5 countries, where you can relax and chic save

Travelling enrich us spiritually, develop, give strength and inspiration for new achievements. A reasonable way to save - no reason to limit yourself to them. Only need to better explore the tourist offer and the countries themselves.

Website to your attention five areas, which should look at, and explains what these countries are attractive from the point of view of the purse, and not only.


Gamardzhoba, genatsvale! Georgia - a continent in miniature, everything is there, all around the corner and a few steps to the side allow you to see something new. Georgia seemed specifically designed to be a resort. Here you are not a customer but a guest.

Country Good simple human pleasures: the water from the springs, from rustic bread oven, wine and cheese, sun and fresh air.

What to do

See the Rustaveli Avenue. Take a walk on the super modern glass bridge of the World. To see the 101-meter temple called the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi. climbed to Mount Mtatsminda, on top of which offers a beautiful view of the city, Wander through the quarter Abanotubani, and look at the most ancient urban structure of surviving to the present day - the Church of Anchiskhati.

Visa: is not necessary, the period of visa free stay - up to 90 days, the validity of the passport - not less than three months after the end of the trip.

Armenia h3>

The small size of Armenia should not be misleading, it is one of the oldest countries in the world with an impressive collection of architectural and cultural antiquities. Usually, all the splendor hidden in the most remote places: in the gorges of the cliffs, at the bottom of the mountain valleys and surrounded by water.

What to do

At least three days worth spending a sunny Yerevan, who is older than Rome for 29 years! To see the ruins of ancient monasteries and fortresses, whose age reaches 1700 years. To plunge into the clear waters of Lake Sevan and drink mineral water from the springs of Jermuk.

Visa is not required, it is replaced with a stamp in the passport, which is put at the border. Maximum stay in the country - no more than 180 days within six months.

Greece h3>

In Greece there is everything you need to tourists: three hundred days of sunshine a year, four sea and 1400 islands, ancient ruins and museums with treasures, fruit trees and a delicious Mediterranean cuisine. And Greece provides a striking contrast: the echoes of antiquity in the building, who are already over 1,000 years, side by side with ultramodern spas.

What to do

sunbathe on the beaches of the island of Crete, Corfu, Rhodes and Kos. swim in Santorini, most romantic place of the Mediterranean. to dive to the wreck. Feast on dishes light and tasty Greek cuisine. Visit a huge number of museums. Visa: need, Greece is among the countries participating in the Schengen Agreement. The cost of a visa - 35 euros.


Latvia is known for its capital city - Riga and popular resort city of Jurmala. Riga, known by many as the biggest city in the Baltic States with a large number of monuments. Here and Dome Cathedral, which was built in 1211, and the Church of St. Peter, and many more interesting things!


What to do:

In the summer - relax on the Baltic Sea coast. In the winter - skiing in Cesis, where the ski resort Žagarkalns. All year round - a walk through the ancient streets of the Latvian cities , relax in the spa hotels and sanatoriums Riga. Visa for a trip to Latvia need a Schengen visa, you can get it yourself at the embassy or arrange through a travel agency. The cost of a visa - 35 euros.

Finland h3>

Apparently, so it would look like paradise, if located in the north. No wonder Finland at the time chosen by the Russian emperors. In this country, you can bathe in the sauna and score the trunk of the car shopping and walk around the wonderful museums and impressive ancient fortresses.

Finland is known for its megarasprodazhami: Christmas (from 27 December until the end of January) and summer (from 23 June to mid-August), when the clothing, footwear and household appliances can be bought from the 70-percent discount.

What to do:

You can go to the lake Saimaa and catch there dvuhkilogrammovy trout. A ride on a reindeer or dog sled to Lapland. To reduce children to the village of Santa Claus and Moomin -park. a rest on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, it is desirable in the summer. Be sure to visit the sales and do shopping Visa: need Finland is among the countries participating in the Schengen Agreement. The cost of a visa - 35 euros.

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