When and where NOT to go in the summer

We have analyzed the good and bad seasons in the popular tourist areas, has studied the statistics of ticket prices and found out from fellow foreigners, what periods are considered in their countries peak from the point of view of tourism.


Where the summer expensive to fly


Everyone knows that traveling in late autumn and in winter cheaper than in summer. Statistics confirm it: the cheapest months to travel from Russia — the February and November, and the most expensive — August.

Holiday will not hit the pocket, if you select "low season" and buy tickets in six months. But to plan a trip in advance and to choose freely the date is not always. Often work does not allow them to think ahead, the authorities allow on vacation only in the summer or stay tied to the school holidays — then you have to go to sea at the peak.

Of the Russians favorite areas is that in Asia in the summer "low season": the weather is capricious, tickets and accommodation are cheaper.

For most popular resorts in June-August is the busiest tourist time and the prices rise as high as the thermometer. But the cost of tickets varies, even within the "high season", so to save on the flight you can in the summer.


How to save if summer vacation


Not to splurge on summer travel, book tickets for 29 weeks before you travel.

If you buy tickets for summer in January could not, set yourself a new deadline: after you select "2.5 months before departure, there's usually only grow.

When planning a trip, avoid travelling in August, the weekend and the first day of the month. At this time, the planes fly loaded to capacity and airlines do not need to reduce prices.

Even if the holiday is tied tightly to the August, there is a way to save: find a country with nice weather where not so expensive to fly in late summer. For example, tickets to Israel and Georgia in August are 11 percent more expensive than average, and in Bulgaria and Croatia is just 2%.

The price difference of a few percent may seem nonsense. But the amount of savings depends on the direction. For example, tickets in United States on mid-September are 38% cheaper than in mid-July. Move from summer vacation for the beginning of autumn — save a third of the cost of tickets.

Two tickets to Australia for July are like three tickets to August: to save 28% of the cost of flights to move the trip to visit the kangaroo from mid-summer to the end.

Domestic flights in Russia is also greatly increasing in price in the summer. Tickets inside Russia are becoming more expensive in may and returned to normal only in mid-September. The flights for June costs more than the average on 15%, in July-August — already on 30%. And tickets to Moscow in July and all will cost twice as much as in March-April. Therefore,to save on summer vacation in Russia, try to go on vacation in June.

If you want exotic and the fleeting, the vagaries of the weather do not scare you, in the summer can be expensive to fly to Southeast Asia or even to the Maldives: flights to Thailand and Vietnam at the beginning of the summer are 5% cheaper than the average, and the Maldives by 10%.


Where and when in the summer of terrible weather and crowds of tourists


United Arab Emirates


According to our data, the beaches and entertainment of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are becoming increasingly popular among Russians. Unfortunately, the holiday season in Russia and the season of good weather in the UAE do not match, and summer is the worst season for a holiday in the Emirates.

In July and August temperature in Dubai can reach up to +49 °C. the sea in the summer will probably be warmer than 30 °C, and by August can get warm to +37 °C. Swimming in this water frankly unpleasant, and sunbathing on the beaches when the UV index 11 — harmful.

In other words, no wonder the rich people in the region, from UAE to Saudi Arabia, all summer hiding indoors with air conditioning or escape from the heat in other countries. If you are planning this year to visit Dubai, it is better to transfer the vacation for October or November.




Wadi Rum desert and the rock city of Petra — what you should come to Jordan. But it is in these places in summer, you will feel like on a hot pan. Inspection of these outstanding attractions implies that you will do a lot of walking. And in July-August with heat at 40 °C it can be exhausting, and even dangerous to health.

In the capital of Jordan — Amman — the climate is milder, but extreme weather happens there. For example, in July-August 2010 in the city a couple of weeks kept the temperature of 45 °C, and we could move only short dashes between cafes and shops.




From June to August, Egypt is transformed into two different countries. Along the coast the climate is fairly mild, but in the mainland the temperature steadily gets to +40 °C. this time of year travel to Luxor or Aswan and even a simple walk along the dusty and stifling Cairo become a test of endurance. And on trips inland, to the non-touristy attractions, like the White desert, it is easier to forget.

Summer Egypt in General suitable for a beach holiday, but if you plan to travel a lot around the country and see as many sights as possible — it is better to reschedule a trip for autumn or spring.


