Ancient stones in the heart of New York City

The sensational discovery in New York: megaliths destroyed right under your feet in New York found a lot of very old basalt stones with clear signs of treatment. Some of the rocks are preserved the image of the white race of men with long beards and mustaches, very similar to the Magi in our view ...
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Here is a fresh proof that North America once was part of the united Slavic-Aryan Empire. On the famous beach of Brighton Beach in New York, our former compatriot Igor Alpatov saw processed megalithic blocks portrayed them faces and characters. Among these images there is the image of the white race men with long beards and mustaches, very similar to the Slavic Magi, as we present them yourself now. Some go further and see the image of the Slavic gods, particularly the gods Perun and Veles. Unfortunately, according to discoverer, many stones have recently disappeared from the beach.








Contact times is wont to burst in plain So, millions of people go to the beach in the American metropolis, and in the head no one comes to look at his feet. And for good reason. Perhaps it is because the discovery is not unconscionable, contrary to the whole life experience, contrary to common sense, protection trips. Falling curtain, and the eye does not perceive reality. And no wonder, is it conceivable that New York could build on the ruins of megalithic structures and not notice it? For Americans who are used to extract profits out of thin air, it is not typical. Own "Pyramid of Cheops" in the city - it's a gold mine! How could people for centuries not to notice that literally trampled underfoot artifacts, comparable in value to the Egyptian Sphinx and Sumerian statues? There are two possible answers: a) seen, known, but specifically destroyed and buried; b) apparently so unbelievable that people actually could not see the real picture, because it is so improbable that even the spark speculation could disturb brain. This is not a concrete slab. It is a natural basalt, which has traces of artificial processing, no more, no less. It's like, you know, something imagined, he closed his eyes, turned the spirit whispered, "Keep off me! Chur "! And then look again, "thanked Imagined as a "! In this case, not imagining things. Despite the fact that many inscriptions made by our contemporaries, and traces of drilling - typical such remain in the modern production technology stone quarries, also made recently, I have developed a very stable version: We have traces of antediluvian megalithic civilization contemporaries Cusco Machu Picchu, Yonaguni Pidan, Vottovaara, Kolyma, the Urals, and more. etc. Moreover, it should be noted that the found traces of - the remnants of culture akin to those that prevailed in the South American continent, but is not part of it. This is confirmed by the bas-reliefs on the ruins of basalt. No need to be an expert to instantly identify the faces of bearded whiskered men with images of the Slavic god Perun. That incredible find, and the more critics will call my version, I understand. Still, I dare say that this is so. I propose to follow the example of the discoverer, our compatriot Igor Alpatov who first showed the world the unique artifacts, just open your eyes and believe them.








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No need to complicate, it is not necessary to go into the jungle. History shows that in fact everything has a simple and logical explanation. In such things there is nothing tricky. If sold for a fabulous price dagger from the tomb of the pharaoh with traces of soldering and images of deer-hunting of wolves, it does not mean that the court of Tutankhamun were in the arsenal of soldering irons, and in Egypt ran wolves. This means that for an ancient Egyptian artifact issued a European hunting knife late 18th century, and the seller is just fooling you, and longs to hit the jackpot fatter. In this case, we see fragments of megalithic structures created from basalt, which contains a high percentage of mica and pyrite. It is due to the inclusion of abundant pyrite grains in the structure, basalt glows golden glitter in the sun. By the way, I have just this effect explain the description of Mount Meru in the ancient. She shone pyrite in the sun and the observer side seemed golden. The presence of traces of high temperature leads to the assumption that the megalithic structure was destroyed by a powerful earthquake, accompanied by copious eruption of lava. Exactly the same features can be seen in the stone town and bloody mound in the Urals, about which I wrote earlier. Either everything is a result of the use of powerful weapons, comparable with nuclear, but his superior power, or even at times by orders of magnitude. Imagine what power should be a blast to disperse a megalithic city like matchboxes, and thus remains at the epicenter of the boiling lava lake, which streams of fire, spreading, melted pieces of plates and blocks weighing tens or hundreds of tons? Apparently, the builders of New York were not even aware that building a new town on the site of "Ground Zero", in comparison with which Manhattan "Ground", remains in place blow up the World Trade Center, just a pimple on the body of an elephant. They used the ruins as if it were a normal construction debris and dragged them along the coast, furnished beach. Used pieces of blocks and slabs as Booth, filler in the formwork of wooden piles. It is necessary to remember and Aboriginal to a place which was built in New York. It was sacred to them, then they are more aware of what we have to rediscover. Sami New yorkchane More thousand years would be trampled beztsennye artifacts, and most likely, completely trampled. At least, we have at least something to know that before the Americans at this place was something majestic, mysterious and apparently has something to do with the history of other continents, that are sure to have a common, indivisible past. And the past is - the single continent Gondwana and Pangaea. When the earth was not the seas and oceans, dry land when it was possible to circumvent the globe, forcing a river. Thank the gods for what they sent to New York for a Man from Russia, which saw the unusual in the usual. Here are his contacts: Mail: Skype: vazovsk1

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Stones on the Brighton Beach, United States, Brooklyn 2013. Part 1.

Stones on the Brighton Beach, United States, Brooklyn 2013. Part 2.

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Stones on the Brighton Beach, United States, Brooklyn 2013. Part 3.

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Stones in Central Park in Manhattan, United States, Brooklyn 2013

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