Growing plants in the ground of the other planets - is it possible?

Asparagus grown at meteoric ground. I>

It seems so. The other day a scientist trying to grow different plants in different soils of extraterrestrial origin, published the preliminary results of its work.

And the results are encouraging: bacteria, microscopic fungi, and even asparagus with potatoes may be grown on the ground of extraterrestrial origin. In general, this is not surprising, since most of the material of asteroids and meteorites contain phosphates, nitrates, and sometimes even water.

so scientists (Michael Matner of Virginia Commonwealth University), conducting the experiments described above, believes that other planets can easily grow plants, by itself, to secure the domes / underground.

The microscopic algae and bacteria on a meteorite ground. I>

Preparation for landing still spend too need. For example, test meteorites scientist crushed to a small fraction of more or less material to obtain the ground. On other planets that do may not have to, because at the same Mars, for example, a lot of sand / dust.

On other planets, however, need to take into account also unusual for terrestrial organisms gravity / radiation background. But such studies are already underway NASA. For example, 2015 Moon plan to send live plants , in a secure container, and see how they will feel yourself there.

The same experiment are planned on Mars , but already in 2021.

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