Ramadan and traveling to Islamic countries


Islamic countries pretty much popular among Russians tourist destinations. To him, obviously, include the UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan. Among the less obvious countries where Ramadan can affect your travel — Malaysia, India, Indonesia (including Bali Hindu) and even to some extent Thailand.

The fact is that for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr is a holiday, akin to our may holidays. At this time all, regardless of religious views, go on a journey. Muslim Indonesians from Java and Sumatra crowds come to rest in Bali. The Muslims of India go and visit relatives in other parts of the country. The Malays rush or on the home resorts, or to the South of Thailand. And the rich Arabs come to rest all in a little bit of Islamic countries.

From an ethnographic point of view it will be interesting to catch a ride to the end of Ramadan: to catch and the period of fasting, and the feast after it. From a practical point of view it is necessary to know about the following features of this time:


During lent

  • Many agencies (and sometimes transportation) working part-time;

  • Eat in the light of the day can be problematic;

  • Muslim neighbors can Wake you up at 5am, as their family must have time to have Breakfast before sunrise.


After fasting

  • Tickets for any mode of transport — planes, buses, trains — or will be sold in advance or will cost a lot of money;

  • Hotels, particularly the cheapest, will be entirely booked;

  • On the beaches, if we are talking about the resorts, not free space.


Tip: the Period of fasting gives the opportunity to save a little: at this time, locals don't usually travel, and half-empty hotels can reduce prices. Try not to eat or drink on the streets in the daytime while fasting in the eyes of local residents. It would be rude everywhere, but in the radical countries, it may be even dangerous.

The Islamic calendar differs from the Gregorian, and the dates of Ramadan change every year. Find out the "schedule" can be, for example, in Wikipedia.


The Caribbean


In August-September in the Caribbean peak hurricane season. It affects a lot of countries, from Mexico and Cuba to the Islands, like Curacao and Grenada, who don't even know where to look on the map.

According to statistics, at this time of 10-12 storms with wind speeds under 60 km/h. half of the storms turn into hurricanes, with wind speeds up to 120 km/h And the hurricanes, in turn, can lead to real disasters like "Katrina" or "sandy".

This does not mean that summer weather is always disgusting. On the contrary, the probability to end up in a hurricane is quite low, and most likely the entire vacation you will enjoy the sun. But although low, the possibility still remains, therefore, going to the Caribbean, it makes sense to buy more expensive insurance, with coverage need risks, including delay and cancellation of flights due to weather conditions.

According to the same statistics hurricanes don't usually affect the Atlantic coast of South America and the southern Caribbean Islands less at risk than their Northern neighbors. It is also worth considering when planning a trip.




In July and August, the rains can spoil a journey through Central India. If in Southeast Asia the rainy season rarely delivers serious inconveniences, in India lingering showers can be so strong that it will erode roads and disrupt transport links.

For example, several years ago, the rain almost disrupted the preparations for the Commonwealth Games (Olympics for former British colonies) in Delhi, and the popular tourist city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan floods almost every summer. In addition, because of rains the rivers can flood, and it can make the trip to town, standing on the banks of the Ganges, from Rishikesh to Varanasi.




From the point of view of the weather in Italy in summer, you can go without problems. The only time it can be difficult to mid — August. On 15 August the whole country celebrates Ferragosto, or assumption of the virgin, and at this time many Italians have a break or a long weekend.

As a result, big cities are dying, and Spa towns, on the contrary — overflow. On the one hand — this is a unique opportunity to look at Italian city without the crowds of people. And disadvantages sort of closed cafes and restaurants on the background of such a possibility seem a trifle. On the other hand from trips to the beaches these days it is wiser to refrain.



In Spanish, there is an unwritten law to go on vacation in August. How it originated is unknown, but it is very disturbing to the beach.

The surge in domestic tourism leads to the fact that in most tourist places the prices in cafes and hotels grow several times, and many small cafes and shops are closed for the holidays. As in Italy, a major Spanish city in August half-empty, but the beaches, especially in the region of Valencia, Murcia and Malaga, just nowhere to go.


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August is a bad time to travel to Croatia. It is both heat and peak tourist season when the beaches have nowhere to step, and the temperature rarely drops below 30 degrees. European tourists at this time flies so many that prices are rising is not something that in hotels, but even in some restaurants.

Therefore in all respects a journey to Croatia is better to move at the end of may — June or September — beginning of October. At this time tourists are much smaller, prices are lower and the sea is already (or still) warm, about +23 °C. published


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