Flying above the clouds

Ballooning - make any experience a variety of strong emotions, romance and beauty. Every flight is unique and is not similar to another. I suggest you go to a beautiful flight over Cappadocia and look at the world from a bird's flight.

For starters everything in order and I before the show all that we have seen from a bird's flight, preflight talk about affairs and preparation.
In the morning at 6.00 am the driver arrived after us, but because the street was so foggy that the houses across the street could not see, we tried to explain that we want to transfer a flight the next day. We were promised the opportunity. While we have tried to explain to him what we need, and he understood, he approached the innkeeper and asked what could help. I gave him the essence, and he, in turn, transferred to the driver. He called the office and put my hands on the phone, offering to talk with the manager. It was the right move. :)
We are persuaded that all cleared up and may then be a great flight. In case if the weather does not change, all undoubtedly be moved to tomorrow. At that decided to do.
We were taken to the office where we were yesterday agreed on a flight. Find school hours.

All room «Balloon Turca» Koreans were scored. They wandered around the table and mumbled something in her. In the office you can have breakfast. There was tea, coffee and buns, but the Koreans were interested primarily in hot water - they had a brew with noodles. Resistant "flavor" of this miracle, I think, is familiar to all.
After about forty minutes of waiting, the chief came and said - will fly! We go to the Ortahisar and we start from there, there is already the fog dispersed. We were put together in a separate car, and unloaded the van Koreans en masse.
We went for a king.

Watching this snag, I thought of only one thing, I hope this is not a piece of rag ball.

When we were brought, the ball is ready, its surface is like jelly, gently swaying to the sides. Not that there was some jitters, but the excitement was present.
For the ball made its way through the fog of dawn.

Dawn and the flight on the ball, so much anticipation at this point.

The first part of the preflight preparation is to catch the ball in the air a lot. Then, he begins to take shape.

The second part - is to heat the air inside. The pilot climbs into the basket, the burner ignites and gives gas. A few minutes later a ball begins to climb up and pull the cart. And now she moves from a lying position, and soon it will be possible to sit down.

Kipishnye Koreans surrounded the ball, and when given the command to climb, they attacked the basket, like ants in an anthill beetle zalezshego. Already in the basket we had a pre-flight briefing. They explained how to behave in a basket and what to do in case of an emergency landing - sit in the basket, rest against a wall and grab hold of the handrail. Koreans at this point, apparently, little understood and reacted only when they were shown.
The ball is tied to the car.

And here we are already in a basket tied with safety belts, surrounded the Korean army. From the bowl clean additional gas container which heated air. Detachable additional weight and ... the whole structure begins to rise upwards.
Once the balloon is pushed through the fog did not face feels warm rays of the morning sun ...

Great time for the sunrise shooting.

Classy foggy carpet blanketed valley.

Top view from the frozen mist in the clefts fantastic.

Balloons in the mist in this image do not take off, on the contrary, they fell in the breach, to go between the stones.

As the sun rose a little higher, we witnessed another amazing natural effect is called Gloria. Around the shadow of the object appears rainbow halo.

In this picture you can see a little better. The living do not even have to look closely.

The higher the sun, the lower fog.

. Uchisar is very similar to the Tower of Babel by Brueghel - color, shape, cloud, leaning into the building.

This image can fully describe our whole trip in Cappadocia. Here is everything - in tuff gorge, fog, flying in a balloon, optical effects, walled city carved in stone and sunrises.

The moment for which I most wanted to get into the basket ball - the descent into the canyon and the flight between the stones.

Sharp peaks were very close to the bottom of our baskets.

When you fly in a balloon, and you can almost reach out a hand to the wall of the gorge is amazing!

Before the take-off of the cleft, I made a frame to be seen as close to the rocks was a ball. Fabric only a few meters from the edge, giving even glow on the stone.

Departure from Gorges our ball, went to Uchisar. What is the city can only be seen from above. Walking through its streets, I will never understand what it looks that way. Well, that Goreme drowned in the fog, otherwise we would be flying over it. And so we're working on a city-fortress. In general the whole trip to Cappadocia was peppered with a lot of luck.
In the center of the hotel in which we were drinking tea after a walk in Uchisar.

As always dawn city is beautiful.

With all its ruins.

In the foreground is the old part of Uchisar, the distance one can see the modern home. On the left part of the valley pigeons

Vagrants of the castle, we went down below to the most homes, being in the shadow of the rock stone town.

While in the air on the sunny side, it seemed that the fog is gone away. Once in the shade, it became clear that - no.

Flying in difficult areas, pilot lights and constantly give in pulling the different pitches. What happened, I did not understand, but judging by the result - it is very cool.

Fog, plus the sun and shade striking combination.

Down between the stones, we just flew.

Another shot handsome Erciyes, now with air.

We flew on and started to decline over the field. Among the arable land we have been waiting for a team preparing to land the ball.

Planting took place directly on the trailer. Gently decreasing over it, the pilot vytselivat install a miniature area corresponds exactly to the size of the basket. Suddenly Koreans as one fell into the basket, hiding behind the bumpers and clinging to the handrails. Julia, watching them, too, succumbed to panic. While Koreans may have decided that the emergency landing, the pilot again tried to get directly into the trailer. He reassured them, and then they slowly climbed cautiously. The docking went perfectly. Shopping slowly sat down in her place.
After all we were awarded with certificates and offered champagne. General manager removed the wire from the bottle, pulled the cork with his thumb and began to talk about balls and about my company. Then I sensed something was wrong and walked a couple of steps back with the camera. Slowly it moved to that in Formula 1 is a tradition at the end of the race. I walked a couple of steps further. Koreans something and did not realize that now there will be - no one did not move a step, whether because of language problems, or did not know the traditions of F1. Suddenly splashed champagne straight from three different bottles. I smiled and looked at the receding Koreans while photographing extravaganza.
This cheerful note ended our balloon flight.



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