8 obvious reasons why you can'T

I recently researched the topic that has a direct impact on the money. Researched on yourself and other people. Was not the popular study, but the goal was to see the hidden causes and not to the huskies. Although likes also want, but what I really want, you have got to shift your fact.

You may have noticed that the call to "main thing" of some kind... how can I say this... offensive or something. Offensive to those who does a lot, and different actions, deliberate, conscious. But it does not work.

I saw many people who were worthy to earn good money, did not give up, found a niche, was invested, was opened, but money is not had any impact. This inspired the writing of the article to find the 20% of those unknown variables affecting the outcome. As they disclosure it turned out that their effect tends to 80%.

The impact of these factors is not obvious, and you may have resistance to this and even protest. Think about it, why?

Those who have got to earn good money, see your success is simply a set of actions. Well, if so. But often over time they commit the same actions, but the business goes wrong. Let's recognize that just act "right" direction is not enough.

Torment some more deviations. Let's call it a good result, personal income from 1 million roubles steadily over the years. This is a sign that you have collected your puzzle. It is impossible to consistently earn a million by tricking people or making candy from cat saliva.

So, you have learned to make a lot of action, found a niche and learned to moneymaking, but money is not more. Read on carefully.

Reason 1. Target impotence

The simple test: do you have aim? Why do you need money? What was it for? To make a million, then you have to spend.The subconscious has to figure out why he figachit months on end, to suffer, to weary, to overcome yourself.


If you try to deceive themselves and set a goal from the head, the result also will not be. You have to want to want to cure impotence the target. Even if you have launched the case, there is one ingenious way to find a goal, even if you don't need anything. Brilliant — because it was invented by nature. I suspect that 90% of the money in the world earned thanks to this "invention". But more on that later.

Just set yourself a real goal, which will burn. Remember the childhood, what you wanted?

2. the cause of Whining

You — a whiner. You work a lot, but even more whining that it is impossible. Or whine to your friends, environment, parents. You declare your goal, but met with whining and faded out. Parents laugh at your dreams. Congratulations!

Your environment does not believe in you, and you don't believe in yourself. It is also a kind of whining.

If you want to immediately share what you just learned, so you don't want to work on yourself. As a consequence, give knowledge to others that they have worked on yourself and maybe you'll come back some bonuses.

Putting myself as an example, praising or condemning the other, you distribute your energy and you start to accumulate money. All this too varieties whining, but camouflaged and on a more subtle level.

What to do? If you have a weak germ, which breaks through the asphalt, no need to shout about your goals to anybody. Discuss them only with those who can really help you, interested in them. Ask for help from strong.

Stop trying to treat everybody. Got the possibility to apply it in my life, silently, get to the subconscious mind through action, become this.

Reason 3. Leaky emotions

OK, you have set a goal to buy a dream car, may it be the Porsche 911. You read somewhere that you need to visualize, to dream, to make a public promise to submit to their hands on the wheel. You are scared of the Manager, went for a test drive, took photos with the machine, all Instagram see what you want, and write you motivational slogans. You even ruled out the whiners from their environment, and you really support.

You have more energy, you vividly imagine a new Porec, rejoice victory and thus commit a lot of action towards the dreams. But when after some time you again get behind the wheel, you see before you is still the same logo Lada or Hyundai. Coincidence? I don't think!

You are not ready for the Porsche 911.

If you are happy and enthusiastically tell you how soon you will drive this car — you are not ready for it.

If you think about it a lot and look forward to — you are not ready.

You don't care and throw your Hyundai anywhere and you do not come to head them off, but you don't think about it. That's why you ezdiete — you are ready for it.

You go to what causes divine awe. The same with the girls, remember? If you have too much licking your girlfriend, overly happy to see bright or confess your love at least 10 times a day, soon so bright you'll begin to hate each other. This is live, this is endorfinov addiction.

So do not force the universe such behavior. Observe emotional balance.

If you are very emozionale, happy, overly say and think about it — your energy is given to the achievement, merges into the pipe.

Is there a way? Go for a test drive the car of their dreams. Don't look at the prices, you would still not so much money. Get behind the wheel. Ride or just sit. Catch the condition. Just catch the state in a peaceful atmosphere. How is it for you? Like?

Get out of the car and go run, do sports, poprisedayte, bootimages, take a bath or a massage. Take attention into the body, forget about this car. Take a break, get busy is to ground yourself. Not bursting at all, I chose this car. You buy it for yourself or for someone?

Over time you will get used to it in price, will earn and buy: between going for food and the trip to friends. In a normal rainy weekday. And it will be fine.

