First Intercontinental flight on solar energy

Swiss engineers developed the second aircraft, powered by solar batteries, dubbed "SI2" and announced on the site of the military airport of Payerne. The first flight, which will make the aircraft scheduled for the fifteenth year of this Millennium.

Compared with the previous modification of new aircraft designed for a single commander, has wings, a length of 72 meters and a weight of not more than two and a half tons. For trouble-free operation during a long flight, the aircraft was equipped with a 17 th thousands of solar panels with a total efficiency equal to 23 percent.

As reported by experts at the presentation, the aircraft can climb to a height of eight and a half miles, its maximum capacity is limited to only seventy horsepower, which is issued four screw engines. According to official plans, the handset will be launched in a test flight as early as may of this year and the first full flight, recall, is scheduled for 2015 year.

The plane on solar batteries will make its first flight. The plane, equipped with solar batteries Solar Impulse for the first time perform your flight, following the trail of the Switzerland-Morocco in just 48 hours. According to the organizers of the historic aircraft flight, the launch is scheduled in may or June 2012. Unique flight will lead the pilots Andre Barber and Bertrand Piccard. They, according to experts, have to fly more than 2,500 kilometers. The flight will be interrupted in the outskirts of Madrid for one shift change. This flight will be the longest in history. New solar airplane can withstand two people. To date, previously built solar airplanes were exclusively single. Now there's a new solar Sunseeker Duo, flying with the help of solar panels installed on its body and wings, which can accommodate two people at once and this achievement is recognized as a huge step forward. The creators of the world's first solar twin plane from the company "Solar Flight, Inc" stated that his building is almost complete. Now we have to hold everything you need. First Intercontinental flight on solar energy.The Swiss plane Solar Impulse, which uses only the Sun's energy, went to Intercontinental flight without a drop of fuel on Board, the endpoint of which is Morocco. Pilot andré borschberg successfully flew the plane with the airport in Payerne in Western Switzerland at 8:30 local time. Destination Rabat in Morocco, with a stop in Madrid, Spain. Shipping delayed by two hours when the fog, which demonstrated his weather perebarschivat.



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