5 best countries for independent travel

To relax for the first time yourself is always scary. To make it easier to decide, choose the friendly and convenient for traveling the country. Best of all — without the language barrier. Start with any country from our list and do not notice how travel agents would become obsolete.

To prepare for independent travel is longer than to buy a ready tour, but more interesting and not like others. To save on airline tickets, plan journeys and find a good home. In this article we have gathered five ideal countries for a first holiday without a packaged tour.


Why Latvia is Close and clear to Europe without problems with the language.

What's with the visa To travel to Latvia, you need a regular Schengen visa.

When to go to Latvia: best in Latvia from may to September. Lie on the beach and splash in the Baltic sea come from late June to late August. And in December you'll be taken straight to the Christmas markets.

Latvia is a foreign country, but not quite: here they say in Russian, all from schoolchildren to pensioners. So you tell me how to get to the street where they filmed "Seventeen moments of spring" and "Sherlock Holmes". Despite the Russian speech, the atmosphere in Riga and other Latvian cities on narrow streets, the organ music, castles, colorful houses, tower spires and a nice crowd for a leisurely promenade. Not to miss anything interesting, keep the inner fire of the Latvian kitchen. Except for caraway cheese and peas with bacon, you will find an unexpected bread soup with raisins and cinnamon, bread and ice cream.

Even if you only come to Riga for the weekend, consider that the first experience of a trip to Europe was a success. Besides from the capital, close to Jurmala: along the sea to rest. Next level — sit down and map and plan travel to cities, beaches and national parks of Latvia. You can ride buses and trains — try it, it's easy.

The route Latvia:

1. Fall in love with Riga. Take a stroll among the houses in the Latvian art Nouveau, find the statue of the Bremen town musicians, listen to the organ in the dome Cathedral and remember the taste of "Riga black balsam".

2. Hang in Sigulda. Polyacite on the bobsleigh and the ski slopes, listen to the echo of the cave Gutmana and explore the ruins of Sigulda castle. Don't forget the ruins of Krimulda and lovingly restored Turaida castle.

3. Visit Cesis castle. The narrow spiral staircase climb the tower. And then the flickering candles in handmade vintage lights go down in the basement, which previously was a prison.

4. Wander through the streets of Bauska. Find the elegant town hall and look at the old cannons in bauschke castle. At the same time admire the lush Rundale Palace — to a 15-minute drive away.

5. Exit from the sea in Jurmala. Nakopiteli and saraswatis in the Park, and when you want variety, take the trail of Great Kemeri swamp, and drove to the lovely town of Tukums.



Why Georgia: Speak Russian, cook awesome cuisine and welcome guests like family.

What about visa: In Georgia, the Russians can go without visas for a year. Just don't forget your passport.

When to go to Georgia: Georgia is especially beautiful in may and June and from September to early October. To traceroute in the mountains from June to September and December-April is the time to go skiing.

In Georgia, well and happy, even those who had not gone beyond their own garden. The locals are so hospitable that way it's easier to search the old fashioned way without a GPS and the conversations themselves become toast. Relaxed, notice that from the clouds comes the handsome Kazbek, from the hills looking ancient temples and even a stall with facilities like a treasure chest. Menu in the restaurant want to sing, not to read: khinkali, lobio, pkhali, adjapsandali, ojakhuri.

Classes in Georgia there are for each. Take a dip in the sea, take a trip to the mountains, you can visit the sulfur baths, wander through cave cities or arrange a tour of the wine farms. If you want all at once — the better. At the same time make sure that independent travel has nothing to do with movie plot "the Survivors".

Route for Georgia:

1. Join in Tbilisi. Consider carved balconies in the Old town, try the healing power of sulfur baths in the Abanotubani quarter, climb by cable car to the Narikala fortress, and finally buy horn wine at the flea market.

2. Drive along the Georgian Military highway. Cross the Cross pass, listen to the roar of the Terek and fall in love with mountain scenery. Overnight in Stepantsminda Gergeti or nestes and khachapuri with views of MT.

