What documents are required to obtain a visa to the US

Everyone applying for a nonimmigrant visa applicant must submit the completed Electronic Visa Application Form DS-156. electronic application must be filled directly on the website of the US Department of State. After filling out the application, we recommend that you print. Statement completed on the site will contain all entered the applicant data encrypted in the barcode.

Electronic Visa Application Form can not be completed in Russian, there are forms in English and several other languages. If you fill out the form in English, all answers must be entered in English.

By Form DS-156 is required photo from the front. Photo sizes -5h5 cm; The head should be in the center of the frame. Dimensions head in the photo (from top to chin) - 2, 5-3, 5 cm; eyes should be at a level of from 2 to 8, 3, 5 cm. from the bottom of the photo. Photos must be in color on a white or light background. Photos should be all applicants including children entered in the passport of their parents.

Applicants for visas c to participate in scientific conferences and meetings, research, continuing higher education or getting a job in science, must complete a visa application in English.

Documents required for visa
Valid passport

The applicant's passport must be valid not only in the time of application, but also for the entire duration of your potential stay in the US. At least one page in the passport should be free for affixing a visa.

Consular fees

The fee for non-immigrant visa is $ 100 (starting from 1 January 2008 the visa fee will increase from 100 to 131 US dollars) and is payable in cash in rubles. This money will not be returned to the applicant. The consular fee must be paid to the courier service Pony Express at the same time applying.

Applicants for visas for temporary work in the United States, tourism and business travel, as well as some other types of visas must pay an additional fee for a visa with a longer duration. No additional fees when applying for a student visa (F-1 and M-1) and visas for participants in exchange programs (J-1) will be charged. Documents submitted in support of an application for a visa

Apply for a visa to attend conferences, conduct research, participate in business meetings, study in graduate school or work in the scientific field, must provide a copy of the summary and list of publications in English.

The applicant's documents confirming its social, economic and / or family ties with Russia, as well as an invitation letter from the inviting party, may contribute to the decision the consular officer.

Here are some examples of documents that will help the consular officer to make a decision:

 - Information about the work, including information about the salary of the applicant (in some cases - for the salary of husband / wife). Letter from your employer.
 - Information on the immediate family (spouse, children) in Russia.
 - Evidence of ownership of property.
 - Information from the school of the applicant (if the applicant is a student or a student).
 - Documents on the planned activities (if the applicant works in the entertainment industry).
 - Old passport, if there are visa and entry stamp indicating the date of his return to Russia (for previously entering the territory of the United States applicants).

The applicants, following in the US to train, must file a Form I-20 or DS-2019, which provided US academic institution.

Zyaviteli applying for Students' visas must pay the SEVIS fee before their interview date.

Applying for H and L visas, applicants must submit the following additional documents:

 - A copy of the approved petitions (Form I-129) filed with the US immigration service and copies of all other documents filed with this form.
 - The original form I-797 Notice of petitions odobrenii.
 - A copy of a diploma or other documents confirming the applicant's professional level.
 - A copy of the work book.
 - Proven experience in the relevant field (resume, letter from employer, letters from previous employers, the publication of scientific articles and papers, business correspondence, and so. N.).

Apply for a visa L applicants must also provide financial information on Russian companies, namely, information on income taxes and the number of employees.

Spouses and children of visa holders H1 and L1, did not apply for visas at the same time with the principal applicant, when applying for a visa must submit an original notice of approval (Form I-797), proof of relationship with the principal applicant (marriage certificate, national passport, birth certificate, etc.) and a copy of the visa of the principal applicant.


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