Stress, as a friend— what is IMPORTANT to know about stress

Kelly Mcgonigal, psychologist and bestselling author of "will Power", gave a great speech at TED. Her performance radically changed our attitude to stress.

Explain the essence of the speech in the format "question/answer":

What important is we learned from the speech?

Stress is dangerous to health only if people believe that this is so. This confirmed the 8-year study of 30,000 Americans. Busy stressful life increases the risk of dying only for those who believe that stress is harmful. If a person is often faced with stress, but considers that they are dangerous to health, the risk of dying he will have even less than that who are rarely confronted with stress.

It turns out, people are dying not from stress, but from the fact that believe that it is dangerous?


How dangerous is it to believe that stress is harmful?

The belief that stress is harmful is a more common cause of death, skin cancer and homicide (data for USA).

Is it possible to change your attitude to stress and become healthier?


How to treat stress?

As to the other. In times of stress we quickened heartbeat and respiration, we break through sweat. Many interpret this as a loss of self control. But those who perceive stress in a positive way, I believe that these physical reactions are not talking about the loss of control, and that in the body gets the energy in order to cope with the test.

And how it reduces the harm from stress?

When a person changes the perception of stress, it is not only less nervous, but his body reacts differently.


The negative impact of stress on the body due to the fact that the heartbeat quickens, blood vessels constrict. This is detrimental and leads to cardiovascular disease. The people who changed my attitude to stress, the heartbeat quickens, but the vessels are dilated. They better leak blood, which nourishes all organs. The same physical reactions occur when a person is behaving bravely.

That is all that is necessary is during times of stress to think about the fact that the body helps to cope with the challenge?

Yes. The body will begin to believe you will change your reaction to stress.

What else is important to know about stress?

Stress causes us to be more sociable. It is the oxytocin, the "hug hormone" that is activated during times of stress. Thanks to him in moments of stress, we begin to seek the support of other people.

The goal of oxytocin is to protect the cardiovascular system from the effects of stress. It strengthens the heart. If we get support from other people, its quantity is increased, and your stress response becomes healthier.

It turns out, experiencing stress, we need to communicate more to reduce its negative consequences?

Yes. Another study showed that the risk of dying due to severe stress does not apply to those who spend their time taking care of others. Concern helps us to be resilient to stress.


Still, view the full speech Kelly Mcgonigal, it will change your ideas about stress:

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