3. Try the excellent Georgian wine. Two days in Kakheti you will have time to taste the drink in five to ten wine farms and wineries, and at the same time impressed by the size of the qvevri. You can stay in Sighnaghi, Telavi or, both of the town — with pictures.

4. Visit Mtskheta — the oldest city in the country. Place a candle in the Cathedral of the monastery: according to legend, is buried beneath the robe of the Lord. And climb to the temple Dzhvari, about which wrote Lermontov in Mtsyri.

5. Delve into underground cities. In Uplistsikhe, where was crowned Queen Tamar, will not fit the ancient pharmacy. At Vardzia take at least half a day to thoroughly explore secret tunnels, steep stairs and cave temples.

6. Relax on the sea in Batumi. Substitute the sun Boca directly at the beach. Either make a dash for the bus, and find yourself in Kvariati, Gonio or Sarpi, where the water is bluer and the scenery more lovely.



Why Thailand: year-Round summer, sun, exotic fruits and smiles.

What about visa: If you do not plan to stay in Thailand longer than a month, visa is not required.

When to visit Thailand: November to February — great weather in the North of Thailand. The Andaman coast — Phuket, Krabi season lasts from November until the end of April, then it starts to rain. In the Gulf of Thailand — Pattaya, Samui, Koh Chang, Hua hin — well from January until August.

All the good things you've heard about Thailand is true. Islands and beaches — full bounty, palaces luxurious, the food is unusual and delicious, local friendly. Issues are addressed with smiles, and a common language with anyone, even if you know English on the level of a first grader. Trains, buses and internal flights are cheap and comfortable, and figure out when is the next flight to Bangkok is easy. The ideal country for first exotic trip without the travel Agency.

The simplest way is to choose a Thai resort, lie on the beach and make several forays in the area. Harder, but more interesting — first round a few cultural attractions, then relax by the sea.

The route to Thailand:

1. Explore Bangkok. Visit the reclining Buddha in Wat Pho, take a ride on a taxi boat on the canals-longam, catch monitor lizard in Lumpini Park and zazhmurte from the splendor of the Royal Palace.

2. Escape to Ayutthaya — the ancient capital of Siam. Walk among existing Buddhist temples and atmospheric ruins, overgrown with trees. At night you can stay in Ayutthaya or back to Bangkok.

3. Take a course in Chiang Mai. Buy trinkets at the Night market, moved the pandas in the zoo, make a circle around the cotton wool Chedi Luang in the Old city and meet the sunrise on the mountain of DOI Inthanon.

4. Stay in a Bungalow in the rice fields. In Pai you have to go over the pastoral silence, hot springs and waterfalls. If you want time to see the whole valley, climb to a huge White Buddha on the hillside.

5. Get a bronze tan in Phuket. Thoroughly experience the beach and swim on the boat to the Similan Islands. And try the durian ride on elephants and leave the other person with massage.


Czech Republic

Why Czech Republic: One of the most inexpensive and beautiful countries of Europe. Many people know Russian, especially in Prague. And after a couple of pints of Czech beer himself fluent in any language.

What's with the visa: Need a Schengen, which is easy to get.

When to go to the Czech Republic: the Most pleasant weather from may to October. In December in Prague — in the area 0 ℃ and a month of sparkle and squandering the magical aromas of Christmas markets.

Czech Republic lives up to expectations: a country tale. On the streets of Prague, beautiful and atmospheric, Karlovy vary like it has not changed since the time of Goethe and Beethoven, castles, probably haunted, and the beer is much tastier than the Czech foam that is sold here. In addition to rest in the Czech Republic is significantly cheaper than in neighboring Germany and Austria. And if a course will not understand what the dumplings and "boar knee", many restaurants will bring you a menu in Russian.