Reason 4. Father doesn't believe in you

Friends, you know, what is the role in our life as parents? They are able in one word as to exalt to heaven and to undermine self-esteem. For some reason most of those who worthily earns, communicate well with their parents.

Familiar with the situation when parents believe that you are engaged in nonsense?

I have personal experience: once I have established a relationship with the father, I first appeared in a serious relationship with a girl. Prior to this relationship lasted a maximum of 3 months. Familiar, huh?

I was to finish business that had not been completed. It all give us a properly structured relationship with the father.

Maybe you have seen such spineless kids who seems to be doing something, but as if half-heartedly? They spread out on the surface as fish oil, spilled from the broken jars on the floor. They go to all the free trainings and sometimes pay, but with the same zero efficiency. They are smart, capable, but they have like no core, around which is going. Rely on them and fail.

Now, these people have daddy issues.

The father is your relationship with the family, and it's megatons of accumulated generations of energy.

If the father does not believe in you, you pull a 5 kg weight. It is possible to walk, someone even manages to run and learns to deftly throw her on the shoulder, like he was an athlete. But then you realize that you disabled.

Do not change your parents, learn to accept them without conditions. And you will see — they will begin to change.

Reason 5. You don't exercise

The last few paragraphs can be combined in the term "lack of grounding". Ground I call physical activity. This activity increases personal power and your overall level of health. When you head in the clouds, dream, emotionelle, are empty talk — it drains your strength.

Sport contributes to the accumulation of energy. Exercise, regularly. Find your favorite look and have fun.

Reason 6. The technique of "Ungrateful bitch."

We are talking about self-respect and gratitude to himself. If you're putting yourself through the grueling business of racing, and earned money do not invest in something that gives you pleasure, you deceive yourself, and the brazen and brutal.

Business development, investments, deferred money is great when you don't forget about their own personal "wishlist".

Invest in something that will bring even more money in their state, but not material, and the inner. Please yourself by new things, travelling, Dating, sites, events. They will create high inner state, which will generate even more money.

But if you give money to the debt, how then will the joy in reaching new heights?

Take the habit to buy the best, or nothing.Best or nothing. If you have no money, allow yourself at least the most expensive toilet paper. Once as a student, I bought expensive for the time wallet that he was inspired by every time I get the money.

Do not buy a Studio room in Bibirevo. If you have the money for this birdhouse — remove a normal apartment in a good area. Do not take a car that is falling apart — go for the money in the restaurant and go there by taxi.

Don't eat fast food, if you can not go to a restaurant. Buy quality products and cook yourself a healthy meal for yourself. Do not go in clothes from the market. No money for clothes back in the house in shorts and work!

Reason 7. For men: you have a girlfriend or if there is, but I wish it was not

The most interesting thing I left in the end. This is a separate large topic.

This world runs on female energy. We, men, can only set the direction for its use. Set a goal and go for it. And the fuel will give a woman. She somehow gives the goal meaning.

If you have no beloved woman, and you live with your parents, you never realize you for real. On the stove and birch wood does not go far.

This is a brilliant way to attain the goal: to build a relationship with a woman who passionately wants to live.

The pursuit of life — the most important quality. This means she is in perfect health, beauty, youth, receives pleasure from sex, she has a healthy relationship with parents, positive attitudes towards children, it fills with joy and happiness, she strives to increase abundance, wealth and Mature enough to fully trust the man she loves.

If suddenly at some point you have lit the target — she will correct this situation: so many pretty and klassnenjko it yet. And if she doesn't want to — run, please, run.

A woman should want. The right woman radiates this energy, this light that fall in the beams of men create a multi-million dollar businesses. Another thing is that she will Shine and it does not negate your responsibility for achieving results.


Summarizing all the material produced by the obvious pattern:

1. Put your energy into the business.

2. Earn money, get.

3. Spend with pleasure: for themselves and the woman.

4. You get thanks from women and want to work more and more.

5. Earn more money, which will give even more pleasure from life.


And finally, a checklist:

1. Do you have goals?

2. Not a whiner you an hour? And your environment?

3. Do you have emotional balance?

4. You know your parents?

5. Is there any physical activity in your life?

6. If you are not too are driven by spirituality and vegetarianism?

7. Pleasing if you quality expensive things?

8. Is there a "proper" woman in your life?


Why do we hear and understand NOT what we sayCarefully, perhaps you prozhivate NOT your life!

Any change begins with a decision. Don't want to deceive anyone: 95% of people never take to them to live a normal life by inertia. It's not bad and not good, but it just happens.published


Author: Kirill Skryl


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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