The mysterious artifacts "extraterrestrial"

Some researchers believe that extraterrestrial intelligent life forms visited our planet in the past. However, such statements are not scientifically proven facts and are only assumptions and hypotheses. UFO almost always has a perfectly reasonable explanation. But what to do with the artifacts, ancient country items that are here and there? Today we will focus on ancient objects, the origin of which remains a mystery. Perhaps these things are evidence of the existence of aliens?

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1.Zubchatoe wheel aliens from Vladivostok

Earlier this year, a resident of Vladivostok discovered a strange piece of equipment. This item is reminded of the gear, and was pressed into a lump of coal that the man was going to use the stove.
Although the unnecessary parts of the old equipment can be found almost everywhere, this thing is very strange, so the man decided to take it to the scientists. After a thorough study of the subject revealed that the object is made of almost pure aluminum and really has an artificial origin.
But most interesting is that it 300 million years! Date fueled interest in the subject as a pure aluminum and a form of the object clearly could not appear in nature without the intervention of intelligent life. Moreover, we know that mankind learned to make such items before 1825. Artifact incredibly reminiscent of parts of the microscope and other fine technical instruments. It has been suggested that the subject is part of the alien spacecraft.


2.Kamennaya head of Guatemala

In the 1930s, researchers discovered a huge statue made of sandstone somewhere in the middle of the jungle of Guatemala. The facial features of the statue did not were similar to features of appearance of the ancient Maya and other peoples who lived in these territories.
Researchers believe that the facial features of an ancient statue depicting an alien civilization, which was much more advanced than the locals before the arrival of the Spaniards. Some have also suggested that the head of the statue also had a trunk (though this is not confirmed).
It is possible that the statue could carve and later people, but unfortunately, we never even know. Revolutionary-minded Guatemalans use the article as a target and almost completely destroyed it.


3.Inoplanetnaya the plug

In 1998, John J. Hacker. Williams noticed a strange stone in the ground thing. He dug it and cleaned, and then discovered that he was joined by a strange electrical component. It was obvious that this device has been created by human hand, and it was more like on the mains plugs.
Stone has since become well known in the circles of Alien Hunter about it wrote the most famous publication dedicated to the paranormal. Williams, with a degree in electrical engineer, said Electrodetail that has been pressed into the granite stone, not glued or welded to it.
Many believe that this artifact - just a clever fake, but Williams refused to give the subject of a more detailed investigation. He was going to sell it for 500 thousand dollars.
Stone looked like ordinary stones, which are used lizards to keep warm. The first geological analysis showed that the stone about 100 thousand years, which allegedly proves that the object inside it was not created by man. In the end, Williams agreed to cooperate with scientists, but only if they fulfill the conditions of three of his: he will be present at all tests, will not pay for the research and the stone will not be damaged.


4.Drevnie aircraft

The Incas and other pre-Columbian peoples of America have left a lot of very interesting mysterious gizmos. Some of them were called "ancient aircraft" - a tiny golden figurines, which are very similar to modern aircraft.
Initially it was assumed that it figures of animals or insects, but later it turned out that they imeyutsyastrannye details that are more like fighter aircraft parts: wings, tailplane and even landing gear.
It has been suggested that these models are copies of the real aircraft. That is the Inca civilization could communicate with extraterrestrial beings who might arrive on Earth at such devices.
It is real and the version that these figurines - just art image of bees, flying fish or other earthly creatures with wings.


5. Lizard men

Al-Ubaid - archaeological site in Iraq - a gold mine for archaeologists and historians. There was found a large number of objects El Obeydskoy culture, which existed in the territory of southern Mesopotamia in the period between 5900 and 4000 years BC.
Some of the artifacts found particularly strange. For example, some figurines depict a humanoid figure in simple poses with a head like a lizard, which may indicate that this is not the statues of the gods, and images of some of the new race of people-lizards.
Some have suggested that these figurines - the image of aliens, which at the time flew back to Earth. The true nature remains a mystery figurines.


