10 proven ways to turn your flight into a nightmare

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Share ten ways to make trouble at the airport and the plane. Find out what to do to make the flight turned into a nightmare. Want to look your plane? Want to get into trouble at the airport or to ruin your vacation still on the rise? Share "bad advice": follow them, and your flights will probably be disgusting. Find out how to stay with no Luggage, stuck in the airport for months or even behind bars. In fact, we do not recommend to do any of the following. Do NOT FOLLOW any of these tips because they really work and can cause you many problems.

1. Select the row of seats before the emergency exit...

or the last row of seats.

Especially bad this choice of location is at far flights. The reason is simple — the seats in these rows do not recline (or barely recline) and you will many hours to sit with a flat back like a girl in a corset. And in the case of the last row you will have to suffer still and in full view of the entire queue to the toilet. View the Seating chart of available seats on the airline's website or at specialized sites like seatguru.com.

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2. Insult the stewardess or just yell at employees at the front Desk

To offend airline staff is a bad idea. At least because to be polite normally. As a maximum — you just landed from the plane. Even if you have a nomination for Scarily husband is a football player. And it will not be arbitrary, legally all will be perfectly, because the ticket is, in fact, the form of the contract of carriage. And, for example, British Airways in the Treaty clearly States "the Airline is entitled to refuse carriage... if the passenger admits threatening, abusive or insulting remarks about the ground staff of the airline or crew of the aircraft".

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3. Joke about bomb in Luggage

It would seem obvious that the security will not appreciate such humor. But from year to year dozens of lovers "Petrosani" in different parts of the world commit such inspection that it is time to think about how a flight to catch, as it were, to go on foot. By the way, for those jokes even on the Internet you "calculated by IP" and knock in the most that neither is offline the door. It happened, for example, 14-year-old girl who said something stupid on Twitter American Airlines: less than a day she was arrested already in the Dutch Rotterdam.

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4. Do not peel off the Luggage tags after a flight

Luggage labels on suitcases and backpacks don't show that you fly frequently. On the contrary — they give you a beginner. Experienced travelers always take one of these tags. Moreover, in those sections of the airline websites that no one ever reads, usually right said "Arriving at destination, remove the old baggage tags". Otherwise, the probability that the automatic scanner baggage service miss shortcuts, get frustrated and not put your suitcase on the plane.

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5. Smoke in an airplane bathroom

Yes, you can try to trick the smoke detector. Perhaps even get it. But to train you particularly nowhere, and the consequences of a first failure will be painful: the penalty of 500 to 5 000 roubles or arrest for 15 days under Russian law to a fine of $ 2000 under the laws of the United States. Electronic cigarettes less can be a solution to the problem, as the airlines one after another ban them on a par with the usual.

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6. Do not weigh the Luggage at home... or hope to "slip" with the margin: "Yes, a few extra pounds, no one would pay attention".

Will not fit, turn it. And you will either pay for the preponderance of untold money, or frantically Repack things from suitcase to hand Luggage and to wear heavy clothing for themselves. But this time the back you will drill hate the looks of the people in the queue for registration.

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7. Drink

Start celebrating the holidays still on the way to the airport — a traditional Russian pastime. And hardly anyone much frightened by the fact that the hangover in this case will be heavier due to the dry air in the cabin. Here are horror stories more seriously:

• you can not Board the plane
For example, in the conditions of the contract of carriage Transaero airlines directly specified: "the Carrier is entitled to refuse to transport the passenger... in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication". Not rough-not lying on the floor, and just "being" that is possible, if desired, be interpreted very widely.

• you will have to land the plane, and then airlines have to put you
The Russian government has long been planning to toughen penalties for aviakerosene up to the deprivation of liberty for a term up to 10 years. But the courts do a good job and now here are some collections of sentences for drunken antics in planes with terms from several months to 3,5 years of a colony: "RG", TASS,finam.

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8. Try unfamiliar food before the flight

Don't get me wrong, there are before the flight, and in the case of low-cost airlines, where the food for the money, even need. But if you, for example, returned from India or Mexico home and decided to try unfamiliar food in the eatery at the airport you decide on something else. No matter how uncomfortable the seats, they are much more comfortable toilet.

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9. Lay little time for a transplant

Late for a connecting flight can easily, even if it departs from the same airport. First, at major airports are often several terminals located far from each other. Secondly, your first flight can is banal to be late. In this case, if both flights are part of one ticket, you'll put on the next flight for free, but you'll have to wander around the airport for several hours. But if you have docked the flights themselves, the second ticket will be lost and will have to buy new on the day of departure, which is a shame and expensive.

To know how much time is needed for a transplant are usually on the airport website. For example, in Sheremetyevo is recommended to lay 50-70 minutes at London Heathrow on the move between terminals will need at least one and a half hours, in Munich — up to 45 minutes in Dubai is 3 hours. If we are talking about moving between different airports in the same city, the lead time needs to be longer to protect yourself from the traffic. Indeed, in any city from Istanbul to Bangkok in the afternoon in traffic you can stand for hours.

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10. Dock two flights themselves... and forget to check the visa regime of the country of transit.

In most cases the visa you will need to change airport in transit or reclaim baggage at the transit airport and check it in for the next flight. Australia, for example, expressly requires that the passengers had a visa even if they do not plan to leave the airport during transit. With countries where visa is not required or is at the arrival you need to pay attention to the validity of the passport. Among recent examples of sudden changes in the visa policy of Turkey, which caused a lot of inconvenience for Russians during the may holidays.

In theory, employees at the front Desk must check if you need a visa. Otherwise the airline who allowed you on the flight the visa in the country without a visa, will be fined. At best, therefore, you simply will not be allowed on the plane. But the register people work and they can make mistakes. And in the worst case, you will be allowed on the plane without a visa, and on arrival you will not go beyond the zone of border control at the airport. Just like in "Incredible adventures of Italians in Russia" or "Terminal", which, incidentally, is based on real events.

To check visa requirements for Russians in the visa tool is Skyscanner! or other similar services. But no matter where you check the information (including websites of embassies and consulates), remember that the airport visa the ultimate truth — these systems timatic. published 

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