To fall in love with the Czech Republic, last weekend in Prague. This is a good option for a first time: you do not need to bother with the route, transport and hotels in different cities. If inspired, search for tickets to Czech Republic for a week or two and discover other facets of the country: from the mineral resorts to reserve a truthful name "Czech Paradise". You can move in buses and trains, or rent a car.

The route in the Czech Republic:

1. Feel the spirit of old Prague. In the Czech capital, you can admire Prague castle, make a wish on the Charles bridge, climb the observation tower of petřín, imbued with a grim Kafka Museum and to see lemurs in the zoo.

2. Move to the middle Ages in the town of kutná Hora. Consider the stained glass in the Cathedral of St. Barbara, go down in a silver mine and count the skulls on the chandelier in the chapel of All Saints, is decorated with human bones.

3. Admire the Gothic karlštejn castle. It stands majestically on a wooded hill not far from Prague. Inside the castle is allowed only with a guided tour, but will learn the story below the castle ghosts — the White lady.

4. Correct health in Karlovy vary. Immerse yourself in the thermal water and try mineral water from a dozen sources. Don't forget the 13th: the local claim that the liquor Becherovka is also invigorating and youthful.

5. Learn how to make Czech beer. In Pilsen, the beer capital of the Czech Republic, do not simply tasting drink in the pub. Take a look at solodovchenko and a medieval cellar in the brewery Museum and the Pilsen brewery walk really filling the shop.

6. Visit the festival in Cesky Krumlov. On the occasion Five-petal roses all dress up in medieval costumes, and on the space suit jousting tournaments.

7. Get back to nature in the "Bohemian Paradise". This reserve offers steep Sandstone cliffs, dense forest, scenic trails and miraculously the castles, the most famous of which — Trosky.



Why Montenegro: seaside resort in Europe without a visa and the language barrier.

What about visa: If the trip is less than 30 days, visa to Montenegro do not need. After arrival you have to register during the day — it's usually the hotel owners.

When to go to Montenegro: it is best to come in may-June and September-October. In July and August on the coast is hot and the crowds of tourists, but well in the mountains. You can swim from mid-may to early October.

Small and cozy Montenegro's like he copied from postcards. Elegant medieval city, clear Adriatic sea, mountains brushed with pine trees and beautiful lakes in Montenegro is beautiful everywhere. Besides inexpensive: thoroughly dine in the café for $ 20 for two, and if you move away from the waterfront, it is still cheaper. The problems with understanding will not be a speak Russian. And you easily get a handle on the local language: for example, coffee — kafa, and milk — mleko.

The best way to travel around Montenegro by car. Go from Bay to Bay and explore the sights. If you love the mountains, leave plenty of time for the continental part of the country. You can spend the night every day in a new place. And if you do not want to waste time looking for housing, select "database" from where it will be convenient to travel to interesting places in one day. It's not working: in Montenegro, all close.

The route to Montenegro:

1. Start with the charming of Kotor. Climb to the ramparts, tread cobbled streets, admire the Venetian style palaces and churches and choose the best route to market for local.

2. Take a ride through the towns of Boka Bay. Only, mind you, without a rigid program. Stop where we want, looked at houses with red-tiled roofs and linger on the veranda cafe for a glass of wine.

3. Take a trip to mount Lovcen. Upstairs you will find a great view of almost the whole of Montenegro, especially from the observation platform outside the mausoleum of Njegos. Don't forget to grab a jacket in the mountains, cool even in summer.

4. Enjoy the Adriatic sea. Explore the coast from Budva to Ulcinj, and take in the romantic coves and lose track of time in the towns, overgrown with bougainvillea.


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5. Marvel at nature in the national Park "Durmitor". Turn right on forest trail to Black lake, take a swim and gather the strawberries. And if you take trekking shoes and you leg it, you will be able to overcome Bobotov Kuk.

6. Pay a visit to Ostrog monastery — one of the most important Orthodox shrines of Montenegro. Definitely climb to the Top of the monastery, to see the temple in a cave on a cliff.published


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