6. Life in the meteorite

Researchers who studied the remains of a meteorite found on the skeleton of Sri Lanka, have found that the object of their research - not just a piece of stone, arrived from outer space. It was an artifact, literally created outside the Earth. Two different studies have shown that this meteorite contains fossils and algae are of extraterrestrial origin.
Scientists have reported that these fossils provide clear evidence of panspermia (the hypothesis that life exists in the universe and is transferred from one planet to another by meteorites and drugOkamenelosti in a meteorite is actually very similar to species that can be found in the fresh waters of the Earth. It may be simply that the object was infected, is located on our planete.ih space objects). However, these assumptions have been criticized.


7. Tapestry "Summer holiday»

Tapestry entitled "Summer Holiday" was created in Bruges (the provincial capital of West Flanders in Belgium) approximately in 1538. Today it can be seen in the Bavarian National Museum.
This tapestry is famous for the fact that the shows are very similar to the UFO objects that hovered in the sky. There are suggestions that they were placed on a tapestry, showing the victorious ascension to the throne, to link UFOs with the monarch. UFO in this case, serves as a symbol of divine intervention. This, of course, has caused more questions. For example, why the medieval Belgian UFOs associated with deities?


8. Trinity from satellite

Italian painter Ventura Salimbeni is the author of one of the most mysterious altar image in history. «Disputa of the Eucharist» («Glorification of the Holy Sacrament") - a picture of the 16th century, which consists of several parts.
The lower part of the picture is not different than strange: it portrays the saints and the altar. However, the upper part depicts the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and the dove - the Holy Spirit), who looked down and held a strange object resembling a space satellite.
This object has a perfectly round shape with a metallic sheen, telescopic antenna and a strange glow. Surprisingly, it is incredibly reminiscent of the first artificial satellite "Sputnik 1", launched into orbit in 1957.
Although hunters aliens sure that this picture is proof that the artist saw a UFO, or traveled in time, the experts very quickly found an explanation.
This place really - Sphaera Mundi, representation of the universe. In religious art, a symbol used more than once. Strange lights on the ball - the sun and moon, and aerial - a scepter, symbols of authority that is the Father and the Son.


9. Ancient UFO image

In 2012, the Mexican government announced a number of artifacts of the ancient Maya, who is hiding from the public the last 80 years. These objects have been found in the pyramid, which was found under another pyramid in the Calakmul area - the most powerful city of the ancient Maya.
These artifacts are remarkable that depict flying saucers, which can serve as evidence that the Mayans once saw a UFO. However, the authenticity of these artifacts is in serious doubt in the scientific world, and the images that have appeared on the network - even more so. Most likely, these artifacts were created by local artisans to cause a sensation, fueled by reports of end of the world in late 2012.


10. Alien sphere Betz

This mysterious story happened in mid-1970. When the family Betz studied damage after a fire that destroyed a large number of forests on their site, they found a surprising discovery: silver ball about 20 cm in diameter, completely smooth with a strange elongated triangular symbol.
Betz At first thought it was some kind of a space object by NASA or Soviet spy satellite, but ultimately decided that it was just a souvenir, and keep it.
Two weeks later, the son of Betz decided to play the guitar in the room where the ball was. Suddenly the object began to respond to the melody, producing a strange pulsating sound, causing anxiety in dogs Betz.
Next, the family has found an even more bizarre properties of the object. If he rolled on the floor, the ball would stop and change direction sharply, with the return to the person who threw it away. It seemed that he derives energy from the sun, as the sunny days, the ball became more active.
About balloon began to write papers, they are interested in academics, although not particularly Betz want to part with the finding. Soon the house began to be mysterious phenomenon: the ball began to behave like a poltergeist. Began to open the door at night, the house organ music began to sound.
After that, the family is not a joke became worried and decided to find out what this ball is a. What was their surprise when it turned out that the mysterious object - just an ordinary ball of stainless steel.
Though a host of theories, where did this strange ball and why he behaves, the most plausible there was one of them.
In the three years before the ball found Betz, an artist named James Derling Jones drove in these places in the car, the roof of which was carrying a few balls made of stainless steel, which was going to use in the future sculpture. On the way, one of the balls fell and rolled away into the forest.
For a description of these balls were the same as the ball Betz: they could balance and roll in different directions, as soon as they touch lightly. The house Betz been uneven floors, so the ball is rolled on a flat line. These balls could also make sounds of metal chips, which turned in during the production of the ball.




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