer active entertainment, pay attention to paragliders in Oludeniz and kite surfing in Akyaka or Url.

The flights will be cheaper if you fly from Russia to Istanbul, and from there a local low-cost airlines to get to the South. In this case, you may have to change airport in Istanbul, but it is simple, communication between Ataturk airport and Sabiha Gokcen airport is adjusted perfectly.


To drink Georgian wine

In November, Georgia will hardly seem Sunny country. But tourists at this time I do not, churchkhela and pelamushi fresh and young wine is settled down. Some days you can manage to watch the entire Tbilisi, visit to Mtskheta and the Georgian Military road, at the same time to reconnoiter the situation with ski resorts for the winter. But to thoroughly get acquainted with Georgian cuisine and for the future to eat khinkali, khachapuri and other Goodies, four days is not enough for sure.

To taste a real Uzbek pilaf

November Uzbekistan is quite cold and harsh, but visa-free and there is always the opportunity to warm up excellent with pilaf and green tea. If you do not waste time, for 3-4 days it is possible to see the imposing fortresses, and colorful mosques of Bukhara and Samarkand, and full of aromas of spices and herbs colorful markets of Tashkent. Distances in Uzbekistan are not so small as it might seem at first glance, and to save time between Tashkent and Bukhara it is best to travel by plane.


Enjoy autumn in Korea

In South Korea, in early November, albeit slightly, but still warmer than in Russia. The average air temperature about +10 °C, sometimes raining in the autumn. And autumn in this country is rich in forests can be no less luxurious than in Canada. Plenty poshurshat fallen leaves in any of the two dozen national parks, but if you want to admire the scarlet-and-gold extravaganza you can even not leaving Seoul — in one of the Palace parks or in the hills of the national Park Pukhansan where out of the city center for an hour to reach by public transport.

Just at the end of October and early November across the country — from Seoul to Busan festivals of chrysanthemums. And if you fly a couple of days earlier, you can catch the finale of the annual festival of Korean bullfighting.

To see pandas in Chengdu

72 hours visa-free transit in 9 cities of China the perfect fit in the short November break. From Russia it is cheaper to fly to Beijing, slightly more expensive cost flights to Guangzhou and Shanghai. In Chengdu to get longer and more expensive, but it is a world capital of the pandas. And these cute (especially when many of them) can be observed for hours, if not days.

Read more about the conditions of the visa-free transit you can read, for example, on the website of Beijing airport and the official tourism portal of Guangzhou.

Tickets to China from 18 512 rubles.


To go finally to the Hermitage

Every year in the most popular Museum in Russia is about one million foreigners and only twice more than Russians. Anyway, based on statistics, over the last 20 years, the Hermitage was visited by only a third of his compatriots. If you are one of the remaining two thirds, and barely remember the Museum from my school days, something to sigh about the Louvre or dream of Prado, use the long weekend to update impressions. Armor and mummies, perhaps, will remain the armor and mummies, but your perception of painting and sculpture surely now will be different.



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