15 stunningly beautiful countries, which do not need a visa

C the arrival of spring especially want to pick up and go on vacation, and without any difficulties. The ideal situation is becoming a country for visits that do not need a visa. You can just take your passport and a suitcase and go on a trip.

< Website has collected the most beautiful country in which you can go at any time.


Belarus has a lot of interesting places: Brest Fortress, Buinichi field, Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace, Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble, the memorial complex "Khatyn" national park "Braslav Lakes»

<. Length of stay: 90 days Docs: Russian passport or passport Website Embassy / Consulate: embassybel.ru

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Best time to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina for outdoor recreation and excursions - from May to September. Attractions Bosnia and Herzegovina - amazingly beautiful nature, where the green plains alternate picturesque slopes of the mountains, and architectural monuments, many of which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage

<. Tenure: 30 days Docs: passport The site of the Embassy / Consulate: rf- bih.ru


Moldova is very small, but it is still possible to find interesting places. Here picturesque north of the country: Edinet, Briceni, Rîşcani, Glodeni - Moldovan toltory, as well as the mainstream of the river Reut in Floresti and Orhei districts. Be sure to visit Chisinau and Tiraspol

Duration of stay:. 30 days Documents: passport The site of the Embassy / Consulate: ambasadamontenegro.ru

Montenegro < br>

Montenegro - a beautiful, mostly mountainous country, very small in length, allowing you to view all the important sights in 3-5 days. At each location you will find unique species and beauty

Duration of stay:. 30 days Docs: passport The site of the Embassy / Consulate: ambasadamontenegro.ru


Abkhazia is full of amazing places: Lake Mzy and Riza, Novy Afon Cave, Athos monastery, waterfalls "Men's tears" and "Maiden's Tears", the beaches of Gagra, Stalin's dacha on the lake Rizza. A fragrant cypress and pine, as well as a great Abkhazian wine will give a special flavor journey

Duration of stay:. before li 90 days > Docs: Russian passport or passport Embassy / Consulate website: embabhazia.ru


Villages and Galahudat Khinalig Guba region are the highest settlement in the country, they are at an altitude of 2400-2500 m. There is a very interesting culture, the people, too, are different from the rest of the Azerbaijanis. Also worth visiting in Sheki, Gabala, Ismayilli and Gusar, which are allocated a unique nature and history

Duration of stay:. up to 90 days Docs: passport The site of the Embassy / Consulate: azembassy.ru


Armenia - a majestic mountains and a stunningly beautiful forest, apricots and delicious barbecue, Mount Ararat, genuine hospitality and countless more ancient monasteries, one of the main tourist attractions - Tatev, Noravank, Haghartsin, Gegard

Length of stay: 180 days Docs: passport Website Embassy / Consulate: russia.mfa.am


Mongolia - it's endless steppes and clear lakes, snow-capped peaks of the Altai and the hot sands of the Gobi desert, the unique monuments of Buddhism and an animated story of Genghis Khan. In addition, the traveler is waiting for bright festivals, generous kitchen and incredible hospitality

Duration of stay:. before 30 days strong> Docs: passport


Vietnam - is the ancient temples and natural beauty of national parks, healthy, and delicious food (dietary rice and delicious fresh seafood), the cheapest in the world of diving and excellent resort

Length of stay: visa is not required (unless you plan to travel to neighboring countries) to 15 days Docs: passport, return tickets Embassy / Consulate website: mofa.gov.vn


Here there is the breath of the biblical story, but beyond that Israel - a unique natural location. According to the State of Israel Square in 2 times less than the Moscow region, but here you can watch up to 14 natural areas. From the barren desert and the Dead Sea to the fertile plains. From the mountains to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. From the desert streams dried up waterfalls and thick forests of the Galilee

Duration of stay:. before 90 days < Docs: passport, tickets with fixed dates, confirmation of reservation in the hotel; documents confirming solvency The site of the Embassy / Consulate: embassies.gov.il


"The country of a thousand smiles" - so called Thailand. Rest in Thailand is very diverse, so everyone will find something of their own: modern Bangkok and Pattaya incendiary, ancient temples and unspoiled beaches, elephant trekking and emerald palms national parks

<. Length of stay: 30 days Docs: a passport filled migration card, return tickets < Embassy / Consulate website: ru.thaiembassymoscow.com


Morocco - a blue city of Chefchaouen, incredibly beautiful beach Legzira with huge natural arches of the Martian red limestone on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, the world-famous city of Marrakech with its palaces and the Djemaa el Fna, with snake charmers and a variety of African sounds. Be sure to visit the city on the Atlantic coast of El Essaouira, where he lived for many years, Jimmy Hendrix, where gulls and blue boats, stunningly tasty fish, which is prepared right on the beach.

Length of stay: 90 days Docs: passport, tickets, migration card (filled on arrival) Embassy / Consulate website: ambmaroc.ru


< br>

Colombia - a country of natural attractions, where there is the ancient Indian city, as well as the chic coastal resorts. There is a fabulous city of Cartagena, with its colonial façade and a small patio, which is not inferior to the beauty of contrast Bogota and beach of Santa Marta.

Length of stay: 90 days Docs: passport, tickets at both ends; documents confirming solvency The site of the Embassy / Consulate: rusia.embajada.gov.co


The main treasure of El Salvador are magnificent Pacific beaches, beautiful views of the volcanoes and ancient Mayan monuments

Duration of stay:. to <90 days / Docs: passport, return tickets; documents confirming solvency Embassy / Consulate website: Salvador interests in Russia is the German Embassy germania.diplo.de

< br>

Fiji dazzling blue lagoons, gorgeous beaches and green hills. Approximately 100 islands inhabited by people, the rest are uninhabited. Here a great time snorkellers and underwater hunting, riding on boards, water skiing and kayaking

Duration of stay:. visa is issued on the border of up to 120 days Docs: a passport, a return ticket; documents confirming solvency Visa fees - 30 $

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