Amazing coincidences of ancient civilizations

On our planet there are many enigmatic traces of the past, a mystery which is never solved. But the most amazing thing is that in different parts of the Earth find identical buildings or artifacts to explain the similarity between them, no one can.

We offer to your attention 10 most amazing such coincidences.

1. Ancient metal braces

Ancient metal clamps discovered on megaliths, temples and other prehistoric monuments, are one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of the past. More precisely, we are not talking about the staples, as almost all of them are already long gone, but their traces left in the stone.

Scientists are puzzled why the builders used these small metal staples inside a huge monolithic stone blocks. Some of them suggest that they were used for ritual purposes. Other researchers believe that the metal brackets were used to tie the blocks that actually were cast from some ancient concrete, the composition of which is unknown.

But surprisingly not even that, and the fact that exactly the same mysterious technology that was used thousands of years ago in Egypt, Peru, Cambodia, and other countries that share thousands of miles. Note that America was discovered quite recently by historical standards, and it was believed that it was nothing to do with Eurasia, however, on both continents of the Western hemisphere has exactly the same traces of the brackets on the megaliths, such as in Italy or

2. Identical pyramids

Most people in the first place is Egypt, when they hear the word "pyramid". But few people know that the pyramids were built around the world. And lately, I find new buildings, even in Central Europe.

What was previously taken for mountains correct form turned out to be an artificially created structure. Interestingly, if you believe the medieval drawings on the Earth in those days was much more of the pyramids, later destroyed and dismantled stone by stone. It is still unknown why actually built these pyramids. Previously believed that they were tombs, but not every pyramid there was a burial. It is possible that the Egyptians simply used already built some pyramids? It is surprising the fact that the pyramids oriented to the cardinal points and the stars.

3. The same dolmens

Dolmens are stone structures consisting of two or more upright stones supporting a large flat horizontal stone. They were probably used in some ritual purposes or for any other purpose. Ancient dolmens another great example of the amazing similarities of ancient civilizations, because it is identical to the dolmens found in India, Spain or Korea. Obviously, the ancient traditions were the same in different cultures, despite great distances separating them.

4. Mysterious image owner

Images of hands are in the ancient cave paintings around the world. They are made in different ways — it can be prints of painted hands on a rock, circled her hands along the contour, etc. And on the rocks are images of completely different hand — men and women, children and the elderly. I must say that in our day the same image is very popular among avant-garde artists and in the design of interiors.

5. Ancient swastika symbols

In our time, the swastika is associated with Nazi Germany, and it is a very difficult character, causing the unpleasant feelings. However, this is actually a very ancient way, the true origin of which is rooted in the deep past – the symbol of the swastika, for example, is widely used in Hinduism. Swastikas have been found on ancient ruins across Europe. All the ancient European culture, that is, Etruscans, Greeks, Romans, Gauls, Celts, Slavs, etc. – used the swastika, and as a symbol of happiness, luck and Sun.

6. Ancient sphinxes

Sphinxes have played an important role in the ancient world, judging by their numerous sculptures and pictures. Sphinx is a mysterious creature, an idol with human head and lion's body, one of the most important characters in the history of mankind. It is the guardian of knowledge, shrines, and mysteries of life, the symbol of mystery and intrigue. The oldest known Sphinx was found in Turkey. It is proven that he created in the year 9500 BC. Egyptian and Babylonian sphinxes guard the sacred tombs and religious temples. Interestingly, numerous images of sphinxes preserved in India and in China.

7. The ancient gods, showing the language of the Images of the gods, showing the language, there are around the world.

What does this symbol mean? Now in some countries it is a sign of respect, in other parts of the world is a sign of intimidation of the enemy and describes the force and rage. It is not known what it meant before, and why the same image was used in different cultures.

8. Symbol cones

The earliest images of the cones are found around the world. This is one of the most mysterious characters that were used in the ancient art. And it can be found in different cultures such as the Indonesians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans. Symbol cones are used in Christianity. It is also used in esoteric currents, such as Freemasonry, theosophy and Gnosticism. Usually a bump represents a symbol of spiritual enlightenment. It also symbolizes the "third eye", a secret human organ, perhaps the pineal gland in the brain.

9. The ancient priests

The priests and the priests in the ancient world played a very important role and has existed since the earliest times. They were the guardians of ancient wisdom and authority, performed various religious rituals, such as sacrifices or propitiation of a deity or deities. It is surprising that many rituals around the world are similar, as are we to the gods sacrifices – for example, dead animals. Why do people in different parts of the world came to exactly the same rites and rituals?

10. Image of the spiral

Spirals are found in every ancient culture around the world. It remains a mystery why ancient cultures so actively used the mark, but they did it worldwide. It is the oldest symbol which is still used in spiritual practices, symbolizes growth and evolution. The spiral is often the image of the goddess, the womb, fertility and life force energy. We will add that science has proved that spiral going development of man, animals, plants, and many of the processes occurring on the planet. In addition, our galaxy has a spiral shape. Is all this the people might know in ancient times?

All this suggests the idea of a common world antediluvian culture. published


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